Is It Legal to Use Whatsapp in China

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Note: You need to be very careful and keep your VPN connected all the time, as it is blocked by the Great Firewall of China and can lead to legal issues. For this, ExpressVPN is our first choice to use the service because of its widely used servers. VPNs are not illegal in China (or Hong Kong), although they are difficult to access. They are used daily by companies, for example to allow remote employees to access corporate networks. However, as the country continues to undermine the rights of its citizens through facial recognition, sophisticated internet blocking tools, and politically motivated arrests, we will likely see an increase in the number of Chinese VPN users (and stricter regulation as a result) in the coming years. Hi Josh! Thanks for the information. I`m already in China and I don`t know if WhatsApp has been blocked. Can I still download the VPN? These are the best ways to make WhatsApp work in mainland China: you can also unblock these services in China with a VPN, just like iQiyi China. Yes, the repressive regime with its Great Firewall controls much of the internet and media, but don`t worry. With the help of WhatsApp Unblock aka VPN software, you can use WhatsApp in China. Disclaimer: At the SDC, we are not allowed to provide legal advice; So, if you decide to use a VPN, you do so at your own risk. That being said, our interpretation is that using a VPN (acronym for virtual private network) is not an illegal act per se, as it uses technology designed to extend the benefits of private networks to connections browsing the internet (or for use on a public network). Sometimes blocked because the connection is too slow.

Anyway, to survive on Chinanet, it is better to have a VPN on WeChat is the online version of China, not WhatsApp. Wechat copied offline (from Naver) when Line became popular in Asia. I wouldn`t install Wechat unless someone had a gun pointed at your temple to do so. It is a known fact that the Chinese government has full access to every WeChat account for monitoring, filtering, and hacking. If you really need to use it, don`t use a password, which is important for setting up your account. Because the Chinese government can access your WeChat password, then you do other things with it if you use the same password for other things in your life. HEY Josh, totally new to this VPN stuff and I`m going to China in a few weeks. If I download two VPNs, does that mean I have to buy two different VPN services? Does the VPN service have a limit on the number of devices I can use it on? I just arrived in China in Xinjiang and my WhatsApp is still working, very confusing.

I`m on China Unicom and I don`t use a VPN. Everything else I expected to be blocked is. This is good advice, but I would also recommend installing Wechat. It`s like WhatsApp, but virtually everyone in China uses Wechat. Based on my research and reports from our team of testers in China, there have been no cases where the Chinese government has taken action against tourists for using VPNs. The technology itself isn`t illegal, but China has banned all VPNs not managed by the government. Still, some Chinese companies use VPNs every day to protect company information, even though the Chinese government only allows the use of certain VPNs they can monitor. To stay safe, I recommend using a premium VPN with top-notch security features to ensure your online data and activities remain private. Blocking is used by moderators and administrators of social media and forums to deny access to users who have violated their rules and are likely to do so again to ensure peaceful and orderly discussion. Common reasons for blocking are spam, trolling and flaming or, in the case of wiki pages such as Wikipedia, vandalism and other types of disruptive edits. Some criticize instances of bans being used by administrators of major websites such as Twitter,[4] arguing that these bans could be politically or financially motivated. However, websites have the legal right to decide who can post, and users often respond by «voting with their feet» and going to a place where administrators consider their behavior acceptable.

Hey, thanks for the info. I have a problem. I missed the information that WhatsApp is also blocked in China. I`m already in China. Do you think I can still buy the VPN here? Thank you very much for the intensive information. My family and I will be traveling to Shanghai and Beijing in December, hopefully I can still access WhatsApp. I will definitely update my experience as soon as I return. Hi, my girlfriend is in China, she has a VPN and we can send messages and audio chat via WhatsApp, but when we try video chat, we can talk but not see each other, which is very frustrating! Is there anything in the settings that needs to be changed to enable video chat? Hi Josh, the information you provide is very good and helpful.

But I think you should add a disclaimer. China has banned end-to-end encryption services, which is why WhatsApp is not allowed to do so. It is possible for a user using a VPN and WhatsApp to commit a crime that puts them at risk of arrest or deportation. This is particularly the case when the government has a specific reason for wanting to remove a person. Anyone who follows your advice is at risk and should probably be aware of it. The Chinese government could offer all sorts of trumped-up charges as to why someone is using illegal encryption (espionage, organized crime, etc.). The Chinese government closely monitors all approved apps and websites. It is safer and much more private to use a premium VPN to access WhatsApp. A VPN is a simple app that encrypts your traffic, so Chinese ISPs and the government can`t see the websites you visit. While the Chinese government hasn`t penalized visitors for using a VPN, you shouldn`t use it for illegal activities. I`m also in China right now, WhatsApp works but very slowly and it`s not possible for me to send and receive photos + Best VPN for China + 30-day money-back guarantee + 24/7 Live China customer support + 3 months free on a 12-month plan WhatsApp is blocked in China because the Chinese government sends messages sent through the app, cannot moderate or censor.