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Brigitte Suhr holds a law degree from the University of Virginia. Brigitte spent 15 years traveling the world in an international career in the field of human rights law before founding a consulting firm that included the evaluation of more than 2,500 UVA law applications. She knows what law schools want and don`t want in terms of candidates. Anna Ivey experienced the agony of applying to law school first-hand, had the chance to attend one, had a successful career as a lawyer, and, as dean of admissions to the University of Chicago School of Law, decided the fate of thousands of applicants like you. Not only can this help you improve your application strategy, but it can also help you find the schools that will make you happiest intellectually, personally, and professionally, and counsel you throughout the process of planning your legal career. No matter where you go – science, an intellectual property law firm, a public interest firm, politics, whatever the case – she and her team can help you find the best way to get there. In university administration, the pace of day-to-day management and problem solving often does not allow for higher-level benchmarking and the generation of creative ideas. With our consulting services, we bring an external and data-centric perspective as well as industry best practices and unique strategies to each school we consult. Alex Barroca is a New York State attorney with extensive experience in law and higher education. He has spent years practicing law, teaching legal research and writing, and holding admissions positions. He holds three law degrees (LLB, BCL & LLM). Because of his unique professional and academic profile, he is very familiar with the law school admissions process and has a passion for helping candidates access the best institutions in the United States. He is currently The Associate Director of Recruitment at Columbia University and a Lecturer at the Center for Legal Studies.

After college, Liz attended IIT-Kent College of Law. Her first legal job was an attorney with the Illinois Attorneys Registration and Discipline Commission, where she prosecuted attorney misconduct. She then «switched» sides, where she began representing law students with substantive topics as part of her law practice. Working with students is really his passion. She enjoys getting to know her students and helping them make the process less difficult and scary. In his most recent role as a law placement specialist for the Institute of International Education, Alex was responsible for helping Fulbright Scholars access law schools across the country. He reviewed hundreds of personal statements and study goals, and worked directly with countless admissions departments, giving him unique insight into admission trends. When you work with Alex, you will undoubtedly benefit from his extensive industry experience, coupled with his passion for teaching academic writing to a legal audience.

He looks forward to getting to know you and helping you effectively showcase your unique skills and experiences. Our advice is simple, friendly and individual. You still have to get the job done, but we can give you a map. TestMasters has been providing admission consulting services for over fifteen years and has helped tens of thousands of students gain admission to top law schools. There are many people who claim to be experts in admitting the law, although the basis of their alleged expertise is unclear. In contrast, all of our admissions advisors have applied for and been accepted by the top twenty graduate programs, and they offer a wealth of sound and useful advice to law school applicants. Admissions officers face the difficult task of choosing from a large pool of similar applicants. As with any competitive admission process, candidates who take responsibility for the process and know how to market themselves effectively have a significant advantage over the competition. Many applicants mistakenly perceive admission to law school as a process determined solely by LSAT grades and scores, and do not take full advantage of the myriad of opportunities to gain this distinct advantage. The creators of Veritas Prep`s MBA Admissions Consulting Services recognized this opportunity and the result is the ultimate consulting service for law schools. PowerScore has assembled a team of admissions experts to meet your needs for admission advice and personal testimonials.

Our admissions experts can help you address weaknesses in your application, such as a low GPA or LSAT score, inconsistent undergraduate achievements, non-traditional bachelor`s majors, criminal records, and gaps in your work history. Our admissions counsellors have years of experience in reading and reviewing personal statements. Many of our admissions consultants draw their writing skills not only first-hand with personal statements from law school, but also from their journalistic, legal and professional careers. PowerScore has developed the best approach to help applicants prepare their personal statement, and once you`ve signed up for a number of admission consultations, you`ll receive a comprehensive questionnaire to give your advisor relevant background information, an idea of your needs, and the opportunity to help you before they even talk to you. This will maximize the time you spend with your consultant. Elizabeth has been involved in licensing matters since 2004. She is a practicing lawyer with her own solo practice focused on legal ethics for lawyers and law students. She regularly assists students with substantive issues that affect their ability to enter law school or be admitted to the bar. She has reviewed countless requests to law schools and knows how important disclosure is. Elizabeth attended the University of Wisconsin at Madison and earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in History and Political Science. We not only offer editorial services. Instead, we`ll help you tell an engaging story in all of your application documents about why you`re ready to pursue your law studies and enter the legal profession.

We offer prospective law students personalized advice to help you enter the law school of your dreams. Not only can we help you improve your application strategy, but we can also help you find the schools that will make you happiest intellectually, personally and professionally, and advise you throughout the process of planning your legal career. No matter where you go – science, an intellectual property law firm, a public interest firm, politics, BigLaw, whatever the case – we can help you find the best way to get there. Our goal is not only to help you get into law school, but also to help you position yourself for success once you`re there. We look forward to working with you as you explore and begin your legal education and career. We are former admissions officers and graduates of top law schools with real legal experience and we are here to help you every step of the way. Spivey Consulting Group is the leading law school admissions consulting firm with a total of over 250 years of experience in admitting law schools to our team. Our consultants are former admissions agents from law schools such as Yale, Harvard, Stanford, Columbia, Chicago, Penn, Michigan, Duke, Northwestern, UCLA and more, and our mission is to help you get admitted to the school of your dreams.

Our team can tell you exactly what each admissions committee expects from a successful candidate, as they have admitted to these schools themselves and graduated. Our experts can demystify the opaque admissions process and offer you proven techniques to help you improve your application documents, take responsibility for the process and give you the best possible chance of being admitted to the school of your choice. The current advisory team is made up of former admissions officers from Berkeley and Northwestern, several award-winning authors, and dozens of incredible lawyers. Our most popular package, Comprehensive Consulting, includes a personal consultation at every stage of the approval process. We help you set up the best possible application with as little stress as possible. In the past, our consulting clients have boarded all T-14 schools, obtained complete trips to T5 schools, and received personalized grades from deans praising their essays. I was the kind of person who wanted all my pencils to be the same length and all my old papers to be put through the shredder: a perfectionist. As a newly hired paralegal at Baker Mckenzie, I was also a newcomer to the capital markets. Selling on cyclical lows and cyclical highs, I expected perfect results.

My first trimester only added to my naivety: I managed an eighteen percent increase, which I attributed entirely to my skills. This is the registration page to advise and process admissions. If you are looking for LSAT preparation courses, please click here: