Harley Davidson Auspuff Klappensteuerung Legal

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Our flap exhaust systems for Harley-Davidson offer the rider the ability to switch between different sound management modes at the touch of a button, at any speed and in any gear. The system complies with the legislation in every way, so always legal. hello, is it possible, if so, how?, to install a fuel pump for Harley Davidson Sportster from the year 2011 in a tank of the URAL with compartment? And of course to install it on a Harley??? Moin Michael, it`s not quite right, it`s also about the exhaust systems of the flaps of the cars. The lawn mower and leaf blower fraction can still make noise undisturbed. So has the legislator laid a rotten egg in the nest with Euro 4 in terms of volume? No, not themselves, not the exhaust manufacturers, not those who are rightly unhappy with motorcycles that are too noisy because they have to suffer from noise pollution. «It`s annoying because some machines are screaming like hell. You take a break in a café in the Black Forest on a Sunday and you think you`re running on the Isle of Man,» says the man who likes to drive himself, but doesn`t want to make others lose their minds. «It`s just a misery when exhaust flaps and hollow bulbs meet.» Mario Müller, CTO of Jekill and Hyde, is no different. He says, «Volume is the last thing we want.

What we want to achieve with our systems is a deep, muffled, rich sound. And noise that is legal in all driving conditions. These loud noises and high frequencies hurt the ear. It`s not healthy, and it`s not fun. He appreciates what he calls a «socially acceptable sound.» This is also important for KessTech. Bastian Thomas says it differently. Unlike original equipment manufacturers` shutter systems, the customer can at least determine with a controllable system when they want to be on the road and with what silentness. And «responsibility in the hands of users» is explicitly associated with a «call to their social competence». A certificate of legal use of the road is included in the price and is provided.

With this approval, a demonstration at the MFK is completely eliminated, the assembly and off you go. Please reply to the order confirmation with a copy of your registration document. A classic KBA EBA for Germany is not intended for shutter systems. There is only one possibility of EC type-approval, or noise measurement according to the new noise measurement method for US vehicles. But this is also the reason why exhaust systems are so expensive, because an EC type-approval fills out entire files, and the control unit and flap also have their price. It`s an incredible bureaucratic effort to make a flap exhaust system legal for the street, which is why a good legal exhaust system is not available for less than $2,500 to $3,000. Any offer below this price limit is not recommended and often either dubious, or the manufacturer has not yet discovered the meaning of economic work and it should probably be broke soon. Bastian Thomas of KessTech agrees. «Electronics now regulate shutters differently. But it`s a matter of taste.

Most people – drivers and residents alike – will like it better now. In fact, some models, he says, are tested under ECE 41.04, when they would not be legal under the old directive. For some machines, tightening the upper limit is not a problem. Because they measure differently than before, they are even more efficient. A 300cc ninja, for example, measures the old method with a driving noise of 78 decibels. Under current methods, there are only 72. As soon as you change other things on the vehicle, you must ask for full acceptance, for example if you change the manifolds and air filters. But there aren`t really many legal alternatives on the market. Here a combination ratio is made, in which the noise values are measured in conjunction with the exhaust system.

And if you are lucky, the limit values are strictly adhered to. Otherwise, effort, effort and money were in vain. You can measure the result yourself with a dBmeter. But keep your hands out of cheap deals. If you want the right value, a calibrated measuring device is inevitable. In terms of price, however, the good measuring instruments in the database easily fall within the four-digit range. Hi, I`m interested in how you can find out why someone was wearing earplugs? I wear them myself when I ride, but only because of the loud wind noise in the helmet. However, I must also say that some motorcyclists behave in an antisocial way by producing unnecessary noise – whether with the flap exhaust, removing the DB-eater or running the engine unnecessarily.

I wonder if they are trying to compensate for anything or if they just want to get attention. You can also drive moderately through a village, with a Harley or with an athlete. In the end, the only way is probably to remove the black sheep from circulation or punish them. Lately, there has been a lot of talk about the flap exhaust system and the sports exhaust system, and we would like to inform you about the most important things regarding homologation and the framework conditions of this topic. What things are forbidden and what should you consider when building an exhaust yourself? It depends on whether it has to be a flap exhaust system or a normal and constant exhaust, which does not change volume to obtain road approval for the exhaust. There has been a rumor on social media that flap exhaust systems have been banned in general, but this is not the case. However, the legal framework has tightened in recent years and the possibilities for individual acceptance of an exhaust system by the TÜV inspector have been considerably limited. As a former HD driver with flap exhaust (Penzl), I would say that the previous closure does not bring anything. They see what you`re doing.

At most, you can try to ride on it without much fanfare. I`ve already been checked with open, but they probably didn`t notice. With ner electronic would at least have the advantage that if you turn off the mop and then turn it back on, the exhaust would be closed. Consequences for you: I think 25 euros and the direct continuation of the trip, because the exhaust is not manipulated or you can directly restore the legal state. In addition, this function is indicated in the EBA, but is not allowed in public transport. Until 2016, it was also possible to register a flap exhaust system by individual acceptance. But don`t worry, the old plants already registered will continue to be valid. However, systems installed later (flap exhaust systems) are no longer legal and therefore many manufacturers had to switch to CE approval.

CE type-approval is the last resort legally available to manufacturers of replacement car exhaust systems. Since then, this means that a control unit is always installed, which respects the driving noise and stationary noise in the vehicle`s registration document, regardless of the driving mode and the exhaust flap mode you are moving. For example, with the old 2015 Ford Mustang, which was still measured according to the old specification, the requirement for CE approval is that driving noise between 50 and 60 km/h can be maintained and that stationary noise does not exceed the 87 decibels specified in the vehicle`s registration document. You should also always have a volume reduction to 3,750 revolutions per minute so that the car is not too noisy when measuring stopping and driving noise. Exhaust systems with electronic sound management are still legal under Euro 4. For type machines and initially approved according to Euro 3, this standard continues to apply to leveling systems. In addition, there are acquired rights, Euro 4 is not retroactive. For models with a first registration (from 1.1.2017) or approval under Euro 4 (from 1.1.2016), the retrofit exhaust must also meet the standards of this standard.