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Consolidate your eDiscovery services and support under one roof to manage process costs while storing all case data in a secure, hosted environment. Advanced technology powered by legal management software and your dedicated support team enables faster processing, more accurate results, and lower process costs. Questel is a true provider of end-to-end INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY solutions with more than 1,500 employees providing software and services to 20,000 customers and 1.5 million users in more than 30 countries. Questel`s combined capabilities provide a comprehensive set of software and services that includes end-to-end management of all intellectual property assets and the provision of ELM, eDiscovery and business translation solutions to experts. Visit to learn more. doeLEGAL was founded in 1971 as DOE Technologies with the aim of providing regional companies with the most advanced business and office equipment. The company thrived and as technological advancements began to revolutionize the office environment, the DOE also evolved by offering computer technology for one of the fastest growing segments: legal services. Helping lawyers increase their efficiency and performance led to the creation of doeLEGAL, Inc. Questel is one of the world`s leading IP solutions throughout the innovation lifecycle and provides true end-to-end IP solutions worldwide. The acquisition of doeLEGAL is an integral part of the strategy to build an efficient and cost-effective range of end-to-end IP services. Thanks to Questel`s service offering, doeLEGAL`s friendly, experienced and competent experts continue to meet our clients` requirements in corporate legal management (e-invoicing, business management and legal custody) and eDiscovery service solutions. With nearly 50 years of experience, this combination ensures your legal team secure access to the most advanced data management technology.

This combination of decades of innovative legal solutions, end-to-end IP innovation, and deep knowledge of legal transactions uniquely qualifies Questel to provide you with a broader view of your business, allowing you to offer your business partners an increased perspective through a comprehensive set of tools and expert advice to manage all your data in real time. Questel announces the acquisition of doeLEGAL, an eDiscovery-based eDiscovery corporate legal management and legal technology company with 50 years of experience. doeLEGAL`s mission is to give clients control over their cases and costs in order to make more informed decisions. Questel LegalTech Solutions optimizes legal operations across the entire enterprise system. doeLEGAL is a provider of legal operations tools and increased support at the company level, giving legal departments and law firms control of cases and costs anytime and anywhere to influence decision-making and achieve more successful results. As a business partner, doeLEGAL offers its clients valuable information that reduces legal costs and increases legal performance by up to 65%. Questel has developed a true integrated end-to-end software and services platform that covers all intellectual property requirements and already covers more general legal requirements such as invoice and cost management, which are very synergistic with ELM solutions. Contact us to find out how Ascent eDiscovery`s suite of end-to-end legal technologies and services, as well as foreign language solutions, can handle your ongoing or ongoing litigation. About doeLEGAL doeLEGAL, a Questel company, is the provider of enterprise-level legal technology solutions and increased support, giving legal departments and law firms control of cases and costs anytime, anywhere, to make decisions and achieve more successful results. As a business partner, doeLEGAL offers its clients valuable information that reduces legal fees by up to 50% and increases legal performance by up to 65%. As part of the growing portfolio of Questel companies, doeLEGAL differentiates itself as a leading provider of global legal technology solutions by providing «smart data, smart delivered».

Visit for more information about advanced enterprise legal management and eDiscovery services and technologies. A corporate legal management system automates your business and legal invoice processing with Ascent ELM. Use the calculator to create a custom report that shows your potential savings and provides valuable insights for your business legal management system business case. LegalTech enterprise legal management and eDiscovery solutions increase legal performance and reduce costs Questel leverages Morningside`s global presence with leading legal departments and law firms, as well as doeLEGAL`s expertise in eDiscovery technology services. Building on Questel`s demands for courtesy, honesty and courage, doeLEGAL and Morningside`s experience as a leading technology service provider is dedicated to the continued success of our customers. «Morningside`s expertise in translation, document review and interpretation complements doeLEGAL`s advanced legal technology offerings. Together, we demonstrate the differentiated value questel offers as an Ascent eDiscovery and will provide the full suite of eDiscovery features™ and services customers need to successfully plan their process strategy,» said Samuel Wu, Morningside General Manager, Questel Language Solutions. About Morningside Morningside, a Questel company, provides the world`s largest companies with a full range of end-to-end solutions for legal translation, document review, transcription, multimedia and interpretation. Morningside is recognized worldwide for its legal expertise and technological innovation in areas such as cross-border and patent litigation, international arbitration, M&A due diligence, FCPA compliance and multilingual eDiscovery.

Our convenient foreign language services cover more than 150 languages and ensure that your most urgent projects are reliably delivered on time and on budget. The 500 legal departments of the world and 97% of the Am Law 200 law firms trust Morningside as a trusted partner for their most important questions. Visit for more information on our end-to-end legal translation and interpretation solutions. This is the next logical step for Questel, which is further enhancing its global legal technology offering for enterprise legal management and eDiscovery solutions. «Leveraging the extensive experience and knowledge of Questel`s portfolio companies is a natural next step in integrating our associated capabilities and delivering a more comprehensive eDiscovery service offering,» said Bruce Kuennen, President and CEO of doeLEGAL. With decades of proven client success, the collaboration between doeLEGAL and Morningside allows law firms and corporate legal departments to consolidate their services with a legal services provider. «Questel and doeLEGAL share the same software DNA and decades of proven best practices that ensure IP and legal teams have secure access to the most advanced data management technology,» said Tom Russo, CEO of doeLEGAL. NEW YORK, NY (October 7, 2021) – DOELEGAL, a leading provider of legal management and eDiscovery solutions for enterprises, and Morningside, a leading provider of legal language solutions for translation, document review and interpretation services, would like to announce that they are combining their strengths and capabilities under the umbrella of their parent company Questel. The joint efforts will enable Ascent eDiscovery to support end-to-end process tasks along the EDRM spectrum and serve as an all-in-one turnkey solution for eDiscovery requirements™. By leveraging the strengths of the three companies, new features such as active learning and foreign language solutions are expected to meet the changing demands of a more technology-driven process. Minimize the size of upload files and turnaround times in data processing with knowledgeable experts.

Learn how intelligently deployed intelligent data can help you make the right decisions. Marks Baughan Securities LLC acted as exclusive financial advisor to doeLEGAL in connection with this transaction. Reduce review efforts with automated tools to identify the most relevant content. Legal analysis in the data age is complex. Different data and manual processes make it difficult to provide timely information. You need intelligent data: available, actionable, relevant and secure. And it needs to be delivered intelligently when and where your team needs it. The leading enterprise legal management solution to simplify your e-invoicing and business management while providing business information when and where you need it.