Court-Fees Act 1870 Schedule

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19-I. Payment of court fees for successions and administrative letters 19F. The administrator must provide reasonable assurance before letters stamped under section 19E of the election petition questioning the choice of a person. 19th. Provisions in case of payment of excessively low legal fees for probate cases, etc. (iii) Written declaration not mentioned in article 2-A of Annex I, nor declaration containing a counterclaim, set-off or prayer other than a prayer for payments or in connection with the costs of the action. 11. Proceedings in profit shares or monetary accounts, if the specified amount due exceeds the amount claimed (a) If the claim of the order is made in a case where the value for the purposes of the jurisdiction does not exceed five thousand rupees. Or to determine in court the amount of compensation a landlord must pay to their tenant. (a) the fees due for the service and conduct of the proceedings instituted by that court within its jurisdiction of appeal and by the civil and criminal courts established within the territorial limits of that court; On one lakh rupee, the fee is payable in accordance with clause (e) and on the remaining five percent. Action or memorial of appeal in an application for possession under Act No. XVI of 1838 or Mamlatdar`s Court Act 1876.

(c) to take account of the difference between them as in the case of tainted stamps or to reimburse them in cash at its own discretion after deduction [ten naye paise] for each rupee or fraction thereof. (b) a former owner or tenant. – by doubling these rents in the case of land ownership actions between competing tenants and by annual rents in the case of actions brought by tenants against intruders; 19,000 Sections 6 and 28 do not apply to estates or administrative letters [(2) Under section 226 or section 227 of the Constitution or through a special appeal against a judgment or order, including a judgment or order made in response to an application made before the entry into force of the Court Fees (Uttar Pradesh Amendment) Act 1970, was adopted by a single judge of the High Court. 3. Collection of fees from the High Court Division on its original pages (iv) «Action» includes a first or second appeal against an Order in Council in a trial as well as an appeal by letters patent. (ii) The court fees payable for an application or request for adjournment of the oral proceedings of a case are twice the court fees payable for an ordinary application or a claim under clause (b), clause (c), clause (d) or subsection (f) of clause (e). (v) Prosecutions in trials heard by Village Munsifs in the Presidency of Fort St. George. (1) if the applicant or his successor in title was a party to the decree or document according to the value of the object, and (a) to remove the stamp on the succession or letters, if the stamp has not already been removed;. Provided that the fee payable in the event of an application under section 376 of the Act is calculated as follows: (b) If such amount or value exceeds ten thousand rupees but not fifty thousand rupees. reimbursement when the amount ordered is less than the amount claimed, which is twenty times higher than the annual average of these net profits; however, if this has not resulted in such net gains, the market value determined by multiplying by twenty the average annual net profit of a similar piece of land for the three years immediately preceding the date of submission of the application; Or if it is subject to a civil court other than a main civil court of the jurisdiction of origin;. (Provide the estimated value to the best judgment of the executor or administrator).

Release on bail or any other instrument of obligation provided for by an order of a court or judge under any article of the [Code of Criminal Procedure of 1898] or the Code of Civil Procedure of 1908 and not otherwise in this case. (ii) amend or cancel the entry in a register of the names of holders of income rebates; (6) the fees relating to documents filed before the courts of Mufassil or in public administrations, (i) referred to in points (a) and (b), the property affected by the appeal sought and, in the case of immovable property of the plaintiff and the defendant, the property of the plaintiff concerned; [Mukhtarnama, Vakalatnama or any document signed by [a lawyer, lawyer or litigant] that indicates or implies that he is appointed by a party]. The same fee that would be levied in the case of a notice of appeal under the article. (vii) Any other action not provided for in this Act. (b) A Commissioner of Revenue, Circuit or Customs, or an official who is responsible for the executive administration of a ministry and who is not the Chief Revenue Officer or Executive Authority. Certificate under the Bombay Code Ordinance, No. VIII of the Memorandum of Appeal of 1827, if the appeal does not arise from a decree or order having the force of a decree and is presented. Amount of debts due and due by the deceased, which must be paid by law from the estate. (xxiii) Petitions addressed to the Special Commissioner appointed under the Bengali Act No. II of 1869 (to identify, regulate and register certain warrants in Chota Nagpur). (i) a request under section 14 or section 20 of the Arbitration Act 1940 or an application to set aside an arbitral award under that Act. 15.

Refund if the court rescinds or modifies its previous decision due to error 14. Refund of the fee on application for review of the judgment or if it is submitted to a civil, criminal or financial court or to a tax collector or agent who is equal to or subordinate to a tax collector or judge in his executive capacity and nothing else is provided for in this Act;. When such a judgment or order is made by a high court. Life insurance policy, money for mortgages and other securities, such as bonds, mortgages, notes, banknotes and other securities for money. (a) To a civil court other than a high court or tax court or to an officer who is not a commissioner of the division or head of revenue control or executive authority. (d) the posting in each court of a table in English and colloquial language indicating the fees due for the service and conduct of the proceedings. A copy of a power of attorney when filed as part of a lawsuit or proceeding. (II) in the case of a building or garden, (i) to the regional transportation authority or its president or secretary. (viii) the succession of a will, an administrative letter and, except in respect of debts and guarantees, a certificate under Bombay Regulation VIII of 1827, if the amount or value of the property for which the estate or letters or certificate are to be granted does not exceed one thousand rupees.