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In cases where the demand for access is high, the details are listed below. The public can now follow some UK trials online under a new law designed to promote an «open and transparent» justice system. You can see what cases a court hears every day and check their progress on court lists. Please note that some legal proceedings relate to disturbing details. There are detailed guides for accredited media representatives, including mailing lists and results from local courts. If you were fined on or after January 22, 2010, you can now pay your fine online at any time. The term «fine» is used to cover fines imposed by the court, fines imposed by the jury, and fixed sentences registered with the court. Access may also be granted to documents that are no longer in the court file, for example because they were returned after a hearing.4 The new rules will cover all courts and tribunals – from Crown and magistrate courts to family and immigration courts – and will allow the public and the press to follow hearings remotely via video link. If the court makes an order restricting access to a statement of claim, a non-party may still seek permission to obtain a copy of the claim. The party who received the order will be informed of the request and will have the opportunity to object to it.

During the trial, Heard received a significant amount of vitriol online. She told the court that she had received «hundreds of death threats regularly, if not daily, thousands since the beginning of this trial, people who mocked my testimony about assaults.» Method 1: If you know the Crown Court where the case was heard, find its name in the table in section 5 of this guide and click on the links for the case records – this will take you to a catalog description page of all records held for that court at the National Archives. Use the «Keyword Search» field to search for the name of the defendant or prosecution. Yes. The general rule is that hearings are held in public and in principle anyone, including the press, can participate in a hearing that takes place in public. In exceptional circumstances, for example in cases involving commercially sensitive intellectual property rights or personal financial information, a closed hearing may be permitted. However, such cases are rare; Private hearings are considered a last resort. Opponents argue that court participants could be recognized in public, which could lead to intimidation or endanger the safety of witnesses, lawyers and judges. The continuous dissemination of court proceedings could lead to a better understanding of the prison system, thereby strengthening confidence in the courts and judicial proceedings. A 360° online virtual tour is available through which people can see the building and learn more about its history. View previous cases on the Court of Appeal`s video archive page Some courts broadcast some or all of their hearings online for people to watch: As for social media, during a virtual hearing, the public is not allowed to comment on the proceedings through a social media platform regarding: jury trials; cases of sexual offences; or cases where participants cannot be legally identified. Judges will have the final say on whether the trial will be streamed and who can watch, but the guidelines state that remote viewing should be allowed if it is «in the interest of justice.» Most documents created in online services are in Adobe Acrobat PDF format.

Adobe Reader must be installed to view these documents. You`ll also need a browser that supports the latest encryption standards. If you can successfully connect to the website, this is suitable for online services. The Code of Civil Procedure does not provide any indication as to why an order restricting access to court documents may be requested. However, the most likely reasons for filing an application will be that the party believes that the documents contain or may contain confidential or commercially sensitive information, for example the contract from which the dispute arises contains confidential or price-sensitive information that the parties do not wish to make public and made available to their competitors. To check if you can watch a hearing remotely, you must contact the court or tribunal in advance and provide your full name and email address. If your fine can be paid online, the court documents, fine notice, or letter you received will include a case reference and an online account reference. You`ll need both to pay your fine online. «I hope there will be regular dissemination of remarks in high-profile cases, which will improve public understanding.» Public Court Lists is a free service that allows you to view lists of civil, criminal and family courts for each jurisdiction for the next 14 days.

Court lists are updated daily at 22:00. All of the following online services, with the exception of the Public Judicial Lists online service, require you to log in before you can access the service. Users can now enter online bookings. More information about reservations can be found here: The court does not have to inform the parties when a request is made. And if access is automatic – because it is a judgment, order or case description – the parties can never know when a non-party has viewed or received a copy of that document. The Northern Ireland Courts and Tribunals Service understands how important the security and privacy of your data is to you. For this reason, all content exchanged through our online services is managed via a secure connection to our servers and we automatically disconnect you from our website after 1 hour of inactivity or 1 hour between page changes.