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Since this certificate supports the FOUNDATION SERA ALBUQUERQUE, you can find more information on the official website at: Follow the short video in which he presents his major projects. You can follow the legal cap live broadcast by TV Alterosa and the Android mobile application, which is also another very cool tool to track the draws, it is also possible to watch the draw from the Facebook page in the link: The value of this certificate varies depending on the allocation of the week, but usually the single certificate costs $10.00 reais and the double legal luck cap increases a small price and costs R$15.00 reais. above all, the raffle will be broadcast live from 10:00 on CHANNEL Serra Geral on Channel 13 – Our TV and TV Alterosa and local radios in the area, and of course you must not forget that here on this page you will have access to all the legal results from inside today. These are today`s results, congratulations to the recipients of this Sunday edition. In the chart below, you will learn how to buy the price step by step, just follow the instructions to get the price for which you were awarded. To follow the draws of the legal ceiling live today, it is much easier to simply access the official page on Facebook and watch the broadcast of the draw or if you prefer to follow the draw via the Channel Record Litoral – HD, and also via the local radios of the regions from 09:30 on Sunday morning. Now, with the double chance in the legal cap, it`s even easier for you to be a winner, get your certificate now, and compete for several prizes that may be yours. In this way, these are the results of today`s Legal Cap Day 02-10-2022 In the table below, you will know how to buy the prize if you are the recipient of this Sunday edition. Finally, the result of this week`s legal cap will be published here on the same page. With today`s result of the legal coastline, you contribute to LAR DAS MOÇAS CEGAS, which promotes a common good for several regions, as mentioned in the second paragraph of this article. If you find that you have received one of the Legal Cap Awards in this Sunday edition, you should know the requirements to receive the award. The receiver needs it with the certificate in good condition without cracks and much less perforations, needs it in hand with the following documents.

Another option that is widely used today is to track the draw on the Internet through the websites that provide the results, and exclusively a website where we provide all the information about the results of the legal cap, rewards and other information. In this article you will have all the necessary information to get a good knowledge and a good result, in the following paragraphs you will know the next prices of the week, the result of the coastal laws, the dozens that have been drawn, the names of those who have been considered in the main attractions and in the turn of happiness. The Legal Cap certificate allows you to bring home cars, motorcycles, home and cash values, and more, depending on the price you`re competing for. And the coolest next to you compete for valuable prizes that you contribute to philanthropic institutions and thus help promote your beautiful local partner projects. Have you ever thought about winning a 0km car, motorcycles and trips where everything is paid for with only R$ 10.00 among other things? You can do all this with the fresh coastal cap, there are several prices with live streaming every Sunday from 09:30 in the morning. If you access this page, you will be very well informed with the information and results of the legal ceiling, with the practicality of fast and efficient access, is only connected to an Internet network and has all this information without leaving your home exactly. Tip: Important for your bettor or bettor if you buy your playing card before analyzing the numbers of the last draw. Which numbers come out most often, because you know, you will choose the card with the same numbers that come out frequently, further increasing your chances of winning in the draw. However, at the time of purchase of this certificate, you contribute to the institution and participate in all draws provided on the front of the ticket/certificate you have purchased. For each draw, a note is made with the globe containing 60 (sixty) balls, all numbered from «01 to 60», in which they are placed on the globe and therefore extracted manually and announced randomly, so that many balls are needed until a certificate with the 20 (twenty) dozen on your certificate is issued. Contribution certificate.

CPF bank details (if the price is in cash). Proof of residence (less than 90 days). Result of the last issue n° 114/2021. Draw day: 25/09/2022 Check the phone number to contact: (38) 3215-4394 Opening hours: Sunday to Friday from 8:00 to 12:00 and from 14:00 to 18:00. Email: [email protected] Address: Av. Mestra Fininha da Silveira, 745, Centro – Montes Claros/MG – ZIP: 39401-612 1 Nº: 224.218 Name: FLAVIO DE N. SOUZA City: SANTOS Point of sale: STORE CAP SANTOS TATI Agent name: LOJA SANTOS 2 Nº: 286.900 Name: SANDRO DA SILVA District: Jardim Progresso Vicente de Carvalho City: Guaruja Point of sale: Online Sale Seller: APP 3 Nº: 166.333 Name: ALLAN MELO DE JESUS District: CATARINA Cidade: SAO VICENTE Name of agent: FERNANDA SAO VICENTE 4 Nº: 094.093 Bairro: GARDEN AMERICA Location: ITANHAÉM Point of sale: BAR DA SONIA Agent name: LITORAL SUL 5 Nº: 169.391 Name: FRANCISCO PAULO DE O. FERNANDES Nachbarschaft: CATIAPOA Stadt: SAO VICENTE Verkaufsstelle: TIMOTEO Verkäufer BAR: FERNANDA SAO VICENTE 6 Nº: 163.650 Nom: DANIEL OLIVEIRA FRANCISCO Quartier: JARDIM Cidade: PRAIA GRANDE VENTE: MICHELE CUNHA VILA KRILL SONIA: Verkäufer KRILL NETWORK MARKETS 7 Nº: 273.378 Nom: EMERSON GOMES DA SILVA Nachbarschaft: Parque Capuava Ort: SANTO ANDRE Point de vente: Vente en ligne 8 Nº: 061.210 Nom: REINILSON J. DA SILVA Nachbarschaft: BOM RETIRO Stadt: SANTOS Verkäufer: CUNHA 9 Nº: 140.571 Nom: ELAINE A.