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This will drive some people crazy, but T-Mobile customers with an existing two-year contract won`t be eligible until their two-year contract expires. T-Mobile also says they will keep some of the contract prices in some stores. T-Mobile shook the wireless carrier industry when it promised to move to a «contract-free» system for customers. But now, workers` and consumer advocacy group Change to Win has accused T-Mobile of tying customers to another type of two-year contract — and charging high fees to people who switch carriers before that two-year window expires. In this issue of Ask Maggie, I answer exactly that question. A reader wants to know if they should abandon Verizon`s wireless service for T-Mobile. While some people seem reluctant to think that wireless consumers will have to «pay» for their smartphones under these new T-Mobile plans, I`m going to do the math to explain why even buying a high-priced device on T-Mobile is still a better deal than a two-year contract subsidized by Verizon. If you agree, you inform us that you are of legal age (meaning that you are legally emancipated or have reached the age of majority as defined in your jurisdiction) and that you are able to enter into a contract. If you agree for an organization, you notify us that you are authorized to bind that organization, and references to «you» in these Terms may mean the organization. There are no two-year contracts, but there is a trap. Your smartphone that cost you $200? It actually costs a lot more than that, but you paid $200 for it in exchange for a two-year deal with Verizon or AT&T or Sprint or the company you`re with.

So how can T-Mobile continue to offer cheap phones when there are no longer two-year contracts? T-Mobile doesn`t make any contracts unless you get a phone, but it`s different. So you can leave at any time if the service is not good for you 🙂 Verizon A brand new 16GB iPhone 5 on Verizon costs $200 if you agree to a two-year contract. The 2GB service costs $100 per month. This means that over two years, which is the standard contract term, the total cost of ownership for Verizon is $2,600. I want to switch to Magenta Plus, but I wanted to know if there was a contract I had signed. Do I have to wait two years before I can change businesses or pay a fee? For all this, the operator lowers the price on the phone. Take the iPhone: you pay $199, but it really costs around $649 without a contract. But remember, if you buy this phone cheaper, agree to use this carrier for the next two years and pay them for the service every month. With most airlines in the U.S.

Verizon, AT&T, Sprint – You can buy a smartphone like the iPhone 5 for $199, but to get that price, you`ll need to sign a two-year contract. This means that you promise to pay this carrier for cellular service every month for the next two years of your life. This cellular service includes everything from text messages to the data you use to surf the web and voice minutes. Class Action Waiver. YOU AND WE AGREE THAT ANY PROCEEDING, WHETHER BEFORE ARBITRATION OR TRIBUNAL, WILL ONLY BE CONDUCTED ON AN INDIVIDUAL BASIS AND NOT AS A CLASS, REPRESENTATIVE, CLASS OR CONSOLIDATED ACTION. If we believe that a claim you have filed in arbitration or in court is inconsistent with this limitation, you agree that we may seek a court order to determine whether your claim falls within the scope of that class action waiver. If a court or arbitrator in a suit between you and us determines that any part of that class action waiver is unenforceable with respect to a claim, the arbitration agreement and class action waiver will not apply to that claim, but they will continue to apply to any other claim that you or we may bring in that action or any other action. If you unsubscribe from the arbitration clause as set forth above, this class action waiver provision will not apply to you. Neither you nor any other customer may participate in any group representative, group member or otherwise in any course, consolidated or representative process without meeting the above unsubscribe requirements. You see that T-Mobile offers the best deal, especially for those individual contracts.

But there`s another fee to consider on this monthly bill, and that`s the price of the phone. I own my whole phone with T Mobile. They paid for two of my phones as part of the action. Is there a time limit I have to stay with them? In other words, how long is my contract? I do not remember any two-year term. *Denial. Except for a written warranty that may be provided with a T-Mobile device that you purchase from us, and to the extent permitted by law, the Services and Devices are provided on an «as is» and «with all defects» and without warranty of any kind. We make no representations or warranties, express or implied, including implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose, including for security or authentication purposes, with respect to your Service or Device. Although T-Mobile strives to protect customer accounts, T-Mobile does not guarantee security. You assume responsibility when you use your Service as a means of security or authentication for other accounts. Further information can be found in our privacy policy under

We cannot and do not promise uninterrupted or error-free service and do not allow anyone to make warranties on our behalf. This does not deprive you of any warranty rights you may have against other people. We do not guarantee that your communications will be private or secure; It is illegal for unauthorized persons to intercept your communications, but such eavesdropping can occur. If you still owe money on your smartphone with another carrier, you can get the new offer by upgrading to T-Mobile`s Essentials plan. The service costs $60 per month, with discounts applied when you add additional lines. Plus, you don`t have to sign an annual contract. *Limitation. To the extent permitted by law, you and we agree to limit claims for damages or other financial remedies against each other to direct and actual damages, regardless of the theory of liability. This means that neither of us will claim indirect, special, consequential, triple or punitive damages from the other.

Such prohibited damages include, but are not limited to, damages resulting from unauthorized access to or modification of your account, service or device or the use of your account, service or device by you or others to authenticate, access, use or modify third party accounts, including financial, cryptocurrency or social media accounts. This limitation and waiver also applies to any claim you may have against another party to the extent that we would be required to indemnify that party for such claim. You agree that we will not be liable for any problems caused by you or any third party, by any act or by criminal activity of persons not associated with T-Mobile. You also agree that we will not be responsible for missed or deleted voice messages or other messages, information (such as pictures) lost or deleted while working on your device, or errors or delays in connecting a call or SMS to 911 or any other emergency service. To the extent permitted by law, you and we also agree that all claims must be made within 2 years from the date the claim arises. What you need to know: If you purchase a device payout plan, you`ll sign another contract and may not be able to leave T-Mobile sooner without paying a penalty.