Definition of a King Post

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Women are more likely to recover earlier from childbirth and are less likely to suffer from postpartum depression. Pont-y-Cafnau, the world`s first iron railway bridge, is of the Königspfosten type. Royal posts were used in the construction of half-timbered roofs in Roman buildings,[6] and in medieval architecture in buildings such as parish churches and tithe barns. The oldest roof farm in the world is a royal post frame in St. Catherine`s Monastery in Egypt,[7] which was built between 548 and 565. [8] Architectural historians of the French colonial cities of St. Louis, Missouri and New Orleans, Louisiana, use the term «Norman roof» to refer to a steeply sloping roof; it is supported by what they call a «Norman crossing» that resembles a king`s post binder. It is a continuous pourlin beam consisting of a connecting beam and paired lattice sheets, with a central king post to support the roof ridge. The name derives from the belief that this building system was introduced by settlers from Normandy in northern France North America, but this is really an abuse of language as the system was more widespread. [9] The difference between a Norman beam and a royal post beam is that the connecting beam in a Norman beam is technically a collar beam (a beam between the rafters above the chevron legs) in which the king`s post beam lays the rafters on an anchor beam. In the traditional half-timbered structure, a crown post resembles a royal post, but is structurally very different: while the king post is in tension and usually carries the connecting beam like a farm beam, the crown post is supported by the connecting beam and is in compression. The crown post rises to a crown slab immediately below and supports collared beams, it does not rise to the top like a royal post. Historically, a crown pole in England was called the royal post, but this usage is obsolete.

[4] A painting by Karl Blechen circa 1833 depicting the construction of the second Devil`s Bridge in the Schöllenen Gorge shows several royal posts hanging from the top of the spout on which the masonry arch was laid. In this example, the compression beams are supported by each king post several feet below the tip, and the underside of the royal posts can clearly be considered unsupported. Royal posts also appear in Gothic Revival architecture, Queen Anne style architecture, and sometimes in modern construction. King post trusses are also used as a structural element in wooden and metal bridges. If Mac had been alone, he would have made the post at sunset, because the mounted police were riding selected horses, the best money you could buy. Her fame after the crown, however, only raises the question: why hasn`t there been another Jewish Miss America since 1945? In aircraft construction, a strut called the king`s pole acts in compression, similar to an architectural crown pole. The use in mechanical and marine technology differs again, as mentioned below. King poles are also used in the construction of some aircraft with metal spacers,[10] where a king pole carries the upper cables or «grounding wires» that support the wing. It is only on the ground that these wires of the king`s pole are in tension, while in the air they are discharged under positive g-flight. I waited another three months, with great impatience, and then sent him back to the same post to see if there could be an answer. On a cargo ship or oil tanker, a royal post is a post to which handling or refuelling facilities are attached.

On a freighter, the royal poles are designed for the handling of goods and are therefore located before or after the end of a hatch. For an oil tanker, they are located above the fuel transport lines. [11] The Webster Dictionary was developed by Noah Webster in the early 19th century. On this site you will find a definition of the Royal Mail from the 1913 edition of Webster`s Revised Unabridged Dictionary. Define Königspost with one of the most comprehensive free online dictionaries on the Internet. The very sturdy hinge, which connects the boom to the chassis of an excavator and resembles a large automotive pivot in function and appearance, is called the king pole. Who among Scalise`s voters could care if he supported the appointment of a post office for a black judge who died in 1988? An alternative lattice construction uses two queen poles. These vertical poles, positioned along the base of the farm, are supported by the inclined sides of the farm instead of reaching its top. One development adds a collar beam above the queen`s posts, which are later called the queen`s s struts. A section of the connecting beam between the queen`s posts can be removed to create a hammer beam roof. A king post extends vertically from a transverse beam (the anchor beam) to the top of a triangular beam. [1] The royal post, even in tension, connects the tip of the beam to its base and holds the connecting beam (also in tension) at the base of the beam.

The pole can be replaced by an iron bar, called a king`s rod (or king`s bolt) and thus a king`s rod binder. [2] The king`s post school bag is also called the «Latin half-timbered structure.» [3] «Königspost.» Dictionary, Merriam-Webster, Retrieved 11 October 2022. A king post (or king post or king post) is a central vertical post used in architectural or bridge designs that works in tension to support a beam at the bottom of a farm point above (while a crown post, although visually similar, carries objects above the beam below). The royal post farm is used for simple roof trusses and short-range bridges. This is the simplest form of the farm, as it consists of at least farm stems (individual lengths of wood or metal). The beam consists of two diagonal links that meet at the top of the beam, a horizontal beam that serves to connect the lower end of the diagonals and the royal post that connects the top to the horizontal beam below. For a roof truss, the diagonal rods are called rafters, and the horizontal element can serve as ceiling beams.

A bridge would require two king-post filing cabinets with the drive surface in between. A roof usually uses many adjacent trusses, depending on the size of the structure. [5].