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it does not seem that Dell gives its customers a Sh*t, at first I do not see a response to a comment below from Dell, I bought a desktop computer, from Costco $ 1800, after 13 months I had a problem with the computer called technical support, they try to fix it via the phone and said that my PC had given the warranty. I agreed to pay $59 for the diagnostics and you have to send them to them. They got and the problem was that I need an LCD screen for $176, no problem, paid that they never called me to update me, I had to call them well again and again, they said your computer is ready to be Shipe and provided me with the truck # never had the computer after calling FedEx and Dell, I discovered that the computer was sending back and forth to a farmer in the tax bill with some managers from dell, Where is my computer??!! Everything I got from them, I`m sorry we were working to get your computer back, losing my computer Dell took my computer hostage, DELL took my company hostage and Dell held my computer hostage for 30 days by confiscating or losing my computer. I have already complained to consumer protection and to BBB. No compensation was offered to me or appeal from Dell Corporate in the United States. Stay away from Dell, avoid Dell products. We had a bit of a hard time finding information about the company on the company page of Dell`s website, but we ended up finding Dell`s headquarters contact information on the contact page. You can contact the company by phone, fax and mail. There is also a media contact for email communication, but this contact is not delivered directly to the head office or customer service. Jeff has been Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of Dell since 1987. He graduated from the University of Texas with a degree in Electrical Engineering.

He is a visionary and has played a key role in Dell`s development as a conglomerate since Dell`s IPO in 1988. Michael S. Dell is the company`s current President and Chief Executive Officer. Please register their e-mail address: [email protected]. Please do not use your simple or customer service related requests to him. Please contact them when you have tried all the ways to resolve your request. Dell is a computer technology founded in 1984 by Michael Dell. For the first few days, Dell had its headquarters in Michael Dell`s dormitory. After its listing on the stock exchange in 1988, it was transferred to its current headquarters. The current address is given above.

Michael is the founder of Dell Corporation. He started building PCs when he was in college. He dropped out of university to develop Dell into an international conglomerate. He has been CEO of Dell since its inception. He is an independent contractor. Over the years, he founded many dell subsidiaries. You can contact Dell digitally via email to resolve your issues and questions. You can send an email to the following email address. This email ID is active 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and you can send it your requests. Dell`s investor relations mailing address is One Dell Way, Round Rock, TX 78682.

If you would like to contact Investor Relations by phone, please call +1 512 728 7800 or email [email protected]. For more information about Dell Technologies, please visit the official website. You can contact Dell Global Public Relations or the median contact by email at [email protected]. If you are looking for the number for contact sales inquiries, you can call 1-866-438-3622. The dell technologies Sales Inquiries email address is [email protected]. Dell is a technology giant specializing in PC manufacturing. You may want to visit the headquarters of this corporate giant for many reasons, including a new intern or apprentice at headquarters, an internal meeting or business proposal from potential investors, government auditors, new employees, meetings of internal managers, etc. There are many ways to get to Dell`s head office. Some of the most important methods are mentioned below. Dell does not offer individual brands manufactured or controlled by the company, but they do offer several brands on the site. You can buy Samsung, Adobe, Canon, Logitech, Netgear, Samsung, Sharp and Skullcandy – brands among others. If you would like to send your request or package or request an autograph from the board members, you can reach them at the address below We are an independent directory of contact information that allows consumers to quickly and efficiently find the appropriate contact information and discuss their own complaint experiences with other Internet users.