Destroy the Force or Legal Effects

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Some card effects may cause destroyed cards to be moved to a location other than the cemetery. For example, «Grave Protector» causes all monsters destroyed by combat to be mixed in the deck instead of being sent to the graveyard. Cards that are already in the cemetery and forbidden cards cannot be destroyed. Usually, only cards on the field or monsters whose invocation is canceled are destroyed, but card effects that use the term «destroy» can destroy the cards in the hand, the main deck, and the additional deck. Cards may not be destroyed in the main deck unless a card expressly permits and indicates it, e.g. «distribution chain»; If «The Fabled Unicore» destroys the activation of the effect of a card in the main deck, it will not be destroyed. I am talking about Eu but the Yuuzhong Vong was able to experience the Force and the Exile of Kotor 2 was separated by the Force A Card which is destroyed when sent to the cemetery due to the fight between monsters or by an effect that destroys a card. A card returned from the field to the hand or game, or sent to the cemetery as a cost or tribute, is NOT considered «destroyed». When a card like Macro Cosmos is active, cards that would be sent to the cemetery (including destruction) are prohibited instead. If a card like Dark Magician of Chaos were to leave the field (even destroying it), it would be banned instead. It is an energy that holds the galaxy together. Even if you could destroy it, I don`t think you wanted it.

With regard to wills, contracts and other documents, the term destruction does not mean the destruction of the instrument or its dissolution into other forms of matter, but a destruction of its legal effectiveness, which can be done by deletion, extinction, tearing into fragments, etc. NOTE: Only the first two meet the trigger condition of the widely used «destroyed by battle or map effect». Not all cards that send maps from the field to the cemetery destroy them; Cards like «Dark End Dragon»,» «Ninjitsu Art of Super-Transformation» and «Number 50: Blackship of Corn» send maps from the field to the cemetery, but they do not destroy the cards because they do not contain the word «destroy» in the text; Therefore, these effects cannot be undone by effects such as «Stardust Dragon». That. You cannot destroy power more than you can destroy gravity. In Kotor 2, Kreia wanted power to be destroyed because it controls everyone`s will and triggers an endless cycle of war. It may not be a force for good, people may think and maybe they are right The cost and difficulty of removing power is great and almost all 8n life of the galaxy will be destroyed. Pendulum monsters destroyed by the field are not sent to the cemetery by their own mechanic. It`s a bit like getting rid of your dishes because it`s the fault of the kitchens you can`t clean. No. It should be noted that the general atmosphere around exile, which is separated from power, is depressing.

I remember that many people initially thought that exile was amnesiac and were simply more aware of it than Revan. The tone is dark. As used in insurance policies, leases and maritime law, as well as in various laws, this term is often applied to an act that renders the subject useless for the intended purpose, although it does not destroy it or destroy it literally. In general, to ruin completely; may include a contribution. Ruin the structure, organic existence or state of a thing; for demolition; injure or mutilate that goes beyond the possibility of use; to be invalidated. It is what is done with the power of human beings that creates evil. The removal of power itself will not put an end to evil. Destroy (Japanese: 破 (は) 壊 (かい) Hakai) is an action that sends a map of its current location to the cemetery. The wave can only be free if it realizes that it is part of the ocean. The exile and some of the stories of the character that accompanies it revolve around connecting with power, healing, recovering, strengthening, whether they use it for good or for evil. Force acts specifically as an agent, bringing out its messiahs to stir up the. And millions of people die in a process of senseless struggle with themselves for abstract balance.

It`s like a volcano on an island – it only erupts everywhere from time to time – wouldn`t you make an effort to stop it if you had the opportunity?.