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From 1 January 2023, employers can continue to use their preferred service providers for vocational rehabilitation or forensic services, even if they are not represented in the ICARE panel, but must select an examination service provider in the new ICARE panel for non-medical examinations. On Monday, August 8, ICARE announced an open market tender for workplace rehabilitation, forensic services and investigations, including services provided under the workers` compensation scheme. ICARE, in collaboration with industry, has developed a framework of professional standards for professionals for the management of workers` compensation claims within the New South Wales Nominal Insurer and the Fund managed by the Treasury. Contracts for this panel began on 1. July 2021 and details will be posted on the NSW eEnding website within 45 days of that date, in accordance with NSW Government guidelines. Your gateway to public procurement resources and services in New South Wales Our extensive experience in both the public and private sectors allows us to provide strategic legal advice that is fully tailored to the needs of government. We offer: The successful bidders forming the new Icarus body will begin their services from January 1, 2023, with current contracts for occupational rehabilitation, medical law and investigation providers ending at the end of the year. More information can be found on the Icarus website here. We regularly advise governments in various legal and regulatory areas. Our national government team has experience working in the government environment and understands that this is shaped by factors such as complex policy and legal frameworks and a culture of consultation, accountability, public scrutiny and high visibility.

Icarus has announced the providers of its panel of legal services for general line claims. The committee will manage files in seven main strands with partial flows for employment and general rights. The new structure will provide New South Wales government agencies with the right choice and legal expertise. The following terms of use apply to your use of the information services and resources available on the iCare website, platform and chatbot developed and provided by the iCare consortium. Outbound suppliers can be referred to new business until March 31, 2021, but all will be referred to new questions on March 30, 2021. June 2021 to a law firm in the new panel. The law firms on the panel are (in alphabetical order): This tender also includes services to the Bush Firefighters Compensation Fund, the Emergency and Rescue Workers Compensation Fund and the Uninsured Liability Plan. Increases legal risk management for ICARE, agencies and employer clients in the end-to-end lifecycle of contentious claims. The client expects the selected law firms to contribute to the success of the panel against these success factors by exhibiting the following characteristics: There will be a transition period until June 30, 2021 to ensure that all legal issues are adequately managed and completed throughout the transition to the new panel. Previously, Icarus had separate legal advisory bodies for both employee compensation schemes under the nominal insurer (since May 2016) and insurance for New South Wales (since 2013, before Icarus). The new body combines the provision of legal services in both systems.

Through our strategic alliance with public policy, reputation and political risk consulting firm Chapel Lane Advisory (CLA), we offer a full range of services for managing complex risk, regulatory and policy issues. CLA is a consulting firm founded at the intersection of law, public policy and policy, and jointly provides strategic policy and reputational risk advice, solutions and advocacy, compliance and integrity services, and crisis management consulting. Our lawyers have experience assisting clients in complex matters, including the acquisition and maintenance of critical infrastructure and materials, participation in sensitive and high-profile investigations, investigations and disputes, business negotiations and contracting, matters arising from the acquisition, sale and ownership of land, employment and security issues, and the delivery of technology programs to assist our government clients. be able to provide their services. The General Lines hedging stream is part of the fund managed by Insurance for NSW. It covers legal liability, motor vehicles and property as well as other areas. offers sufficient value for money thanks to a business model that goes beyond calculating time to justify the time and money spent. REX programs allow you to develop your leadership skills, learn, lead with psychological confidence, and help your team members reach their potential in a supportive environment. Termination of Registration. Termination of contract. Service providers intending to bid on the tender must first register on the NSW Government`s eTendering website, where they can submit proposals for opportunities available in the tender list.

REX provides a strategic program for general self-insurance training programs and resources. The Consortium may, at any time and in its sole discretion, cease using the Services provided by cancelling your user registration. In this case, the administrator will block your access to your user account, pseudonymize all published content and delete all content uploaded or stored by you in your account. effectively manages needs and relationships with a wide range of stakeholders Providing fully maintained and refurbished leased vehicles and related services to Australian operations provides high-quality advice using in-depth technical and regulatory expertise To ensure continuity of service, all current suppliers can continue to process claims if the transfer is made before January 1, 2023. Temporary off-site recording storage and related services The open market tender is expected to be launched shortly this month. The process aims to create a competitive marketplace that helps provide quality and consistent service to the people of New South Wales. These suppliers were selected through an open and transparent procurement process. A Request for Quotation (RFP) was published on the NSW Government`s eTendering website on 7 September 2020 and was open for four weeks.

The procurement process was overseen by internal and external honesty consultants. For a better understanding of the exact meaning of the Terms of Use, the following glossary can be found below: We are also uniquely positioned to provide culturally appropriate advice to government departments and agencies through our joint venture with Mailman Law to establish the first and only predominantly Indigenous commercial law firm known as Jaramer Legal. Jaramer Legal works with Indigenous governments, businesses and communities to respond to initiatives such as the federal government`s Closing the Gap Policy and federal, state and territory Indigenous procurement policies. The client has formulated a number of critical success factors against which the success of the legal panel is evaluated. These success factors include: Providing a fully serviced auto leasing solution defines and executes strategies that prevent claims from potentially leading to litigation. Innovative Salary Package and Leasing Services Management These suppliers were selected through an open procurement process. The procurement process included consultations with organizations and was overseen by external procurement consultants and honesty consultants. We are the perfect partner to help you seize this opportunity. Below is a selection of some previous similar submissions that we have completed.