Are Knives Legal in Thailand

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A folding knife, as long as it is closed and does not have a blade that snaps into place, has no blade length limit. It must be closed, it cannot be opened in your pocket, the blade cannot be opened, and it cannot be opened by gravity or support. All knives that have a locking blade should be less than 2 and 1/2 inch. Almost all other knives are allowed to be hidden illegally (in the bag) «I want to explain that people in public can`t just carry a knife. It`s illegal,» Chamlong told the Daily News. «She couldn`t claim she carried the knife in self-defense because there were three people in the car that night. If it was a woman traveling alone, we might have relaxed her a bit. Myth of the samurai No. Possession of a katana is illegal for the ordinary Japanese citizen. Fact: Ordinary citizens in Japan have the right to own Japanese-made blades registered with the Nihon Token Kai (Japan Sword Association).

These swords must have historical or cultural significance. A shift blade (which can be known by many other names, including a «push-button knife» or an «ejector knife») has a blade included in the handle and automatically opens through a spring by pressing a button or turning on the handle. Switching blades with blades larger than 2″ are not allowed to be transported to California. If you know the answer, simply answer the legal/technical aspects. It sounds a bit absurd, but I think if it`s illegal, then it`s illegal. Does anyone know the length of the knife that can be legally transported to Bangkok? An amendment to this law was passed a few months later, in August 2008, allowing curved swords and samurai made by hand before 1954 using traditional forging methods to be sold without a license. All swords sold on our website are legal to own in the UK. The truth is that you can carry a knife in Thailand without any problems. In fact, many guys in Thailand carry small knives, especially those who live in small towns and towns across the country. Therefore, there is no crime to carry a knife in Thailand. However, you should keep in mind that the size of the knife you carry can affect people`s reaction to your action. If you are caught carrying a knife, you can receive a community penalty, a fine or a prison sentence.

Even if you carry a knife that you are legally allowed to carry (such as a pocket knife with a blade less than three inches), it becomes illegal if you use it as a weapon to threaten or injure someone. Article 371 of the Thai Penal Code prohibits carrying weapons openly in a public place or carrying them to a gathering of people who have gathered for any purpose. You can be arrested and convicted with a small fine and the weapon confiscated. The word «weapons» in section 371 includes all weapons such as hunting knives, clubs, night sticks, machetes and firearms. It also includes anything that shouldn`t necessarily be used as a weapon, but can be, like a golf club or a rolling pin. The British Blade Act explicitly prohibits all katanas. Unless «it was made before 1954 or at any time using traditional methods». So if it was made with a modern production line, it is illegal in the UK. If it was made using traditional methods, it is completely legal. Yes, many Thais carry weapons.

However, this is more common in small towns and villages. So if you go to Phuket, Koh Samui, Pattaya, Chiang Ma, etc., you will probably meet a lot of guys with knives, especially in nightclubs. But if you don`t get upset, they will never use the knives on you. A Thai colleague told me that it was illegal to carry a knife of any kind under your MC`s seat. He told me about one of his friends who was arrested and I had a knife in his bike. He was a fruit seller, so he used it to peel fruit. Anyway, the police took him and fined him. While it is perfectly legal to carry a pocket knife to defend oneself, its reckless use is illegal and can lead to serious legal problems. Therefore, you should avoid drawing and using the knife unless it is absolutely necessary.

Some people like to own swords as decoration and in the past, criminals have suggested that they have these weapons in their homes only for decorative reasons. It is now illegal to sell any type of curved sword whose blade is larger than 50 cm, unless the sword was forged by hand in the traditional way. In California, I think you can legally wear a 3-inch blade. In California, the following are illegal: (1) It is illegal to own a switching blade knife with a blade of 2″ or more that can be opened with a button or handle; (2) the concealed possession of a «dirk» or a «dagger», that is, a stabbing device with a fixed blade, regardless of the length of the blade; (3) I would be surprised if they had a legal limit here, as they do in other countries. It may be at the discretion of the officials that you are caught. If the blade is 2 inches or larger, it is illegal to carry a knife where the blade is automatically released. Knives, especially dirks or daggers, should not be carried hidden. If you intend to eat fruits, nuts, etc. in Thailand, you may want to have a small knife with you.

In this case, a small bag or kitchen knife can be useful for picnics and other activities. However, the fact is that it is not necessary. This is because many street vendors sell pocket knives and other related items. Therefore, you can easily get one if you need it at any time. It`s better and safer than carrying a knife when you`re in Thailand. If you carried a Swiss Army knife similar to a multifunctional tool, I think everything would be fine. If you`ve had chef`s knives that you just bought in a store, you may be able to explain why you dragged them out. Carrying another type of knife simply means asking for trouble. I`ve seen people looking for trouble, and since eggs are eggs, they find them.

Then they wished it wasn`t like that. So the question has to be real – why are you asking? Why do you want to wear? Finally, why haven`t mods closed this thread? In Thailand, you always have to be polite and the best possible – this is the legal and technical answer. In Bangkok, there are many security checks in public places, club entrances, etc. As a result, people usually do not carry knives to these places because security personnel are likely to prevent them from entering with the knives. So if you are in Bangkok, you should never bother to carry a knife. But it`s not only legal to openly carry a wrapped sword, it`s also the law. Any type of concealment of knives is a crime. Blade guns in most states where it is legal to wear them are generally illegal if they are more than five inches tall.

Hidden blades, such as pipe swords, are still illegal. This violates the law in Japan, as pocket knives are considered weapons. Carrying a knife with a lockable blade or a folding blade larger than 5.5 cm (about two inches) is illegal in Japan. The same goes for swords, the wearing of which is also illegal in Japan without a special permit. It is illegal to carry an offensive weapon in Thailand. It is illegal to own katana in most parts of Southeast Asia – only Thailand and the Philippines allow their citizens to freely buy, possess or sell katana (although, as everywhere else, it is insulting to wear or swing it openly in public outside of organized events or demonstrations). In most states – including New South Wales, Victoria, the Northern Territory and South Australia – it is illegal to carry a firearm, even to defend oneself. These include knives, which are considered dangerous objects or prohibited weapons. PC Sharon Duggan of the Amesbury Area Community Police Team said: «The law in the UK means it is illegal to carry a knife or assault weapon in a public place, with the exception of a folding ash knife with a blade of less than three inches, without reasonable excuse. I don`t think the size of the blade matters when the law says 4 inches and you wear a 3 inch, you might think you`re fine until the day a police officer searches you for no reason and uses it as a way to get money out of you. Anyway, what I mean is that if the police want it, they will extort money from you, or if you take it away, if you are threatened by a local, you better be able to run fast.

A person may use a knife to prepare or cut food in a restaurant in a public place or during a picnic in a park, or. A person may carry a pocket knife or Swiss Army knife for use in their normal use.