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* As part of the APTA course enrollment fee, Level 1 Manual, Assessment Center, CI Credentials (PT and PTA only) and CEU Certificates, CI Credential PIN, and APTA Database Enrollment are included. Additional fees from the sponsoring organization may apply to cover expenses related to the course. For more information, please contact ccip@apta.org. The workshop is offered for 16 credit hours, which can be applied to the admission requirements of physiotherapists. Each participant will receive a certificate of participation. www.apta.orgwww.natajournals.orgwww.aliem.com CCIP courses are taught year-round in the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico. Registration is open to physiotherapists (PTs), physiotherapist assistants (APT) and clinicians from other health professions. In addition to PTs and APTs, courses often include speech-language pathologists, occupational therapists, nurses and more. The CCIP offers a number of online amplification modules for CIs who have already completed the Level 1 course. The modules do not replace Level 1 education, but cover many areas of the Level 1 course and help improve a person`s knowledge and skills Do you take care of students? Do you want to consolidate, streamline and improve your teaching skills? According to a 2021 survey, the results show significant growth in the public`s understanding of the profession`s role and level of expertise. Marquette.edu // University of Health Sciences // Continuing education //. Our programs stimulate students` imaginations and expose them to virtually endless possibilities. The Accredited Clinical Instructor Program is a volunteer program designed primarily for individuals interested in or involved in clinical training, such as clinical instructors, clinical training site coordinators, and clinical education directors.

It is recognized by APTA as a training and qualification program for clinical instructors. 13-14 January 2023Kilgore College, Kilgore, TX (registration deadline: 23 December 2022). Another 2009 article published in Athletic Therapy Today listed 9 essential traits needed for clinical teaching. These included: legal/ethical behavior, evaluation, evaluation, communication, supervision, instruction, administration, professional development, and interpersonal skills. (You can recognize them from the CPI assessment tool used to assess students.) Now that we`ve covered the basics, let`s talk about what makes a good CI. In 2008, an article entitled «What Makes a Good Clinical Instructor?» was published in the journal Academic Medicine. The authors identified 68 articles published between 1909 and 2006. They found that most of the qualities associated with «outstanding instructors» were non-cognitive qualities such as communication, emotion/enthusiasm, personality, and character. Despite what you might think, you can actually learn a lot by becoming a clinical instructor.

Students aren`t the only ones who benefit from your time! Use goals to focus student learningUse feedback in clinical educationDevelop student professional behaviorExessential student management. APTA had much to say about the underutilization of physiotherapy, the pressure on wages, and the need for an overhaul of the system. Learn how to become a CCIP Accredited Clinical Trainer. Successful completion of the Level 1 course provides PTs and APTs 1.6 CEU* and the title of Clinical Instructor. Health care providers in other professions are eligible to receive 1.2 CFU* but do not receive the title of Clinical Instructor. Successful completion of the Level 2 course provides PTs and 1.7 CFU* APTs and the Level 2 Clinical Instructor designation. Health care providers in other occupations are eligible to receive 1.3 CFU*, but do not receive the Level 2 Clinical Instructor designation. Danille Parker is the Director of Clinical Education for Marquette University`s Physiotherapy Program and has participated in clinical instructor workshops since 2006.

She received her APTA certification as a Certified Trainer for APTA`s Accredited Clinical Instructor Program (CCIP) in 2017. As CCIP continues to advance with APTA`s Go Green initiative, we have moved to an electronic textbook for the Level 1 course. Electronic textbooks allow instructors to no longer have to order textbooks or be responsible for distribution to participants, and also allow courses to accept registrations later.