How to Change Date of Birth on Indian Passport Legally

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A: For applicants whose spouse is a foreign citizen and whose name must be included in the passport, one of the following documents must be submitted with the passport application: A: No additional pages will be added to a passport booklet. If the pages of the passport booklet are sold out, you must request the «reissue» of the passport in the category Sold out passport pages via the VFS Global ( website. A new passport would be issued to you. Unqualified or semi-ignorant candidates may take an oath before a notary/magistrate, indicating their date of birth. A: If you are a student, you can reissue your passport within two years of the expiry of your existing passport (depending on the «expiry date» printed on the passport) indicating the reason for the reissue as «Validity expired within 3 years / Due until expiration». Other applicants may request the reissue of the passport within one year of the expiry of the existing passport indicating the above reason for the reissue. You can contact The Global Helpdesk. We strive to make it easy for you by taking on the burden of your daily tasks. We offer all services related to the acquisition, modification and reissue of passports. A: Please visit CGI`s San Francsico website and request an Emergency Certificate (EC). EC is issued for one-way travel to India after verification of Indian citizenship. You will then need to apply for a new passport to return.

A: Damaged passports will be classified according to the extent of damage, i.e. : Yes, under the new guidelines, PIAs (passport issuing authorities) can review applications from any applicant requesting a change of date of birth, regardless of how long the passport was issued. Q: Is it true that passport applications for minors under the age of 18 require the consent of both parents or guardians? A: Students studying in CGI San Francisco`s jurisdiction must submit a detailed application to the Passport Service VFS global website ( You can submit any of the following as valid proof of U.S. residency with your application. Q: What are the additional requirements if the passport expired more than three years ago? Q:My name has been changed. Can I travel under my current name? If not, how do I change the name in my passport? Q:I I am an Indian citizen living outside of California. I lost my Indian passport, but I don`t have a photocopy. What must I do? Q: My passport is about to expire. When can I request the reissue of my passport? Q: My spouse is a foreign citizen.

What documents do I need to submit with my passport application to include his name in my passport? My passport is almost full, but still valid for 4 years, is it possible to add additional pages? A: The validity of a minor`s passport is limited to five years or up to the age of 18, whichever comes first. However, minors between the ages of 15 and 18 may apply for a passport valid for 10 years or a passport valid until the age of 18. Depending on the category they are applying for, different fees apply. Q:I I want to apply for a passport for my 12-month-old child. Can I request a 60-page booklet? Q: What is the procedure for requesting a duplicate passport in case of loss or damage to the passport? A: Please visit the VFS Global website ( and apply online for the «Reissue of Passport» in the Expired Passport category. After applying online, please send the physical copy of the submitted application along with the required documents to the VFS Global Center. When applying for a passport, you must present a valid date of birth, such as a birth certificate. Based on the submitted document, the passport is issued.

However, it may be possible for the passport authority to make a mistake when printing the date of birth on the passport when issuing the passport. Another possibility could be that the dates of birth you provided are incorrect. Indian passport holders living abroad, officially known as NRIs, as well as OCI and PIO card holders can turn to for any kind of online banking, investment, legal and a variety of other financial services. For NRI services, including NRI investments in India, NRI account, NRI taxation, etc., you can download the SBNRI app from Google Play Store or App Store. To ask questions, click the button below. Also visit our blog and YouTube channel for more details. A: In order to apply for a duplicate passport in case of lost or damaged passport, you need to ask VFS Global to «reissue» the passport instead of the damaged/lost passport category. In case of loss of passport, the police report on the loss of the passport must also be submitted with the other required documents.

The court order may also be made by a competent authority that changes or corrects the date or place of birth of the applicant. This authority must be the same as the one whose certificate was presented by the applicant at the time the original passport was issued. In such cases, the authority may be the local authorities, such as those issuing birth certificates, or the educational education authority (for the place of birth). When applying for an Indian passport, the applicant must provide their date of birth, such as a birth certificate. According to the premise of the records, the passport will be issued, so there will be no investigation into the evolution of the date of birth in the passport. Anyway, when issuing a passport, the passport expert may make a mistake in the date of birth of the passport. It is the duty of the applicant to ensure that the views printed on the passport are correct when the passport is issued. A: The Indian passport can be issued to the «Indian citizen by descent», i.e. the person born to Indian parents outside India.

The first parents must register the child`s birth at the consulate, please visit our website for more details ( If you request a change of date of birth in the passport within 5 years from the date of issuance of the passport. If a minor has a passport with the wrong date of birth, he can request the correction of the date of birth in the passport after reaching the age of majority (18 years). In such scenarios, the 5-year clause does not apply. Citizen of India by descent: You are a citizen of India by descent if you were born outside India and one of your parents is an Indian citizen at the time of your birth. A: It is not advisable to travel under your old name. To change your name in the passport, you must request the «reissue» of the passport via VFS Global.