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The judge also «erred in law in ruling that the applicant`s lawyer was prohibited from asking questions or providing evidence» about his co-defendant`s alleged belated confession Osman. In suspending Carmody`s orders in a commercial contract dispute, Appellate Justice John Muir noted that there was «a rather contentious case» in which Carmody denied natural justice and erred in law by failing to adequately justify his decision. Also at the hearing, George Carter-Stephenson QC, on behalf of Ibrahim, who allegedly was the conspiracy leader, argued that the trial judge had «erred in law» in declaring Ibrahim`s «security» interviews – urgent or emergency interviews by police – admissible for reasons of public safety. «She [Smith] made a mistake in the law and made a wrong decision in response to the medical evidence,» he said. The official selection committee for the match is headed by a former Scotland international, John Jeffrey, but it is believed that he did not participate in the trial which concluded that Joubert had erred in law to ensure that there could be no allegation of bias, even if the only effect of the statement was: Scotland`s sense of injustice. On Wednesday, Jonathan Swift, the QC of the Attorney General, Master of the Rolls, Lord Dyson and two other judges, said the court had «erred in law» in this regard and that publishing the list of ministers involved in the correspondence and dates would undermine the veto. World Rugby`s official selection committee, after observing the incident from different angles and in slow motion, concluded that Joubert had erred in law. Many people know the word err of the encounter with him in the epigram «err is human; This phrase is found in Alexander Pope`s An Essay on Criticism from 1711. Earlier expressions of the same sentiment exist, as in Thomas Jones` 1678 book, Of the Heart, and its righteous sovereignty, which includes the line «to err is human, to recover, is angelic; Perseverance is diabolical. «It`s huge. It`s a fabulous decision that reflects common sense: it`s clearly unfair to have a criminal record for something that is no longer a crime. – Pauline Quirion, GBLS lawyer The term err is also often found on the side of caution to indicate that excessive caution is better than not being careful enough. As a terminologist, I take care of the choice of words.

Ludwig simply helps me choose the best words for each translation. Five stars! Err comes from the Latin word errare, which means «to wander, to wander,» and it retained this meaning when it first appeared in English. We find the same Latin ancestor at the root of the words error, unpredictable and false.