Is It Legal to Send Food in the Mail

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It is therefore important to consider the climate and the season in which your receiver will be deployed. They may love candy bars, but sending a box to Afghanistan in mid-July could be a sloppy and horrible mess for them. (Especially if they don`t have access to a fridge or freezer!) These treats are perfect and do not melt during transport. The good news is that you can certainly safely ship food – even food you prepare in your kitchen – to your care package recipient. Here`s everything you need to know: You can ship certain hemp products domestically (to the U.S. and U.S. territories) if you comply with all applicable laws. (You cannot send hemp and hemp-derived products to international or military targets.) If you are shipping packages containing dangerous goods (HAZMAT), you must separate the dangerous goods packages from all other packages and place them in a container labelled «HAZMAT». Poisons are considered toxins. You are responsible for knowing the toxicity of the material you wish to ship. Some poisons can be sent by air and land, others only by land. If the nail polish you want to ship is flammable, you are responsible for knowing its flash point and toxicity. Flammable nail polishes can be shipped domestically if it is a consumer product.

Some nail polishes can only be shipped by land. Cigarettes and smokeless tobacco are restricted items and can only be shipped under certain circumstances. Cigars can be shipped domestically. Customers are advised to read definitions and shipping options for cigarettes, cigars and tobacco. These brilliant solemn displays of color and design are beautiful to see in the sky when handled legally and correctly. However, it is illegal to send them via the United States Postal Service (USPS). Illegal deliveries of fireworks pose a significant threat to air transport and endanger the lives of postal workers and the travelling public. If you are shipping perishable food, please also be aware that it is at your own risk and not the responsibility of the post office if the food is damaged when it reaches your recipient. Can the antique thermometer or barometer be shipped safely? Before you go to the post office, watch this video. USPS fluid rules state that liquids that are not dangerous can be shipped as long as they are properly packaged, meaning they cannot damage any other mail or equipment. Packaging requirements for non-hazardous liquids include: Do you think sending fireworks by mail is legal? Think again.

This is certainly not the case! Short answer: Yes. Longer answer: Some foods are considered perishable if they «present a health hazard or cause an unpleasant odour, nuisance or disturbance under normal shipping conditions.» To learn more about the USPS` policies on dangerous, prohibited, and restricted shipments, visit: Perishable items are materials that can deteriorate in the mail, such as live animals, food, and plants. Authorized perishable goods are shipped at the risk of the shipper. These items must be specially packaged and shipped so that they arrive before they begin to deteriorate. For more USPS tips and tricks for shipping baked goods and other non-perishable foods, check out their blog. As with eggs, the meat must be marked as perishable on the package for it to be properly handled by USPS. For more information on shipping perishable items and other unique products, check out this USPS shipping guide. Perfumes containing alcohol cannot be shipped abroad or shipped domestically by air. However, perfume that contains alcohol can be shipped overland to the United States. I am often greeted by Jo, My Gosh! Readers on how to ship food in care packages. If you`ve never done it before, it can be a little intimidating.

After all, food, if handled incorrectly, can make someone sick. And it can also have financial implications – you don`t want to spend a lot of money on a care package just to make the content unpleasant for your recipient. Cigarettes and smokeless tobacco can only be shipped under the following circumstances: When shipped to APO/FPO/DPO locations overseas, USPS treats mail as domestic mail, but shipping is still subject to those countries` prohibitions and restrictions. Customers should be aware that size and weight standards may differ from USPS standards. Under International Country Lists, you will find country-specific prohibitions and restrictions. Liquid mercury contained alone or in various items is prohibited by mail. Liquid mercury is a hazardous substance that produces toxic fumes when exposed to air and causes mercury poisoning when inhaled. Older thermometers, blood pressure monitors and barometers, which often contain liquid mercury, can be damaged or broken during transport.

The risk of serious illness or injury from exposure to a leaking packet of mercury is never worth shipping the item. While I`m wrong about foods you know are safe to eat (like shelf-stable, packaged ones), I also know there`s nothing better than getting homemade benefits. You should stay away from wet recipes and opt for those that naturally have a long shelf life. Think crispy cookies and homemade cereal. Stay away from things that you think need to be refrigerated (like baked cheesecake bars) or that you don`t know how long they`ll last (like fruit leather). Also, keep in mind that these packages will most likely be in extreme weather conditions during transit – either very, very cold or very, very hot (or both). The last thing you want to send is a big, old box of food poisoning to the person you love. Other items that appear safe because they are used as part of daily activities around the home also pose a significant risk during transportation and are considered dangerous goods. Common items you may not think of include flammable aerosol products (spray disinfectants, spray paints, and hairspray), lithium batteries, safety matches, perfumes, and cosmetics such as nail polish and nail polish remover. While some of these materials can be transported by mail, there are strict quantity restrictions, packaging and labeling requirements. In addition, some items are not allowed in the airmail, but can only be shipped with ground delivery. If you are shipping a letter or package, you must follow the guidelines® of the United States and the USPS.

Find out what you can and can`t ship on the U.S. Postal Service: Note: Under no circumstances can a shipment of mail prepared for ground transportation be routed by air. Flammable or combustible paints and color-related items are generally accepted for shipment, provided the material is considered a consumer raw material or ORM-D (for surfaces only) and is shipped within quantity limits and packaging requirements.