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Nota offers business audits and trust account management that can be integrated into your law firm`s workflow. With 3-way reconciliation, cheque printing and tool integration with your practice management, accounting and payment systems, Nota Banking is designed to maximize your efficiency, offering transparent pricing and dedicated support from bankers who know lawyers. Today, it serves 700 law firms and 50,000 lawyers in the United States and the United Kingdom. Nota`s integrations connect your daily law firm and banking tools in a unified system. Information is automatically transferred to Nota from your practice management, legal payments and accounting platforms, saving you time and focusing on your most important work. Your client advisor develops and leads a team of professionals based on your individual needs who can give you access to services such as wealth planning, private banking, investment management, trusts, estates, credit and integrated wealth management services. This personalized approach, backed by the full depth and breadth of Wells Fargo & Company, takes into account your goals, assets and needs to create a highly integrated wealth management plan. Tailored to the legal community, Esquire offers deposit solutions designed to enhance your fund management – yours and your clients` – with the white glove products and service you need to run your law firm like a business, so you can focus on negotiating your cases rather than managing your banking operations. Connect your bank account to the tools you use on a daily basis and eliminate the time you spend working between two systems. Nota works with leading practice management, legal payment and accounting platforms to maximize your efficiency. For law firms, we help you streamline your operations and enable the growth and progress of the practice. Years of practical cooperation with the country`s most successful law firms have given us a clear perspective on law firm finances. From your simplest daily transaction to your most complex investment decision, our team`s in-depth knowledge of the industry and commitment to personalized service can help build and maintain your company`s financial foundation.

«Shortly after meeting the Esquire team, we knew they were a perfect fit! There is no doubt that Esquire is the point of contact for the banking needs of an applicant law firm. «Our primary commitment is to helping our clients, and that`s exactly what the Early Access Loans Program does. Esquire Bank has seamlessly integrated the program into our firm`s operations by referring clients from our customs clearance letter directly to the bank. Not only did we get versions faster, but the feedback from our customers was overwhelming. Developed with legal knowledge, Nota is a free, cloud-based platform that provides enterprise banking solutions for lawyers running individual and small law firms.¹ Many law firms struggle to manage their banking needs while balancing their financial forecasts. At Esquire, we`ve combined our core financial services expertise with our first-hand knowledge of the legal industry to develop a range of cutting-edge tools that enhance your company`s cash management and cash flow management capabilities so you can grow your business. «Having a business partner in a bank that truly understands my business has never been more important or valued than it is today. «Esquire Bank is not only opposed to totital reform, it also supports financial litigant associations and our concerns. As a litigator, how could I bank in an institution that is fighting to force me to close my doors? I would not entrust my business to any other bank. Lawyers have complex business and financial needs that go beyond the typical banking relationship. Wells Fargo Legal Specialty Group helps meet these requirements by providing access to tailored solutions developed in collaboration with your firm and partners. Insurance products are offered through Wells Fargo & Company`s non-bank insurance branches and underwritten by unaffiliated insurance companies.

As a lawyer, there are a lot of demands on your time. This, combined with the unique challenges of partner compensation, makes a skilled and experienced banker a crucial part of your financial success. Nota`s customer success specialists are here to help you with all your banking needs. You only support lawyers and understand your law firm`s tools, requirements and workflows. And they take your business as seriously as you do. As an asset-based lender, Esquire understands that your cases are your law firm`s most valuable asset and should be used as collateral for credit purposes – this is what sets us apart from other financial institutions. We provide you with the capital you need for costs and case growth, based on the future value of your cases when other banks review your past results, on better terms than non-bank financial corporations. Wherever you are in your career, we are ready to meet your needs.

Maybe it`s time to write a «wish letter» – or update a letter you already have. «Esquire Bank is unlike any other financial institution I`ve worked with in the past. They really understand the legal community because they are part of the legal community. With Esquire Bank as my business partner, I can focus on the practice of law and achieve the best results for my clients. Our team of consultants provides industry-leading insights to help you identify trends, opportunities and best practices. We also regularly host unique events to provide networking opportunities with like-minded people and industry experts. The resulting CAT reports, available exclusively to participating clients, provide a comprehensive and insightful narrative about the legal industry that can help you: I think this is an essential element for any lawyer who is serious about managing their IOLA funds. «Any law firm that doesn`t work with Esquire Bank is committing corporate misconduct.» «I am so happy to have moved to Esquire Bank and to have started financing the costs of my file through them years ago. Because of this decision, I am more liquid personally and professionally and ready to solve the cash flow problems caused by covid-19. «Being able to have a company like Nota that listens to you and builds it for you is just beautiful. Seeing the evolution of this platform is exciting. «I no longer need to do a reconciliation every month, I can do it immediately.

Therefore, I don`t have to pay my CPA for help as often. Reconciliation is certainly no longer so painful. » Turn your stock of cases into financing for starting a business. In the last cycle, there were few alternatives to equities, but now opportunities are emerging across the risk spectrum. If you manage your personal finances in the context of your entire business cycle, here are some questions to consider: Enjoy additional benefits tailored to the unique needs of running a law firm, such as free access to a CLE ethical loan through LawLine. Stop using spreadsheets or ledgers to track your customers` balances.