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In accordance with the authority provided for in Chapter 17, Articles 7 to 17 of the Revised General Ordinances of the City of Bayonne, the Mayor has determined that certain residential areas of the City of Bayonne are affected by commuter vehicles and has therefore initiated the creation of the following residential permitted parking spaces in order to mitigate and restrict adverse parking conditions outside of commuter traffic in these residential areas: this will improve the quality of life, reducing noise and reducing the risk of traffic and waste in these residential areas. The permits, which are free for residents, allow residents to park in parking areas for more than three hours on weekdays between 8 a.m. and 9 p.m. According to the New Jersey Park Regulations (Title 39. Motor Vehicle and Traffic Regulations 39 § 4-138) you must never stop or park at the following locations unless a police officer so requests or to prevent an accident. Newark Parking Authority recommendations for less crowded parking and more accessible spaces. Click here for more information on where to find parking for NJ PAC as well as other places near us. As mentioned above, New Jersey`s parking laws state that the associated penalties and other nuances of the above violations vary from city to city. Non-residents who work or own a business in the city of Bayonne must apply for a permit and can only park in the parking area assigned to them. Eligible individuals can obtain a virtual residence permit parking space by applying online, in person or by mail upon presentation of the relevant documents. The business owner or employer of employees who are eligible for parking because of employment in the affected area should jointly collect and submit the necessary information and documentation to support the applications of its employees. Residents of the city of Bayonne can apply for a virtual parking permit and park in the streets of Bayonne.

Only one residence permit can be issued per car. If you live in one area but work in another residential area, your parking permit is valid throughout the city. Designated on-street parking spaces for lorries weighing over £12,000 are as follows: Commercial vehicles weighing over £12,000 can park on these industrial roads between 7pm and 6am in sections where on-street parking is available. Heavier vehicles must park in designated areas east of Highway 440 (formerly Route 169), in parking lots if the vehicle costs less than £12,000, in off-street garages and other private facilities, or outside the city. Newark Parking Authority welcomes you to our vibrant metropolis, where we strive to promote safe and viable parking. We wish you a lot of fun with our website with its many functions and offers. Our goal is to ensure that residents and visitors to our city have the best possible parking experience for the Newark Parking Authority. Please visit our new state-of-the-art public parking lot at 47-63 Green Street, Newark, New Jersey 07102. A resident parking permit is not issued to persons with outstanding traffic violations, a suspended driver`s license or a suspended vehicle registration. 16. In a disabled parking space (private or public) properly marked in accordance with P.L.1977, c.

202 (C.39:4-197.5), P.L.1975, c. 217 (C.52:27D-119 ff.) or any other applicable law, unless you have the appropriate legal authorization and license plates. Parking restrictions are enforced by state, county or municipal law enforcement officers or parking authorities on public and private property. Taxis that do not have a company taxi rank in Bayonne are not allowed to park on the streets during the night. All commercial vehicles, with the exception of semi-trailers, can park overnight in parking lots as long as their owners have purchased the $35 monthly permits. The public parking service night permits cover the hours from 7 p.m. to 9 a.m. These permits can be purchased online and at the City Hall Parking Desk, Room 13. Overnight parking is allowed in all car parks except spaces 8, 9, 12, 13 and 14. For an additional $75 per month, the Parking Services Program provides a daytime parking permit for all commercial vehicles covered by the order, with the exception of semi-trailers. Day parking is available in all parking lots except Lots 8 and 9 on East 26th Street, Property 12 on 29th Street and Broadway, Property 13 on 31st Street between C Avenue and Kennedy Boulevard, and Property 14 on West 8th Street.

11. Within 10 feet of a zebra crossing or side line of a road or intersection of a highway, provided that there is a sidewalk extension or a light bulb 3.