Is It Legal to Order Fireworks Online

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A. Dynamite Fireworks sells fireworks online through our limited online fireworks catalog. However, this is only for pickup. Because shipping regulations are strict and shipping costs are significant. Buy sparklers, confetti and novelties for events. No minimum order amount. Buying fireworks online has never been easier! At Captain Boom Fireworks, our mission is to ensure that every customer has a fantastic experience. We are at your disposal to answer all your questions and we are just a phone call or a click! Contact us for more information. Superior Fireworks offers the best products from the best brands at incredible prices all year round. Buy fireworks online or at the store for air repeaters, fireworks, artillery shells, wedding candles and more, all at the best price every day! Fountains are a great little room element, or use them as a low-level filler for your fireworks show. We have unique fountains that spin and some that emit beautiful colorful lava flakes. Take a look at our wide variety. Based on the information available to US Fireworks at the time this data was collected, the following legal requirements apply to the State of Pennsylvania.

If you need help with your order or have any questions, call us at 904-213-0615 or email We can also provide you with useful product information or help you choose the right fireworks for your event! One. Quality and legal consumer fireworks are tested in high-temperature ovens using a test called the thermal stability test. They should only ignite when a flame comes into contact with their fuse. ALWAYS buy branded fireworks if you want to reduce the risk of security incidents! One. You must be 18 to buy fireworks in Indiana. Discover our selection of 200 gram fireworks cakes. We have them all; From new hot items to classic favorites. One.

The state of Indiana requires the normal 7% sales tax on all retail sales of fireworks. In addition, since 2006, when Indiana legalized all 1.4G fireworks, a 5% public safety fee for fireworks has been added to every retail fireworks order. Home-use fireworks, also known as DOT 1.4G fireworks, are legal under federal law. To be classified as «consumer fireworks», fireworks must be tested by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) and meet various requirements regarding composition, amount of pyrotechnic material, and stability of the product under heat and stress. Once the CPSC designates an item as a «consumer fireworks,» the item is legal under the federal Consumer Use Act. Fireworks that do not meet this certification are classified as commercial (large-scale) fireworks and require a federal license to be purchased and used. US Fireworks only sells CPSC-certified fireworks for consumer use. Because federal law applies to interstate commerce, we can legally ship fireworks anywhere in the United States. Unfortunately, state and local regulations may prohibit certain fireworks if you don`t have a permit to own and store those fireworks. Therefore, the responsibility for compliance with state and local laws rests with you (the buyer). If you order consumer fireworks from US Fireworks, we will ship them by regular carrier (carrier) to the destination you specify. If you order items that are not allowed in your state or region, it is possible (but unlikely) that your fireworks will be seized by state or local authorities.

In this case, you assume full responsibility for the seizure of the products you have ordered. US Fireworks will not refund money for confiscated items ordered contrary to state or local regulations. We recommend that you contact your state fire marshal or other competent authority (AHJ) to obtain the necessary permits for legal possession of fireworks in your area. U.S. Fireworks advocates compliance with all state and local fireworks laws. One possible solution for people living in restricted areas is to have shipments delivered to a truck terminal outside the state where you live. US Fireworks uses various companies to supply most of its fireworks, and many of them have truck terminals in the United States. Of course, once you`ve received your firecrackers out of state, you`ll also need to find a place where you can legally store them. A better solution would be to lobby your state and local authorities to change outdated fireworks laws and regulations. U.S. Fireworks has gone to great lengths to collect and compile information on fireworks laws for all 50 states and the District of Columbia. Every effort has been made to ensure that the information we provide is accurate and reliable.

However, state laws are constantly changing and it is possible that the information we present here is outdated, inaccurate or simply false. To be absolutely sure of your state`s laws that govern consumer fireworks, call your state`s Fire Marshal`s office. US Fireworks is not responsible for any errors, omissions or inaccuracies that may be contained in such data. State Legal Requirements To determine what is legal in your state, click on your state name from the following list: A. Yes, please contact the National Fireworks Safety Council: A. Absolutely! We offer daily discounts and special offers as well as the best prices for the best quality fireworks. Compare the brands and prices in our online catalog with one of our competitors and/or see for yourself! Try our Fireworks coupons and discounts to get downloadable coupons, or simply show them on your smartphone at checkout. Activated. For more information on fireworks and fireworks for consumers, visit our Fireworks 101 page.

See our Fireworks 101 page for a detailed explanation. However, these are OLD terms. The new classification is 1.4G and 1.3G fireworks, with 1.4G Consumer Fireworks and 1.3G Display/Professional representing fireworks. One. The Illinois Pyrotechnic Use Act («PUA») prohibits the sale, possession, and use of all «consumer fireworks.» These are the fireworks that you can legally buy in some states, such as firecrackers, bottle rockets and Roman candles, air grenades, etc. The AUP explicitly states that certain items are not consumer fireworks and are therefore legal. In addition to candles and some small-cap weapons, the list of legal snake or firefly pellets includes smoking devices, noisemakers of stuff known as «party poppers,» «traps,» «snappers,» «trick matches,» «cigarette loads,» and «car burglar alarms.» We have the largest selection of 500 gram fireworks cakes for your online fireworks purchases. Great cakes from Dominator, Mad Ox, Shock Wave, Shogun, Winda and more! A. Good question! There are a number of websites that host customer reviews these days. We`re very proud that OVER 200 REAL CUSTOMERS GAVE THEIR GREAT REVIEWS on Yelp and Google Plus Reviews, among others. We mention that these are REAL REVIEWS from REAL PEOPLE, because unfortunately, there is a huge and lucrative black market for FAKE REVIEWS that many online businesses have descended on in recent years.

It is not fair to anyone, to say the least, and we are a thousand percent against it. Our reviews are REAL – as you can see from the occasional imperfect entry. We are very proud of the reputation we have built over the past 40 years in the fireworks industry under our former names Action Fireworks (1974-1991) and Uncle Sam Fireworks (1991-2013).