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A certificate of legal heir must be obtained from a person who legally represents himself as the legitimate heir of the deceased according to the new guidelines, an independent tahsildar or deputy tahsildar should not impose restrictive conditions, such as the fact that the certificate is only valid for a certain period of time or is not valid in a civil court. The certificate of the legal heir can be requested by contacting the Thasildhar/taluk region or at the municipal company/office of the respective region and at the civil district court. This certificate lists all the legal heirs of the deceased person and is issued only after appropriate request. Now you know how to get a duplicate copy of the legal certificate of heir. If you need help reviewing documents and technical reports, check out the NoBroker Due Diligence Kit. The father, mother, spouse, son(s) and daughter(s) could apply for the certificate if the deceased was a married person. For adopted children, the tahsildars must issue the certificate after confirming that they have been legally adopted. The VAO affixes its signature and seal after verification of the legal heirs. On the basis of the report of the village administrative officer and the financial inspector and after a proper investigation, this certificate is issued by the competent authority, in which the names of all the legal heirs of the deceased are listed. You can also follow what Roohani and Dhawan explained to get the double legal certificate of heir in Tamil Nadu online. A downloadable form to apply for a legal certificate of inheritance provided by the Ministry of Finance of Tamil Nadu is provided.

Guidelines for completing the application form are also provided. Users can download and fill out the form according to their needs. Submit all necessary documents and pay the fee (if applicable). Then, pick up the receipt after completing the certificate. All complaints and questions can be recorded by email at or by phone at the toll-free number 1 800 425 1333. In the event of the death of an unmarried person, the father, mother, brother(s) and sister(s) may apply for the certificate. «In the event that no adult legitimate heir survives, a minor legal heir may make an application through his or her guardian or through the deceased`s sibling(s).» Now let`s see how to get a double legal certificate of heir in TamilNadu. Once the details about the deceased and the collection of all the necessary details are entered, our legal experts prepare the application and other documents necessary to obtain the legal certificate of heir. ExpertPoint provides all necessary assistance to obtain the legal certificate of heir of all deceased family members when the required documents are available. Once the token number is specified, a Tahsildar issues the certificate within 16 days of the date of submission of the form.

A legal certificate of heir can be requested online by logging into the E-District portal. You will need to upload certain documents such as the death certificate of the deceased, affidavit, ID, etc. After entering all this data, the applicant must obtain the signature of the VAO as well as the presence of all the legal heirs. The legal certificate of heir is an important legal document that determines the appropriate successor for the ownership of a property or property in the event of the sudden death of the registered owner. The legal certificate of heir is also known as the certificate of succession and highlights the rightful owners to whom the property is to be handed over. The Tahsildar issues the certificate of the legal heir after carrying out an appropriate examination with the corresponding heirs. Since authorized successors must have this certificate in order to claim ownership. Each state has its own rules and regulations on this subject.

I will share details about the RTI rules for duplicate legal heir certificates in Tamil Nadu. You should know that the certificate issued is valid and required to receive a tip, pension, insurance, FP, pension rights, etc. In Tamil Nadu, the legal certificate of heir is also known as the Varisu certificate. You can only request or receive a copy of the legal certificate after you have received the death certificate. The documents required to obtain the Legal Heir Certificate are as follows: While I agree with the process of what Roohani and Dhawan said about copying the Legal Heir Certificate, I think I should add a few more points. It is quite right that you need to apply for a legal heir certificate online by visiting the TN-e-Sevai portal, or you can visit the municipal authority to obtain the legal inheritance certificate. But without showing or downloading the necessary documents, you cannot get a copy of the legal certificate of heir online. Therefore, I will share the important documents required to obtain a legal certificate of heir in Tamil Nadu. In general, the process of obtaining a legal certificate of heir takes about 30 days from the ministry. And if you face unnecessary delays in obtaining this certificate, or if the relevant agents do not respond, you can contact the Revenue Division (RDO) officer/sub-collector to initiate further proceedings. When registering the property, the buyer will request the certificate of the legal heirs to determine the ownership of the purchased property.

In some cases, if there is more than one legal heir to a property, all legal heirs must sign the deed of transfer because the signature of all legal heirs is required. Failure to obtain the consent of all legal heirs when purchasing ancestral property will result in legal disputes in the future. A legal heir certificate is issued only to identify the heirs of the deceased person, while a certificate of succession is issued to establish the validity and legality of the legal heirs and give them the power to relate to the deceased person`s property and titles. This must be done shortly after receiving the death certificate from the municipal company. In order to obtain the legal certificate of heir, the person concerned must contact the competent government office. It is very important to obtain this certificate because it is the main document required to assert the deceased`s right to contributions and property.