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But they are still banned for P plates, according to RMS`s website. Does anyone know why the 2012, 2013 and 2014 LW mk II models of the Ford Focus St are banned for drivers of P license plates? They have the same power-to-weight ratio as the new LZ models (below the maximum of 130 kW per tonne). There are 3 rules. Acceptable power-to-weight ratio, no engine mods and we can consider it illegal if we want to. Become a member of carsales and get the latest news, reviews and tips straight to your inbox. On this page, holders of a P1 or P2 probationary driving licence will find a number of frequently asked questions about prohibited vehicles. Alfa`s Giulietta QV (133 kW/tonne) is just missing, and if you`re a young driver who puts your heart into a Renault Megane RS 275 Trophy (155 kW/tonne), keep it up – there`s nothing to see here. A lot to offer, the Focus ST. Lots of speed, lots of space, a sensitive engine, a nice manual transmission and a playful chassis. We can`t help but think that the interior is a step backwards for safety and ease of use just because a designer dreamed of working for Tesla, but the result isn`t as shaky, horrible as the latest VW, Seat and Skoda hot hatches, which is a godsend. Nowadays, no sports car can have self-respect without a fashion button, and here it is mounted on the steering wheel.

Choices: «slippery/wet», «normal», «sport» and «track». This affects the usual things: gas map, ESP threshold, sound enhancement. Add the performance package and it will also unlock more lower bandwidth. Ford and Holden both announced two hot hatches outside the euro this week – and both are on the unrestricted list for P-plate drivers across the country. The ST is, if you use the medium green color (orange is no longer an option) rather discreet. It hardly differs from a normal one-liter Focus ST-Line. Optional 19-inch wheels help, as does lowered suspension. But really, the panels of the new Focus are too heavy for the street sucking posture and the tight goal we want in a hot hatch. Even closer to the threshold, without really going to the restricted side, the VXR power-to-weight ratio of the Astra is 129.88 kW per tonne. This is based on the rebranded Opel with 206 kW and a weight of 1586 kg. The touchscreen-obsessed interior is another Tesla imitator we didn`t need In addition to the fully digital watch faces behind the steering wheel, the climate buttons have all been thrown into the container and there`s a new widescreen on the dashboard that`s about twice as large as the previous mode.

This makes the Focus much more modern inside, which designers must be happy about, but designers never seem to bother to test cars in the real world. And it shows. In a world of turmoil, we don`t quite see the reversal of everything we hold dear. One of the great constants is hanging on. The Ford Hot Hatch. Fast, usable, fun. Maybe not as expensive as before. With a maximum power of 184 kW and a dead weight of 1425 kg, the Focus glides below the power-to-weight ratio threshold of 130 kW per tonne. You can use any combination of the following vehicle details to perform a search: That`s what I`ve always asked. I think that`s because it`s right on the threshold and when it was originally compiled, it was.

These are not just hot hatches in which car manufacturers dodge and circumvent legislation. In recent years, German prestige brands have expanded their respective offerings with vehicles whose official fuel consumption is less than 7.0 l / 100 km – in order to avoid the luxury car tax for vehicles whose price is more than 61,884 US dollars. Overall, the Focus ST remains a versatile car, but it`s no longer a flashy boon or the craziest car in its class, which may mean it`s struggling to stand out from a talented crowd. If you hold a provisional P1 or P2 driving licence and want to check if you are allowed to drive a specific vehicle, you can do so online. Fun when you need it, civilized when you don`t. Good performance and chassis balance But this hides a technical director who is tailor-made for the ST. Things like an electronically controlled limited-slip differential, not just the brake control of a sliding wheel (although it is). Adaptive damping is standard. The brake booster is powered by an electric pump and can therefore compensate for fainting when traveling on a track or mountain pass. The suspension is naturally lowered (-10mm) and stiffened. The steering is also faster.

Ford and Holden, of course, aren`t the only brands to offer cars of a certain specification to cater to their target buyers. Other vehicles in the VFACTS small car segment that float below the threshold are Volkswagen`s Golf GTi Performance Package (123.9 kW/tonne) and the Peugeot 308 GT petrol (126 kW/tonne). When the same base car as the Opel Astra OPC was sold here, its curb weight was 92 kg lower at 1494 kg. At the same peak power, the Opel`s power-to-weight ratio was 137.88 kW, making it out of reach of the P badges. Some of the extra weight in the Holden version is undoubtedly a consequence of a different specification – 20-inch alloy wheels than the 19-inch wheels of the OPC model, for example – but this raises an obvious question.