Appeal Law Synonym

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Call means «ask or address». When you appeal to someone`s best nature, you ask for mercy. If you don`t like a shirt, you can also say that it doesn`t «talk» to you, or more simply, that you don`t like it. A burning purple blushed on Wharton`s cheek when Louis made this passionate appeal to friendship and heaven. Having a regional appeal is one thing; Just being a regional candidate is another. Whatever their taste, they lack marshmallow stickiness and sticky sweetness of Rice Krispies treats as well as the appeal of bake selling. Tichina Arnold is perhaps the funniest person on screen, and much of her appeal comes from her willingness to tell it as she is. Specifically, Huckabee has a natural attraction to a party that now represents the majority of white working-class voters. Personally appeal to your men and Godleys to make an effort to assert themselves.

1. The best performing nominal, singular or mass companies know how to identify these segments and approach them accordingly. 2. Verb, 3. Singular person presents lessons and activities of a practical nature and involving teamwork often attracts teenagers. 3. Verb, no-3. Even within a country, a brand can develop different advertising campaigns that appeal to different tastes and preferences. The call can also be used as a name to refer to a request, as in «his parents ignored his call for a subsequent curfew» or to refer to the lure or timeliness of something, as in «we all agreed on the appeal of a tropical holiday». In judicial contexts, appeal means «appealing to a higher court to review the decision of a lower court.» When a lawyer appeals his client`s conviction by a court, he asks a higher court to reject the decision. This word comes from the Latin appellare, «to address, to call». I was with Charlie Rose recently, and when he was talking about Marilyn Monroe, he asked me: What do you think was her big appeal? Rodríguez is currently awaiting the outcome of the appeal in his case, a trial that has been delayed by more than six months.

It was then that he first heard Mamma`s passionate call to never let Judy Mama forget. He came back in due time, but did not bring anything for me, and I felt that my call had been in vain. 1. I`m a good girl – and I`m not. I am a good girl because I truly believe in love, integrity and respect. I`m a bad girl because I like to tease. I know I have sex appeal in my card game. But I like to make people think. That`s what the stories of my music do. – Katy Perry 2.

It is paradoxical that the idea of living a long life pleases everyone, but the idea of aging does not please anyone. – Andy Rooney 3 In «Sufferer», I`m talking about the younger generation who have no choice but to find a weapon somewhere. I try to appeal to them: «I know you as sick, but that doesn`t mean you can`t or shouldn`t expect something better.» It`s very different from what I usually say, like, «Keep busy, shake it up.» – Sean Paul Market-specific, not national reporting in newsrooms will also increase the publisher`s appeal, he said. Platforms should also create complaint systems that notify users and schedule calls within 14 days of their content being removed. «Basically, I was contacted and asked if a call could be made on my behalf,» she told me from her home in Providence. So, while nature speaks to a child through its light, color, and various forms, human art also attracts attention. In January, an appeal hearing will determine whether he is eligible for an exemption after conviction. Verb. [`əˈpiːl`] citation as authority; fall back on. Name. [`əˈpiːl`] (Law) a court case in which the plaintiff appeals to a higher court in order to obtain a review of a decision of a lower court and the setting aside of the judgment of the lower court or the granting of a new procedure. Name.

[`əˈpiːl`] Attractiveness that interests or delights or stimulates.