How to Legally Change Your Name in New Mexico

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You must bring all of the following documents when you go to the district court to file your application: IF you have already applied for a REAL ID and have determined that you have a name discrepancy issue that prevents you from obtaining a REAL ID, or if your current full legal name is different from the full name on your birth certificate, You must attach a certified court order to change the name of the form. If you would like to have your full legal name changed on your birth certificate, indicate this by checking the appropriate box on the application form. Additional evidence may be requested. New Mexico residents are allowed to restore their maiden name if they divorce. To do this, they must indicate on their final judgment of dissolution of marriage that they will resume the use of a previous name. Once the divorce is finalized and the judge has signed the final judgment, the document can serve as proof of the name change for all parties who changed their name as part of the divorce process. This proof of name change must be provided if a person`s name is changed on their driver`s licence or other identification documents. In addition, the executive order must be presented when the IRS, Social Security, and other account managers are notified of the name change. If a person wishes to restore a previous surname after their divorce has been finalized, they must file a separate application with the District Court.

At Legally Name Change, we offer the following name change service throughout New Mexico: Once your name has been changed, you will need to update your driver`s license to display your new name. To apply for a new driver`s license, you must go in person to a DMV office with your proof of name change (marriage certificate, divorce decree or court order), your current driver`s license, and the vehicle`s current title. In some cases, you may also be asked to provide an updated Social Security card and/or proof of residency (utility bill, lease, government check, etc.). Fees for obtaining a new driver`s license and vehicle title may vary by location, so contact your local DMV office to verify the required fees and documents required for a name change. After completing your application and paying all associated fees, you will receive a temporary license and receive your new license in the mail when it is ready. New Mexico residents are sometimes required to present valid photo identification when voting in state elections. Therefore, it is important to update your voter registration after you change your name. This can be done online through New Mexico`s online voter registration website or by filling out a voter registration form.

After completing the voter registration form, you must mail it or in person to your local county representative or the Secretary of State (address provided below). You must provide a copy of a valid piece of photo identification or proof of address (utility bill, lease, paycheque, bank statement, etc.) showing your new name. At this point, all that remains is to attend the scheduled hearing before the judge and the court. The judge will record why you legally changed your name and confirm that the plaintiff is not trying to avoid a debt or lawsuit against them. The judge will then ask the courtroom if anyone is present to challenge the applicant`s desire to change his or her legal name. Assuming no party has appeared to contest the motion, and if the judge agrees that all the requirements of New Mexico`s legal name change law are met, he or she will sign the final order/order that changes the plaintiff`s legal name in the eyes of the law. Once your SSA name change is complete, it`s time to update your passport (if applicable). This can take more than a month, so we recommend starting as soon as possible. What if you want to take a spontaneous trip soon? Legally Name Change is a reputable firm with a group of experienced and trained lawyers to help and guide you in your name change needs in New Mexico. We are a reliable and trustworthy place to meet your name change needs in New Mexico. If you want to change the name of your choice, it`s not a dream, but our professional team at Legally Name Change will help you make your dream come true. If you are ready to change the names of all your family members, you must apply for a change of surname in New Mexico Family Court.

In order for your name to be changed to New Mexico, you must meet the following requirements: Always make sure your name matches your name on your passport when booking travel. This is why many married people wait until the end of their honeymoon to initiate a name change. This is also the reason why some people speed up the passport process, which costs a little more money but is worth it if you are taking a trip in the near future. For more information, or if you have specific questions that weren`t clearly answered above, contact your local New Mexico name change attorney today. For more information and details, see: Are you afraid of forgetting something? HitchSwitch is great for that too. It provides clients with personalized checklists and advice for almost every facet of the name change, eliminating guesswork and saving married people a lot of stress. For some reason, you need a name change. Sometimes you are not satisfied with your first name, middle name or last name.