How to Write a Sentence with the Word Legality

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(278) Drew (1827-1900), the Democratic nominee for governor, then obtained a mandamus from the district court, which prevented the council from going behind the face of the election results; This was not followed, and so a similar mandamus was obtained by the Florida Supreme Court, which ruled that the council had no right to determine the legality of a particular vote. (30) The Government does not recognise the legality of this court. (209) Doubts remained as to the legality of the use of the former Routemaster under the Disability Discrimination Act 1995, as the Routemaster had effectively banned wheelchair users. (206) Shortly after his elevation, the nation was imbued with great excitement by the prosecution of John Wilkes and the related question of the legality of general arrest warrants. After researching the legality of the recording of the conversation she had with her ex-husband, the lawyer told her that the recording could not be presented to the court. 🔊 (114) Legal information can promote the censorship of legality among the public and educate them to learn, understand, monitor and apply the law. (270) As early as 1835, the legislature passed a resolution affirming the legality of slavery in the territories, a principle adopted by Congress in the Kansas bill in 1854, and in 1847, former Governor Wilson Lumpkin (1783-1870) approved the organization of the South to resist Northern aggression. (157) At the moment, he seems to be thinking more about organizing Hollywood-style weddings, organizing extended holidays and questioning the legality of the World Cup draw. (77) International law had serious doubts as to the legality of the capture of Noriega. (280) On the one hand, however, he alienated himself even from reasonable opponents by giving no guarantee that the equality thus acquired would not be transformed into superiority by the aid of his own military might and the help of the French king; On the other hand, he relied, even more than his father, on technical legality, which increased privileges in defiance of the spirit of the law. (186) The principle of proportionality, which derives from the concepts of legality, requires that the punishment of a criminal offence be in accordance with its allegation. (170) Indeed, the European Union has a law guaranteeing the legality of reverse engineering for the purpose of creating compatible software or devices.

(167) There can be no question of the legality of the Pope`s act; Whether he was morally guilty, however, remains the subject of heated controversy. (191) The Supreme Court ruled on the legality of a provision in the tax legislation providing for the freezing of categories of tax on cigarettes and thus the classification of new brands in the higher tax bracket. (257) The legality of this proposal was more than doubtful, but it was nevertheless implemented and a series of lawsuits followed, as in the case of the bookseller William Honeon for reasons so trivial that the jurors refused to convict. (197) This aspect of architects` activity is even linked to legality: unlike a contractor, an architect cannot assert a lien on a building if a builder does not pay. (266) Pratt C.J. ruled against its legality with determined and almost passionate energy, thereby expressing the strong sense of the nation and gaining for himself an extraordinary degree of popularity as the guardian of England`s constitutional liberty. (216) Thirdly, this document establishes standards for the examination of evidence in the application of customs measures, i.e. legality, objectivity, adequacy, certification and exclusion of unlawful evidence, etc. These sample phrases are automatically selected from various online information sources to reflect the current use of the word «legality». The views expressed in the examples do not represent the views of Merriam-Webster or its editors. Send us your feedback. (98) Antitrust authorities must examine the effect and purpose of an agreement in order to determine its legality.

(92) 1Western companies are paralysed because the legality of the regime cannot be called into question. (53) It also examines the legality of Richard`s title and gives an overview of his achievements. (63) However, the long-term legality of the ownership and exploitation of workers is ambiguous. (195) Yellow refers to the dirty type and grey or black refers to spam messages(, many of which offer products or services in different shades of legality. (256) The Pharisees themselves could not help but see that their principles were politically powerless; The most scrupulous observance of the Sabbath, for example, and this was the height of legality, could not repel the Gentiles. (279) This part of Henry`s policy has to do with the names of his two extorting financial judges, Empson and Dudley, who, by their meticulous inquisition, turned law and justice into rape into all technical violations of legality, and with the fine manner in which they adjusted the fine to the offender`s wealth, without any indication of his moral culpability or consideration of mitigating circumstances. (169) There have been other divisions over issues such as the proper way to swing a censor and the legitimacy of self-immolation for the Lord`s sake. (230) The fact that the patient`s consent is crucial means that the practice of informing relatives of a patient`s diagnosis without first obtaining consent is questionable. (160) It can be assumed that the objective would have been to ensure the death of the sinister Chief of Police and, later, to give him a veneer of legality.

(107) Casey, who defended by a narrow majority the legality of abortion on the basis of the idea of individual autonomy. (269) James opted for the legitimacy of suppressing the Order of the Templars and believed that the pope would best serve the interests of the Church by proclaiming its oppression; but he dismissed Boniface`s condemnation as a sacrilegious affront to the Church and a monstrous abuse of the power of the laity. (217) The purpose of the action for an extension of the time limit is to extend the construction period, to avoid the penalty for delay and then to create the contractual basis for the legality of the financial claim. (133) The doctors were duly charged, but their acquittals confirmed the legality of abortions to maintain mental health. (75) The standard on witnesses is characterised by inviolability, ambiguity, legality and minimum. (42) The Democrats were quick to attack the latest proposal, questioning its legality. (111) However, not all escort services are on the verge of legality, just as not all TS women are shemale escorts. (119) However, Indian civil society opposed it, citing four main objections: legality, privacy, data security and efficiency. (84) Part A ensures the accuracy, legality and effectiveness of all relevant documents provided. (255) The discovery of new evidence of treason in the iron chest (20. November 1792) provided the Moun-T~.taI and the Tairi with a pretext to force the clash of the parties and death not according to legality, but according to public safety.

(194) This definition serves to distinguish the boundary between legality and illegality, between political and apolitical, in order to prevent political gossip. (134) Lucien also gathered a small group of young deputies to cast the cloak of legality on the events of the day. (139) Green barriers to trade have the characteristics of legality, invisibility, discrimination, universality[] etc. (250) His role as prosecutor was not so much to convict the guilty as to ensure that the prohibitions ordered by the parliamentary group were provisionally applied to the government, taking into account a declaration of legality. (4) On the question of legality, see dresses.