Io Hawk Sparrow Legal Test

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This makes the e-scooter a potential companion for trips and vacations that would otherwise have been difficult to pedal. Recognized possibilities – scooter ordered – insurance requested – attached plate – and finally we deployed. One of the first models on the market is the IO Hawk Sparrow Legal, which I bought for E-Scooter Test. In this regard, our riding experience only refers to this model once – it is, in my opinion, one of the best legal electric scooters for the road currently available. Especially since the manufacturer IO Hawk comes from Germany and therefore the support is nice if something has to be with the scooter. Honest? I love my car – both in the countryside and in the city. I drive it everywhere, it is the most convenient alternative to get around. I come from the small town as it is the 18th year custom to own a car and a jet around the area. Public transport could be forgotten. But times are changing – and anyone who has not understood today that new mobility concepts are needed to protect the climate and protect cities from traffic congestion cannot be helped. My personal experience: In the first week of my electric scooter test, I saved myself about 30 kilometers of driving in city traffic.

For three days, she stood completely with Car – with the same and sometimes even better comfort than I had driven from the car. I didn`t expect this in this form before. The IO Hawk Sparrow Legal is a fun, fun and practical companion. Manufacturer IO Hawk is a pioneer in the field of battery-powered means of transport – from hoverboards to electric scooters and e-bikes. Over time, many other exciting scooter models from other manufacturers will also hit the market, such as the new electric scooters from Xiaomi, City Blitz and Segway. The price of the e-scooter is already relaxed: from 549 euros you get an e-scooter with street approval and ABE. One of the weaknesses of the e-scooter is certainly the legal restriction to 20 km / h. You notice that the scooter is sealed and actually wants to go faster. At 20 km/h, however, it`s over. You want to explain that in some cases, the close-knit driver behind you is happy.

However, the 20 km/h is obviously faster than the perceived speed. With the exception of bike couriers and hardcore cyclists, the IO Hawk Sparrow Legal is the perfect destination for all cyclists. At traffic lights, you can also go faster with the e-scooter. On the slopes, you comfortably overtake cyclists in difficulty. However, road conditions are problematic, at least in Hamburg. I`m worried that they won`t benefit the e-scooter in the long run and shorten its lifespan. As for the IO Hawk Sparrow Legal, the associated app is not functional at all, at least on my iPhone X. It simply connects smartphone and scooter, but does not transmit any data. You can very well look forward to a future update. Getting into the e-scooter is very simple: turn it on, place it on the ground, lift your foot off the ground and you can start riding on the handlebars at the touch of a button. This would already explain the most important technology. The brake is located on the handlebars of gadgets like the bike and works reliably.

The second brake is the tread brake, which presses the rear tire mudguard against the tire. The IO Hawk Sparrow Legal weighs 12 kilograms and can be folded compactly. With the supplied carrying strap, it can be transported optimally. So the first impression is clear: incredibly exciting technology that is also very simple. I`d be very surprised if electric scooters like the IO Hawk Sparrow Legal didn`t hang on. And how does such a current e-scooter with legal driving on the street? Home » Travel gadgets » E-scooters on trial: with the IO Hawk Sparrow Legal on tour Electric scooters are ubiquitous in big cities. On every street corner is a rental scooter from Lime, Tier, Circ or Voi (comparison test). No wonder, electric scooters with street approval can finally be accelerated without a driver`s license or helmet required (always recommended) up to 20 km / h. However, rental offers are only valid from the age of 18 and are expensive with regular use. If you buy a StVO-compliant electric scooter yourself, you can ride it from the age of 14 and have low running costs. We have already taken a closer look at the Metz Moover (review). It scored very well overall, but costs almost 2000 euros.

Driving a scooter through the city, rushing to the supermarket and replacing short car rides with battery-powered electric scooters – does it work as well as it sounds? What can agile scooters really do? I bought the IO Hawk Sparrow Legal from ABE – and I`m trying this promising new form of mobility and everyday travel in my electric scooter test. Eine Rezension. And so the first round was not long in coming. As soon as the certificate of insurance has been mailed, it should begin immediately. On the bike path in front of the house, I put the e-scooter into service for the first time. I wanted to walk around the block for a while. So get dressed, get started, and hit the accelerator. I am immediately impressed with the riding characteristics of the scooter. Although riding at 20 km/h is incredibly slow, you still overtake most cyclists.

From the small tour around the block went directly a test drive through half of Hamburg – once through city traffic from the city center. The e-scooter literally draws you in to drive miles with it, as riding is easy, intuitive, relaxed and really fun. Just during the first round of testing, I completely discharged the scooter battery and drove through the city again. By car, I wouldn`t have taken such a drive through downtown Hamburg in the late afternoon during rush hour – at least not voluntarily, without having to. The rear turn signals are also available as optional equipment at a price of 100 euros. The turn signals from the German manufacturer Kellermann are intended to mark the brightest legal turn signals in Europe. The turn signals and light are conveniently controlled via the control unit located on the handlebars. If you`re looking for an inexpensive electric scooter with lots of riding fun, then you should take a look at IO Hawk`s Sparrow Legal.

It is not only one of the cheapest models, but also the fastest with road homologation, even if it already slightly exceeds the real limit of 20 km/h. Unfortunately, the sparrow is less convincing in other areas. Charging time, braking performance, and range all work moderately to poorly. The size of the pack in the folded state is also bulky – so the scooter certainly does not fit in all trunks. A plus point here are only the unscrewable handles. Gradually, more and more new legal electric scooters for the street are coming onto the market. And users are likely to slowly approach practical and agile scooters. Interested people can buy electric scooters on the Internet and in the electronics store. Electric scooters with ABE, however, are partially visually indistinguishable from models that are only approved for private use. Therefore, you should review the details of the dealer before buying an electric scooter. The most important brands for scooters are IO Hawk, Xiaomi, Ninebot by Segway, City Blitz and the luxurious Metz Moover.

Im Vollbremstest brauchte der Sparrow Legal mit 85-kg-Fahrer etwa 4 m um von 20 km/h zum Stehen zu kommen. Egal ob Scheibenbremse oder Schutzblechbremse: Das Hinterrad blockierte und nach 4 m stand der Sparrow Legal. Dieser Bremsweg lassen sich auch nicht groß verkürzen, eine zusätzliche Vorderbremse wie beim Metz Moover gibt es nicht. I fully paid the IO Hawk Sparrow Legal for the E-Scooter test myself. The test is therefore completely independent and is entirely based on my experience with the product. Das Fahrgefühl des E-Scooter ist gut. The 8-inch tires absorb some bumps, but there`s no extra suspension. Longer journeys on cobblestones or unpaved roads are not recommended. Not only is a lot of vibration transmitted to the driver, but many components are also subject to unnecessary stress. For example, the e-scooter can be locked to protect it from unauthorized access.

A lock is also seamlessly integrated directly into the frame. It is also possible to define driving, navigation or route tracking modes. The IO Hawk Sparrow Legal is equipped with a push-button folding system that is very easy to use. Simply fold the handlebar locking lever backwards to be able to fold the entire rod towards the running board. Once folded, the e-scooter is very compact and can be easily stored in the trunk and taken on the bus or train, for example. For the e-kick scooter, two battery variants of 15 Ah or 20 Ah are available, which, in combination with the 48 V system, ensure a range of up to 67.5 km or 90 km – of course always depending on the assistance of the motor and the terrain.