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With young Calvin Arliss (Charlie Tahan) in his care, Benson claims to be looking for his drug-addicted mother Vivian (Maria Bello). However, Stabler begins to question this after noticing the connection between Olivia and Calvin. After catching two paramedics (Mike Starr and James Martinez) for raping a drunken partygoer (Shea Glaser) on the way to the hospital, SVU discovers that Vivian was at an open house attended by paramedics. Captain Cragen entrusts the matter to Tutuola and Munch, but Benson interferes with his orders, causing Olivia grief. When a young girl is found dead with a doll that was allegedly left as a totem pole, Detectives Benson and Stabler team up with Cape Jackson, a psychiatrist who assists them in an ongoing case, to investigate her murder. Jackson joins the detectives as they retrace the girl`s last steps and meet her piano teacher, June Frye. Jackson`s skills prove invaluable in deciphering the meaning of the totem pole and eventually finding their killer. Jackson says June claims Susan Foster called to cancel Marnie`s piano lessons, but it turns out that`s not true. June actually called Susan to cancel classes and also canceled her other students` classes. Unfortunately, Marnie didn`t learn that her piano lessons had been cancelled. Elliot believes June`s brownstone is the scene of the crime and wants a warrant, but Jackson wants to talk to June first.

«I play a piano teacher who seems very good at her job. And she is accused of a truly horrific crime involving one of her students. And we walk down a street and we see their story unfold and it`s – it`s horrible and it`s sad and it happens,» Mitchell says. Before June is arrested, detectives see June on her knees praying for forgiveness, leading detectives to believe there are other victims. The detectives question June`s students, who all say she is a good teacher. One of his students tells Elliot that June was seen arguing with an elderly woman the day Marnie was killed. Later, it turns out that the lady is June`s mother, Elaine Frye Cavanaugh. Jackson wonders why June said her mother was dead.

Elliot wonders if Elaine abused Marnie and believes Elaine was at June`s house the day Marnie was killed. Olivia believes Elaine killed Marnie. June Frye Name June Frye Profession Piano teacher Family Elaine Frye Cavanaugh (mother)Roger Frye (father; deceased)Katie Cavanaugh (half-sister)Grant Cavanaugh (stepfather; deceased) Pathology Aiding and abetting rape and murder Status Living actor Elizabeth Mitchell First appearance «Totem» June Frye is the half-sister of traumatized murderer Katie Cavanaugh and the daughter of Elaine Frye Cavanaugh. Jackson believes Marnie`s killer is a woman, but Olivia and Elliot don`t believe him because rapists are rare, especially those who kill their victims. Jackson tells Olivia that his daughter Ann is dead and that he is not reopening his clinic because he has lost credibility with his colleagues because he broke the confidentiality between doctor and patient by cooperating with the police. Jackson believes that Marnie`s killer is not just a woman, but that she may have been sexually abused herself. The doll is a totem for the loss of the murderer`s innocence. A young girl is found dead, with a doll left as a totem. After Dr.

Huang leaves town, Benson and Stabler seek help from a psychiatrist in one of their previous cases, Cape Jackson (Jeremy Irons). Jackson joins the detectives as they retrace the girl`s last steps and meet her piano teacher (Elizabeth Mitchell). During the interrogation, his abilities prove invaluable in deciphering the meaning of the totem pole and eventually finding the murderer. Jackson and the detectives learn that the piano teacher lied to protect his sister (Agatha Nowicki), and that the two women were abused by their mother (Lisa Banes). The detectives focus on the adult women in Marnie`s life, including her piano teacher June Frye. June is shocked by Marnie`s death and tells Olivia that she was a talented student. June tells Olivia that her parents died in a car accident a long time ago. Meanwhile, the other detectives interrogate Marnie`s teachers, all of whom have alibis. They decide to check Marnie`s funeral to see if her killer could be there. June wakes up in the hospital, but she refuses to talk about what happened to Marnie. Fin tells the detectives that June used bleach on the wooden spoon and luggage, which destroyed the DNA.

Marnie`s fingerprints were found in June`s house with her other piano students. Cape Jackson helps Benson and Stabler investigate the rape and murder of a young girl, telling them they might be looking for a predatory female. Did you think Elizabeth Mitchell was in big trouble in the season finale of V? Well, tonight she`s making appearances on NBC`s Law & Order: Special Victims Unit as June Frye, a piano teacher accused of raping and killing a young girl. «It`s this really intense, crazy, sad, horrible role,» Mitchell told EW. «I`ve done quite a bit of research on what I`m going to try to get out of my head now. I felt a huge responsibility to honor the people to whom such things happen. At Marnie`s funeral, Elliot, Jackson, Olivia and Fin search for suspicious people. Olivia notices a woman running through the crowd, who turns out to be June Frye. Back at the compound, it turns out that June has no criminal record and is giving piano lessons to the brownstone she inherited from her parents, which is just around the corner from the church where Marnie`s body was found. Rose McGowan played a different kind of seductress in the episode «Bombshell».

Baer said: «Rose plays a con artist named Cassandra who beats up male swingers who visit sex clubs. And we are very happy to have them. Ryan also had a guest role. [40] Elizabeth Mitchell, signed on for a «terrible» role in the episode «Totem.» .