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Dean Claire O`Keefe, AMSOL – cokeefe@avemarialaw.edu | 239-687-5420 In 2021, the Faculty of Law had an acceptance rate of 48.8% and an enrolment rate of 32.6% of admissions. The LSAT score of the 50th percentile was 151 and that of the 50th percentile was 3.17. [14] Lawyers` success rates reflect those of the first candidates for the winter and summer 2017 bar exams. The State notes that the largest number of graduates of the Faculty of Law passed the bar examination for the period under review. In 2016, the school was sanctioned by the American Bar Association due to lax admission standards. [16] [17] In February 2018, the ABA announced the lifting of sanctions following corrective measures taken by the school. [18] In 2021, the school had 22 full-time faculties and 14 part-time faculties. [14] The school`s curriculum combines traditional legal education with a focus on how the law intersects with Catholic intellectual tradition and the philosophy of natural law. All students are required to take courses on the moral foundations of law, jurisprudence and law, ethics and public order. The faculty should address moral issues in all courses and explore them through Catholic teachings or other religious teachings. [13] There are nearly twenty organizations focused on a variety of academic, religious and social activities. Some are chapters of national organizations such as the Black Law Students Association, the Federalist Society, the Republican National Lawyers Association, and the Veterans Law Student Association.

Others reflect the interests of students such as the Women`s Law Association or the Lex Vitae Society, the law school`s pro-life organization. We have a national brotherhood of law, Phi Alpha Delta. Larry Doherty, Student Advisor – lawrence.doherty@avemaria.edu | (239) 280-2412 The Ave Maria Law Review is currently published by students of the Ave Maria School of Law. [22] The school`s advocacy program publishes a magazine called The Gavel. [23] The Faculty of Law`s Office of Foreign Affairs also publishes The Ave Maria School of Law Advocate, an annual publication for alumni. [24] From 2009 to 2018, the school published the Ave Maria International Law Journal. [25] Mission: The objective of this chapter is to create an effective and coherent forum smaller than that of all students in the Faculty of Law; ensure the professional development of its members; promote the principles of freedom and equality of justice before the law for all citizens; promote scientific excellence; provide a forum for exchange between members of this chapter and members of the practising Bar Association, the Bank and law professors; develop lasting professional friendships between its members; and to promote the ideals, principles and purposes of the Phi Alpha Delta Law Fraternity, International, as defined in Article II of the Constitution of the Society. A full Cardinal Newman Scholarship is offered to qualified students for the three years at AMSOL, plus a $10,000 scholarship for living expenses during the first year of law school. Student organizations are an important part of the school community and offer students the opportunity to grow academically, personally, professionally and spiritually. Throughout the school year, these groups sponsor a variety of events, including speakers, debates, charity projects, and social events. The reason this report is referred to as a «2020» report is that our 2020 law school rankings and law school profiles report is of great interest to potential law school applicants who wish to enroll in courses starting in the fall of 2020. At the time of publication of this report in spring 2019, these employment statistics reflected the most recent data available.

As of 2021, the law school had an initial pass rate of 62.96 percent, with 69.05 percent adopted in Florida and 41.67 percent in other jurisdictions. [3] In 2002, Monaghan proposed to develop a college campus in the Domino`s Farms office park outside of Ann Arbor to combine Ave Maria College and Ave Maria Law School into Ave Maria University, including a 250-foot-high crucifix as a campus monument, but his plans were rejected by the Ann Arbor Township Planning Commission. After this rejection, and despite widespread opposition from the school administration, faculty, and students, Monaghan proposed moving the school from Ann Arbor, Florida. After Monaghan purged opposing administration and faculty members,[8][9] the school moved from Ann Arbor, Florida in 2009. [10] The original plan was to move the law school and university to Monaghan`s proposed planned community of Ave Maria, Florida, but after several years in temporary rented housing in a former retirement home in Vineyards, a suburb of Naples, Florida, the plan to work together in the town of Ave Maria was abandoned in 2015 and the law school purchased the facilities, that she had rented. [11] John Czarnetzky was appointed Dean of the Faculty of Law in May 2021. [12] The school was one of 114 private colleges in the country that failed a federal financial responsibility test in 2007, 2008 and 2009. [27] [28] The school stated that its low asset-to-debt ratio was «typical of newly created institutions» and «does not represent a change in our financial health and should not be a cause for concern.» [29] In 2010, Dean Milhizer of Ave Maria stated that the school`s finances were very strong and that fundraising results were improving. [30] The Faculty of Law was accredited by the ABA in 2005. [15] Ave Maria Law ranks 120th in terms of tuition fees among full-time law students ($42,206). We rank on a total of 283 tuition fees from 194 law schools and we rank twice as high as law schools, which have different tuition fees in states and non-states.

Ave Maria School of Law was founded in 1999 and accepted its first class in 2000 in Ann Arbor, Michigan. The beginnings of the law school are found in discussions between Tom Monaghan and disgruntled current and former faculty members of the University of Detroit`s Mercy School of Law, including future founding dean Bernard Dobranski, former dean of Detroit Mercy Law School and then dean of the Columbus School of Law at the Catholic University of America, who complained that there were no «truly Catholic» law schools. Monaghan supported the school through its Ave Maria Foundation and served as Chairman of the School`s Board of Trustees. The school is a former converted retirement community in Vineyards, which it originally rented to Ave Maria University and later purchased. [11] The campus consists of academic facilities in five buildings and residential facilities in apartments and sixteen residential units of villas. [20] The law library was converted from the community centre, with a large reading room set up from the central auditorium and with activity areas that were reallocated to the collections. [21] Source: Data were compiled from a variety of public sources, including data published by law schools and bar examination offices in each jurisdiction. Founded in 1999, Ave Maria School of Law is an INDEPENDENT Roman Catholic law school accredited by the ABA in Vineyards, Florida. It is consistently ranked as the most «conservative» and «pious» law school in the United States. [4] Dr. Seana Sugrue, Director of Privileges at AMU – seana.sugrue@avemaria.edu | (239) 280-1625 The founding Board of Governors included right-wing and pro-life religious and political figures such as Henry Hyde, Edward Cardinal Egan, Robert P. George, Kate O`Beirne, Adam Cardinal Maida, Bowie Kuhn, Frank Joseph Dewane and John Cardinal O`Connor.

Robert Bork was one of the first faculty members and Antonin Scalia and Charles E. Rice were consulted on the structure of the program. [5] Faculty and administrative staff must make a profession of faith and swear to follow Catholic teachings, the Magisterium and the Holy See. [6] The school was described by the National Catholic Reporter as «a more conservative religious orientation than any existing Catholic law school in the country» and «militantly religious.» [7] Ave Maria School of Law offers students a distinctive legal education that emphasizes the moral foundations of law, professional excellence, and the harmony of faith and reason. As a national Catholic law school, Ave Maria Law strives to produce highly qualified graduates who are able to think critically about the law, the religious and secular principles that support it, and their important role in the legal system. United States of America News & World Report ranks Ave Maria fourth among U.S. law schools. [26] Ave Maria advertises with polls such as The Princeton Review and PreLaw Magazine as the most «conservative» and «pious» law school in the United States.

[4] The Ave Maria legal community is made up of people from across the country and beyond whose paths converge to pursue a common goal. Each person contributes to and benefits from the experiences and perspectives of other members of the community. By providing opportunities for interaction between students, Ave Maria Law ensures a dynamic and professional atmosphere and constructive experience at the Law School.