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PURPOSE:Maintenance and management of the commercial relationship and advertising referral
LEGITIMATION:Consent of the interested party and contracting of services
RECIPIENTS:Other group companies GIN-MAGURO HOSTELEROS SL and treatment managers outside the EU, under the Privacy Shield.
RIGHTS:Access, rectify and delete data, data portability, limitation or opposition to its processing, right not to be subject to automated decisions, as well as to obtain clear and transparent information about the processing of your data.
ADDITIONAL INFORMATION:You can consult the privacy policy in more detail here.

Website Terms of Use

  1. General information about the owner of the Website: The company that owns the domain and the website as well as of all the subdomains and directories included in it (hereinafter, jointly referred to as the “Web” or the “Website”) is the commercial GIN-MAGURO HOSTELEROS SL, with registered office at San Pedro Alcántara, (Málaga), with C.I.F.: B29723780 and is duly registered in the Mercantile Registry of to Volume / Book: , Invoice: Sheet: , Inscription: . Onwards, GIN-MAGURO HOSTELEROS SL.

    You can contact us for anything related to these terms in the email address:

    You can also contact us on the Phone: +34 664 319 700 or at the email address

  2. Use of the Website:

    1. Access and responsible use: The access and subsequent use of the Web is free and free, notwithstanding being subject to the provisions of these terms of use. If you access the Website, you are declaring to be of legal age and have sufficient legal capacity to be bound by these terms, and that you do so under your sole and exclusive responsibility. If you do not agree with the content of these terms of use, you must leave the Website, not being able to enjoy the services and / or content that it offers. It is obliged at all times to make proper use of the resources made available on the Website, in accordance with the provisions of these terms, morality, public order, good customs and current law, without harming or damaging to the owners of the Website or to any third party, and therefore undertakes not to use such resources to engage in illegal, illegal activities, contrary to good faith or public order; cause damage to the physical and logical systems of GIN-MAGURO HOSTELEROS SL, from its suppliers or third parties, introducing or spreading computer viruses or any other physical or logical systems that are likely to cause the aforementioned damages. Some of the pages of the Website may allow you to participate by making comments or generating content. In such a case, it is absolutely forbidden to disseminate content or propaganda of an illicit, racist, xenophobic nature, of apology of terrorism, attempt against human rights, or that incite hatred, violate the dignity of the person, of an injurious or slanderous nature or against order or public safety. GIN-MAGURO HOSTELEROS SL reserves the right to withdraw all comments and / or contents, which do not comply with the foregoing or that, in their opinion, are not suitable for publication on the Website.

      In any case, GIN-MAGURO HOSTELEROS SL will not be responsible for the opinions expressed by users through forums, chats, blog or other participation tools that may be created, except as expressly provided by the applicable regulations.

      In the event that the user provides personal data, they must be accurate, complete, truthful, updated and will be processed and treated in compliance with current legislation on the protection of personal data. GIN-MAGURO HOSTELEROS SL reserves the right to decline any registration request of any user, in the event that such data breaches such requirements.

    2. Contents: Through the corporate website of GIN-MAGURO HOSTELEROS SL, we provide you with information about our company, the services we provide, as well as that which we understand may be relevant or of interest and / or related to those services.

    3. Contact: If you wish, you can contact us through the “CONTACT” tab of the start menu of the website, to answer your questions regarding our services, providing us with the information requested in the form provided for that purpose and once there is read and, if satisfied, accepted the privacy policy. You, as a user, are solely and exclusively responsible for the data you provide to GIN-MAGURO HOSTELEROS SL are updated, complete and of course accurate and truthful. GIN-MAGURO HOSTELEROS SL In no case will you be responsible for the breach of such requirements in the data you provide us.

  3. Responsibility:

    1. Operation of the Web: GIN-MAGURO HOSTELEROS SL  cannot guarantee that there will be no interruptions or errors in accessing the Website. However, there is a firm commitment, as soon as I have knowledge of such incidents, to carry out all actions aimed at its restoration or repair, except for the concurrence of causes beyond the control of GIN-MAGURO HOSTELEROS SL  that makes it impossible or hinders its execution.

    2. Third-party content and viruses: GIN-MAGURO HOSTELEROS SL  does not assume any responsibility for the contents, opinions, information of third parties and / or services linked from the Web outside of it, nor does it guarantee the absence of viruses or other elements in such contents that may cause alterations in the physical systems (hardware ) and logical (Software) of the user, or to the documents or files stored in his system, as a result of the presence of virus in the user’s computer that is used for the connection to the services and contents of the Website or the use of versions not updated of a browser or a malfunction of it.

  4. Intellectual and Industrial Property:

    1. Website Contents: All the elements and / or contents that appear published on the Website have been created by GIN-MAGURO HOSTELEROS SL or it has a license or authorization for its use, which has meant an intellectual and / or economic effort assumed entirely by GIN-MAGURO HOSTELEROS SL . Therefore, all those elements and / or contents, such as images, audio, video, software or texts; brands or logos, color combinations, structure and design, applications necessary for its operation, access and use, etc., and the rights that can be held on them, are the exclusive property of GIN-MAGURO HOSTELEROS SL , being expressly prohibited the reproduction, distribution, public communication – including its method of making available – and the transformation, of all or part of the contents of the Website, in any medium and by any technical means, without the prior express written authorization of GIN-MAGURO HOSTELEROS SL . Otherwise, those exclusive intellectual or industrial property rights that correspond to GIN-MAGURO HOSTELEROS SL  will be violated. Therefore, the user undertakes to respect such rights, refraining from suppressing, altering, evading or manipulating any protection device or security system that was installed on the pages of GIN-MAGURO HOSTELEROS SL .

    2. User generated content: With the acceptance of these terms of use, the user grants to GIN-MAGURO HOSTELEROS SL  such a broad license, as required by law, for the publication of the contributions made in the different participation services established on the Website or established. It is absolutely forbidden for the user to upload to the Website, share or make any other use of legally protected content without being duly and legally legitimized for it, both by legislation related to intellectual property or industrial property (trademarks, patents, utility models, industrial designs). GIN-MAGURO HOSTELEROS SL  offers the possibility of denouncing any kind of violation of rights by any user or third party by the introduction of a certain content on the Website, communicating said circumstance to GIN-MAGURO HOSTELEROS SL , by email to the address

  5. Links Policy:

    1. Links from other websites: Those who intend to link or link from a web page of another Internet portal to any of the web pages of GIN-MAGURO HOSTELEROS SL  The following conditions must be submitted:
      • It is not allowed, the total or partial reproduction of any of the services or contents of the website, nor the establishment of deep-links, or IMG or image links, or frames with the website of GIN-MAGURO HOSTELEROS SL  without your prior express written authorization.
      • No false, inaccurate or incorrect statement will be made on the GIN-MAGURO HOSTELEROS SL  website, nor about the services or contents thereof. Except for those signs that are part of the link, the website on which it is established will not contain any brand, commercial name, establishment label, denomination, logo, slogan or other distinctive signs belonging to GIN-MAGURO HOSTELEROS SL , unless expressly authorized by it.
      • The establishment of the link will not imply the existence of any relationship between GIN-MAGURO HOSTELEROS SL  and the owner of the website or portal from which it is made, nor the knowledge and acceptance of GIN-MAGURO HOSTELEROS SL  of the services and content offered on this website or portal.
      • GIN-MAGURO HOSTELEROS SL  will not be responsible for the contents or services made available to the public on the website or portal from which the hyperlink is made, nor for the information and statements included therein.
    2. Links to other websites: The GIN-MAGURO HOSTELEROS SL  website can make available to the user links to other websites managed and controlled by third parties, with the exclusive function of making it easier for users to search for information, content and services on the Internet, without in any case considering a suggestion, recommendation or invitation to visit them. GIN-MAGURO HOSTELEROS SL  does not market, direct, or control, or own the contents, services, information and statements available on these websites. GIN-MAGURO HOSTELEROS SL  does not assume any responsibility, even indirectly or in a subsidiary manner, for the contents, information, communications, opinions or services linked from those websites not managed by GIN-MAGURO HOSTELEROS SL  and that are accessible through the Web, nor does it guarantee the absence of viruses or other elements in them that may cause alterations in the computer system (hardware and software), in the user’s documents or files, excluding any responsibility for damages of any kind caused to the user for this reason

  6. Breach. Right of Exclusion: Any breach of these terms of use will be subject to prosecution, as well as any improper use of the Web, being able to GIN-MAGURO HOSTELEROS SL  exercise as many legal actions as may be in defense of their legitimate interests. GIN-MAGURO HOSTELEROS SL  reserves the right to deny or withdraw access to the Website, without prior notice, at its own request or from a third party, to those users who violate these terms of use.

  7. Modification of these terms: GIN-MAGURO HOSTELEROS SL  may modify at any time the terms here determined, being duly published as they appear here. The validity of the aforementioned terms of use will be based on their exposure and will be valid until they are modified by others duly published.

  8. Applicable law and jurisdiction: These terms of use and privacy policy will be governed by Spanish law. In the event of a dispute or controversy related to the application or interpretation of such terms and policies, the parties will submit to the Courts and Tribunals that are competent in accordance with current legislation.