Is Airbnb Legal in Dallas

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While there are certainly responsible operators in our city, short-term rentals in residential neighborhoods have never been legal under our development code. The city has always recognized that short-term rentals are a use of accommodation, as evidenced by their efforts to collect hotel occupancy tax. The fact that the city attorney has allowed short-term rentals in neighborhoods where the use of housing is illegal is another reason to doubt that they can be regulated in those neighborhoods. Council members said they frequently receive complaints from voters. West Dallas City Councilman Omar Narvaez said there are several ads in the Victory Gardens neighborhood alone, and that «half of them are already advertised as illegal event centers.» City officials presented two options. One would update zoning to divide short-term rentals into owner-occupied single-family homes. The other would be the opposite. Condos (in other words, grandmother`s apartments, UDAs and garage apartments) would be allowed in all zoning districts. But those not inhabited by the owner would be prohibited in areas designated as single-family homes.

Off-street parking would be required by the landlord, and more than one DOD in the same apartment would be illegal. It would also be illegal to use these properties as a venue, restaurant or for other entertainment purposes, unless the rental is in a designated area and the owner is certified to allow such a thing. «Our results suggest that short-term rental properties do not negatively impact surrounding neighborhoods at an aggregate level,» the white paper said. «The data shows that there are problematic traits; These are outliers. STR properties are almost undetectable in non-STR residential property data. Oak Cliff City Councillor Carolyn King Arnold proposed a third option that would generally prohibit STRs in any designated area for single-family homes. «In December 2016, there were only 900 in the city. The platforms refuse to give the addresses to the city, so you don`t really know where they are. It`s a catch if you can some sort of episode, which means they don`t pay their taxes.

You don`t know where they are. Some of them even have their Homestead exception. So, I mean, my taxes support their businesses,» Minnis said. Communicating with tenants and potential tenants can be a tedious task. You must make yourself available at all times to answer questions and inquiries about your rental. Even if you`ve found tenants for a while, you often need to be in touch with them to provide them with the information they need before their stay. During your guests` stay, they may need to contact you with any questions or additional requests. Don`t forget to take out tenant insurance, just in case! City staff, both planning and code compliance departments, made recommendations for short-term rental rules to the Dallas City Council on June 1. (Courtesy of Adobe Stock) In this context of acute housing shortage, each short-term rental deprives us of a long-term housing unit that the city needs; The elimination of housing has a detrimental effect on all other standards of living. The only benefit to the city of operating short-term rentals – the hotel occupancy tax – cannot be used to create housing under state law and is rarely paid by operators or platforms anyway. «I`m really not sure we`re close to getting everything we`re doing here,» Lake Highlands City Councilman Adam McGough said. What kind of surveillance Dallas should or shouldn`t have on these STRs is a hot topic where neighbors and homeowners disagree.

Dallas City Council members were briefed Wednesday on two options for regulating short-term rentals in residential neighborhoods, but ultimately asked those responsible for planning and enforcement of the code to come back with revisions later this month. So we`re not sure exactly how the city will approach the regulation of Airbnbs and VRBOs and the like in the city — but it will likely require these short-term rentals to be owner-occupied properties if they`re located in residential areas. The third option, supported by council members Carolyn King Arnold, Paul Ridley, Cara Mendelsohn and Jesse Moreno, would completely ban all short-term rental operators from travelling to areas with single-family homes. If you`re looking for a side gig where your income is predictable from month (or even week) to week, this may not be the best option for you. Demand for rentals can fluctuate wildly, as can your income from hosting an Airbnb. In fact, 311 STR calls are only answered on weekends; Employees are paid overtime for this.