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Before you start creating headers for your practice, you need to establish your law firm`s brand and a consistent brand message. Take the time to define your law firm`s branding process, including the design of your firm`s logo. Remember, you want to make sure you provide a consistent brand experience across all customer touchpoints. The following sections explain how to create a law firm`s letterhead for free online, including what you need to include on your letterhead and how you can use tools such as Canva to create your header. When choosing a font type, we recommend that you choose a font type that is both unique and classic. Then, download all the graphics resources to your computer for easier access when you start creating your letterhead. You can use a USB flash drive, a shared folder, or a file sharing app like Google Drive or Dropbox. You`ve heard other people talk about the importance of your company`s first blushing, so we`re not going to parrot them. If you`re considering buying a printer for your law firm, consider the following: Be sure to ask the print shop for a sample before you commit to printing large amounts of paper on your letterhead. This is especially true for headers that use color, as what you see on a computer screen may be different from what you see after printing. How you put these elements at the top is entirely up to you. For example, Mark J. Kolber has its header elements in a table in the header, which is a really smart solution because it was able to accurately place the address and other elements: As one of the leading design software companies for several decades, Adobe offers a full suite of products that allow you to create various assets.

including a law firm letterhead. In addition, Adobe Creative Cloud Express offers an easy-to-use interface and tons of templates to create your law firm header. The beauty of placing these elements in the header is that they remain solidly separated from the text of the letter. You can always go back and change something in your header template by double-clicking in the header, but there is no risk of accidentally going back via your phone number above. However, consider how many people will have a first impression of your firm based entirely on your letterhead: the header is a special section at the very top of a Microsoft Word document reserved for introductory information, and it`s the perfect place for a lawyer`s letterhead. Either way, make sure you get a great logo that you can use to build your brand, and then get into the DIY phase of header writing. Just make your logo the heart of letterhead. or left-aligned, as might be the case (more on that below). In our digital world, sometimes you still need to print documents. There are two basic elements in a law firm`s printable letterhead: Uploading your law firm`s letterhead to Clio Manage will be extremely easy thanks to our simple interface that allows for multiple types of documents. Clio Document Automation supports header templates created in the following formats: .doc, .docx, .ppt, .pptx, .xls, .xlsx, and PDF.

To design your law firm`s letterhead, make sure your graphic resources are of reasonable quality. Also consider the image quality in print compared to the web. Opting for a lawyer`s letterhead is probably the easiest marketing task a law firm will face, and even it requires more time and attention than you probably want. I collected samples from DIY law firms in the lab and received a number of responses. If you want to see for yourself what`s possible, check out the submissions. While there was a lot of variety (and creativity) among the posts, several people showed their Word expertise by using titles. The goal is to create a letterhead that looks crisp and professional, but you also need to make sure the information is relevant. The reality is that the everyday technology already sitting on your desk is more than enough to kick your lawyer`s letterhead out of the park.

If you do it yourself, you can use these resources elsewhere – and in today`s article, we`ll explain how. But first: why. If you redesign your website (a service we offer, by the way), a new law firm logo may be one of them. Canva is a powerful tool designed not only to create letterheads, but also allows you to search the template library for social media posts, videos, presentations, and just about any document you need to create and present to customers or stakeholders. Don`t forget to inquire about the types of paper and the quality they offer. The more time you invest, the better the result will be. Take your time when dealing with the qualities and quality of paper. When it comes to that, choose a type of paper that represents who you are and what you want your customers to feel when they come across a document created by your company. For decades, Microsoft Word has enabled professionals and businesses to create custom header designs in all areas. MSWord is a word processing software that is part of the Microsoft Office 365 suite and comes pre-installed on many computers with the Windows operating system. As a lawyer, providing high-quality legal services also means maintaining a consistent and consistent brand that clients associate with a positive client-centric experience. Law firm letterheads are one of the most important ways lawyers can help provide this consistent, client-centric experience.

However, there is at least one simple «DIY Esq.»: your letterhead. «If letterhead is so important,» you may be wondering, «Isn`t that something I should pay for to get it right?» There are also some drawbacks to using Canva. You can select a template that has already been selected by another company, company, or person. Also, some of the templates are not free. However, these fees are not too high, about five dollars. Large law firms typically have consistent branding and design elements that help potential clients differentiate their services from other law firms (e.g., logo, business cards, color scheme, font). But law firms` custom headers offer a unique and affordable way to create a professional and memorable client experience, even for small law firms and solo lawyers. When you start designing your letterhead, a few design principles will make it smooth and professional from the start, such as balance, weight, and color. From these details, it`s important to design a thoughtful branding before you start designing.

You need to have a clear idea of how you want your potential clients to perceive your law firm. Remember: letterhead can be «letter page» or «letter foot»! Feel free to use the footer and left margin (as in example #5 above) to create a visual style that matches your brand. Once you`ve evolved your design, make sure your letterhead is ready to print to make sure the printed version is optimal. Use a high-quality logo and test printing in multiple paper and printer types. Pay attention to your color palette and how it looks when printed. Quality assurance pays off. The easiest way to do this is to double-click in the header area (or you can go to the Insert tab and select Header > Blank), and then on the pop-up tab that appears (named «Header Tools/Footer»), check the box next to Other First Page. This, of course, ensures that only the first page of your letter contains the company name/logo, address, etc. (or at least the large version of it).

And one last piece of advice: get a good printer and the right paper. Heavy paper makes your letterhead look better, and a high-end printer adds extra shine to it. Here`s a step-by-step guide to designing your own header for law firms in Microsoft Word, as well as examples of Lawyerist readers who have done just that. But in the meantime, if you`re just looking for a little inspiration, we recently shared three great design tips for law firm logos (as well as over 50 of our favorite examples). In this blog post, we`re going to show you different ways to create a free custom letterhead for your law firm in a few simple steps – with online tools readily available. After following the steps of one of the three design tools suggested in this article, you should now have a letterhead that truly represents your law firm`s brand. From the moment you answer a potential client`s question, your law firm`s header acts as a seal of quality for all outbound communications. Legal headers provide a sense of transparency and quality, which can make a real difference in attracting new customers, growing your network, and building your brand. If you want to create a header template that is both easy to use and hard to accidentally mess up, you need to learn how headers work in Microsoft Word. Integrating all the name and address information at the beginning of the document itself works well because anyone using the template knows what they are doing.