Bsb52215 Diploma of Legal Services

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BSBRES502 Search for legal information using secondary sources This qualification reflects the role of individuals who have a strong theoretical knowledge base and use a range of specialized, technical or managerial skills to plan and carry out work in a legal context in accordance with laws, regulations and codes of conduct relevant to different jurisdictions. Develop your knowledge of the industry and gain the skills to support paralegal services. At TAFE Queensland, we believe it is important to provide quality pathways to training opportunities. Give yourself the best chance to advance your career with other study opportunities that will open up more exciting job opportunities in the world of judicial or legal services. Our highly experienced professors will give you personalized advice and industry knowledge you need to succeed in the legal sector. If you want to continue studying at university, TAFE Queensland has a path option to get there. In many cases, completing one of our degrees can give you a full year to graduate from one of our partner universities. Candidates who have two years of equivalent full-time work experience must submit a curriculum vitae that will be reviewed by a legal content expert. A letter of offer is sent to successful candidates, the response time is approximately 5 days. Start your career in the legal profession with this entry-level qualification and gain the skills you need to become a legal secretary or receptionist.

If you have completed the following units (or equivalent skills), these units come from BSBSS00106 Introduction to Paralegal Services: BSBLEG510 Applying Legal Principles in Family Law According to the Australian Government`s Employment Opportunities Service, the employment of paralegals and paralegals is expected to increase by 12% over the next decade. According to the Australian government`s Job Outlook service, there will likely be around 6,000 open positions for secretaries (including legal secretaries) over the next five years. Employers are looking for candidates who are qualified, reliable, trustworthy and have deep COMPUTER skills. Replaced by: BSB50720 Diploma in Paralegal Services Successful completion of this course will give you the confidence and skills to look for a job as a paralegal or legal assistant. It will also give you the knowledge you need to continue studying. In this course, you will gain an in-depth understanding of the Australian legal system while improving your administrative skills to support a team of lawyers. You will learn how to conduct legal research, maintain a legal classification system and follow legal instructions, as well as develop the skills to draft complex documents and communicate in a legal services environment. Reshape your career with this high-level course.

Develop specialized skills and knowledge to become a paralegal. Increase your career potential and gain the competitive advantage of competently operating in a legal work environment with this degree-level course. This qualification will provide you with the specific knowledge and skills you need to provide adequate and high-level legal support in a dynamic legal services sector. Upon completion of this course, you will be able to demonstrate an advanced understanding of criminal law, family law, property law, contract law, legal frameworks, wills and estates, evidentiary law, fiduciary accounts and the preparation of legal acts. Tafe Queensland`s experienced teaching staff will provide you with the personal guidance you need to succeed in law school and beyond. The state and territory governments highlighted below provide funding to reduce or, in some cases, fully cover the tuition fees of vocational students who wish to take this course. Please check with your preferred training provider to see if you are eligible. Select a state or territory for more information. Skills and knowledge assessments are an essential step in your course. You may be assessed in a variety of ways during your studies at TAFE Queensland, including observation, written evaluation, survey, portfolios, work samples, third party feedback and by acknowledging previous results. Learn more about evaluation methods.

Percentage of graduates of this course who were satisfied with the training. Please note that weekly salary figures are only estimates of what you could potentially earn. Have two years of equivalent relevant full-time work experience. Need help choosing a training provider? Download a fact sheet and comparative table to help you compare training providers and make decisions. Some courses are eligible for a vocational training loan from the Australian government to help students pay for tuition. The initial amount of debt (including loan fees, if any) plus indexation must be repaid once the loan recipient begins to earn more than a certain amount. Information on the mandatory refund threshold is available on the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) website. Accelerate your path to formal qualification by gaining recognition for the things you already know. We can assess your skills, directly apply credits from a previous successful degree program, and provide you with advanced status in your course. For more information about this course and payment options, please inquire now. Percentage of graduates of this course who have started/developed a business or have a new job, a more skilled job, a promotion or a higher salary.

Learning on campus is a great way to enjoy the benefits of face-to-face teaching in a way that`s far from a typical school. No matter which campus you choose, you know you`ll learn in an adult environment where you`ll be respected and nurtured. Visit a campus to learn face-to-face with a teacher in one of our study rooms. Like what. Classroom, workshop, lab or simulated environments or interact with teachers using real-time video conferencing or web conferencing tools. Find out more. You can apply for this course through the Queensland Tertiary Admission Centre (QTAC). You must submit your application on the QTAC website. It will be evaluated, and if you pass, you will receive a quote directly via QTAC.

You must accept your offer from QTAC before you can register with TAFE Queensland. Australian apprenticeships (also known as apprenticeships and traineeships) combine work with training in a nationally recognised qualification. Australian apprenticeships are accessible to anyone of working age and offer the opportunity to learn new skills and get paid in over 500 different jobs. This can be the full course fee or the amount of the student contribution if you are eligible for a grant or concession.