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EFFECT. The application of a law, agreement or act is called its effect. (2) Under the laws of the United States, a patent may be granted not only for one effect, but also for a new type or application of machinery to produce effects. 1 Gallis. 478; see 4 Freemasons, 1; Domestic animal. C. C. R. 394; 2 N. H.

R. 61 1. The general project plan, the table of building material equipment and support facilities, the project plan, the price list for the sales areas, the sales plan are all printed and serve as an annex to this contract. The documents annexed to this contract form an integral part of this contract and have the same legal effect. 2.If there are changes and adjustments, the two parties should discuss them separately. 3.Dispute Settlement Disputes arising from the performance of this Agreement shall be resolved by friendly advice between the two Parties. In the absence of negotiations, both parties may apply to the competent court of the place where the object of the contract is intended for settlement. In any case, the legal effect is indeed a performative effect – it has real effects on the composition and constitution of our legal institutional world. Performative acts of speech are therefore very closely linked to institutional facts, as opposed to raw facts, and capable of creating our common institutional world.

But whether an act of speech has such a performative effect crucially depends on a common background in a pragmatic understanding of the meaning of language. In this context, the wittgenstein notion of meaning as usage implies that the performative effect depends on «a common ground consisting of hidden assumptions, mutual beliefs and a common practice justifying the use and thus the meaning of words and general human action». 6 10.7 This Agreement shall be concluded in four copies, each party having a copy, with the same legal effect. 5. This Agreement is in four copies. Part A and Part B shall each have two copies having equal legal effect. The day on which both parties sign and affix their seals shall enter into force. 10.1 The Agreement is in four copies, each party having two copies. Copies have the same legal effect.

The contract is submitted to the court of the place where the contract is performed in the event of a dispute. The current mode of existence of the right, properly conceived, then consists of a dynamic collection of acts of speech.4 As the above working definition has shown, a certain legal effect is attributed when certain legal conditions are manifestly met, but this is obviously not always easy: almost nothing in the law is as simple as a person with legal power and a first-person statement in the singular such as «I pronounce you to partners». to which the legal effect is attributed, which takes effect immediately. Part of the complexity is also due to the fact that the theory of the act of speech was developed in the context of oral speech rather than written text, whereas the law has traditionally been text-oriented. However, «language» can and is used in some of the philosophical literature on the theory of the act of speech, as it involves more than language in the traditional oral sense. Let us turn to a few examples to see how legal effect can be defined as the performative effect of a number of legal acts considered to be acts of speech: a legislator who enacts a rule on the legal effect of concluding contracts, followed by two parties concluding a contractual agreement on the sale and purchase of a car. if one of the parties has then violated claims arising from the contract, for example: because the seller does not comply with its part of the contract and the vehicle is not in the agreed state or meets the requirements discussed, then the aggrieved party asserts in court that the other party has breached the contract in some way and is liable for damages, followed by the court`s decision on the case.5 This agreement is based in Chinese and in duplicate with equal legal effect. The lender and the borrower each hold a copy. The legal effect of concluding a valid contract generally consists in the award of two legal performance obligations in accordance with the contract and two rights in this service.