Concepto Legal De Empresa Y Figuras Legales

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It is established by registration in the register of cooperatives and acquires legal personality from there, its statutes fixing the minimum share capital necessary to be able to establish and operate the cooperative. This capital must be paid in full from its constitution and consists of the contributions of the shareholders and is paid in legal tender, although the statutory rights may also be granted in statutes susceptible to economic evaluation. Company: This is a type of company composed exclusively of shareholders whose obligation is limited to the payment of their shares. Anonymous means that it does not act under the proper name of the partners, but under the name or name of the company they (the partners) choose. Its main characteristics are that the capital is divided into shares and consists of the contributions made by the partners. In this type of partnership, shareholders are not personally liable for the company`s debts, but only react with the company`s own assets. To be able to create it, you need at least two partners and a capital of at least $50,000.00. This is recommended for entrepreneurs who wish to integrate shareholders into their business through economic contributions or contributions in kind and who can negotiate with these shares. On the other hand, a limited liability company has a commercial character with an established capital of at least 3,000 euros, composed of various shareholders with shares.

These partners are only personally liable for the company`s debts and are governed by Law 2/1995 of 23 March on Limited Liability Companies. It can be more economical, as no legal entity other than the entrepreneur himself creates it. The limited liability company is the legal figure of a company in which the liability is divided into the contribution of each shareholder. In this way, each participant is not responsible for more than what he has invested in the company, which offers the shareholder some protection. The minimum share capital is 3,000 euros and can be divided into different shares. On the other hand, the tax field is very simple because it is paid by corporate tax, which you can do quickly. Usually we punish for starting a business organization, and the company comes to mind because it is the most recurrent and common of the companies and legal figures of a company, but this should not necessarily be the option, because there are very different numbers to start a business, and each of them offers advantages and disadvantages for the future entrepreneur. Let`s look at each of them: if the entrepreneur is married, it can cause his activities to reach the other spouse, depending on the type of property.

The assets of business spouses are linked to the results of business activities, while common assets may be linked by express consent or by presence and consent. It has the characteristic that the partners react according to the capital they have contributed. However, in this legal form, the minimum share capital under Spanish law is 60,000 euros. This amount can be divided into many shares and is taxed by corporation tax and must have a number of internal items. The Annual General Meeting, the Supervisory Board and the Directors are some of the items that must be included in the balance sheet. This is one of the most commonly used legal forms of a business today. The cooperative is regulated by Law 27/1999 of 16 July 1999 on Cooperatives. This type of company is formed by the association of a group of persons to carry out a commercial activity. As you can see, each legal entity has advantages and challenges for the entrepreneur, so it is always better to know in detail and with certainty what type of business activity we want to conduct, and on this basis to make the appropriate decisions.

It is a company that consists of people who join forces to conduct business activities with a democratic structure and functioning. This is the special legal figure for you if you want to offer products and services in a solitary way. A freelancer is a professional who makes his activities available to a third party, usually a company, through a contract. To do this, you must register with the IAE (Economic Activities Tax), pay a monthly payment to Social Security and pay income tax. Therefore, this modality is one of the easiest to develop, although it carries the main risk that you will react with all your personal assets in case of debt. In this article, we will analyze the different legal figures that exist: sole proprietorship, limited liability company, corporation, non-profit associations, general partnership, limited partnership, community of ownership and cooperative. There is no maximum or minimum number of partners, that is, it can be done with only one (create a single company), but this modality entails a number of additional obligations for the entrepreneur. The partners are required to contribute to the capital that everyone would have subscribed. Full control of the business by the owner who directs its administration. The advantages of this type of business, in addition to the simplicity of procedures and management, are that collective partners can also attract the capital of others without interfering in the management of the business.

On the other hand, limited partners can be part of a simpler and more profitable company than anonymous and limited liability. Starting a business requires a lot of tenacity and determination on the part of its founders. For this reason, it is necessary to choose the ideal legal modality that allows to lead the company to the expected results. Depending on the legal figure, key elements such as initial investment, number of partners, responsibilities and social security registration are changed. Currently, in Spanish legislation, you have different types of commercial companies, depending on the commercial objective pursued. This type of company is quite special, and here the partners are at the same time workers of the organization. In this sense, there are two types of cooperatives on the market, those that need 3 members to grow and those that are carried out as a result of a merger. No minimum capital is required for the creation of a cooperative, although members can stipulate this in the articles of association. The responsibility of each partner is linked to the capital he has contributed to the company. The legal form of a company, according to its concept, is the type of business that a person chooses to be able to offer its services.

This affects a number of tax and tax obligations that the State must comply with in order to carry out its activity. In this way, the organization`s responsibilities to third parties, customers, employees and suppliers are presented here. So, if you`re thinking about opening your business, you need to consider which modality is best for your situation.