Law Enforcement Jobs in George Western Cape

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GARDEN ROUTE DAM FISHING LICENCE Fishing at Garden Route Dam requires a permit from the municipality. The application is free of charge and must include: A completed application form that can be downloaded from this website (click on the link above) A copy of your ID A copy of your freshwater fishing license, available from CapeNature Send your application to or hand it over personally to law enforcement, Details above. The approved permit is processed and the applicant is notified for collection. Provincial Highway Traffic Enforcement provides a 24/7 traffic enforcement service, so candidates must work shifts, including statutory holidays and Sundays after the appointment, and be willing to work overtime if necessary; Successful applicants must receive their own accommodation during their stay at GLTC, Brackenfell. Students are subject to the College`s Code of Conduct and the College`s competency requirements; Students are required to undergo extensive physical training during their time at the college. Are you interested in a career in traffic law? Applications for the hosting of the Western Cape Transport Officer for 2022 are now open. Residential Address: 25B Cathedral Street 044 801 6350 (7:45am-4:30pm) 044 801 6300 (c/o) (Statutory Emergency Reserve Team only) PAVIAN MANAGEMENT As winter sets in and natural food sources become scarcer, baboons and monkeys search residential areas more frequently. While the Municipality of George and CapeNature assist with some aspects of baboon management, residents and visitors can help a lot by limiting access to potential food sources. • Keep your garbage cans closed, sliding doors locked, and windows and doors closed, especially when you leave the house and/or when troops are around. • If you want to keep windows open, install anti-theft bars with spaces less than 8 cm.

• Do not leave pet food outside. • Do not feed wild birds and animals on the property, as this often attracts baboons. • Do not plant fruit trees, vegetable gardens or compost piles unless they can be locked or surrounded by electric fences. For mitigation measures to be most effective, all residents of baboon-frequented neighborhoods should make concerted efforts to ensure that there is no easy access to food – as baboons are more likely to move on when there is nothing to eat. The Municipality of George employs two full-time employees dedicated to managing baboons. Preventive measures include intercepting baboon troops at their mountainous access points, deterring with pepper guns, and responding to reports of destructive behaviour and homelessness in residential areas. Local residents who suspect that a particular baboon or troop is a significant problem are encouraged to photograph and record incidents of destructive and dangerous behaviour, as well as any details of distinguishing features that would facilitate the identification of problematic baboons. This information can be sent by email to the address below. If there is proven evidence from a particular problem person, baboon management measures may include euthanasia as a last resort. George Municipality Baboon Management: 044 801 6350 (office hours) and 044 801 6300 (outside office hours) and For advice on mitigation measures, please contact CapeNature Conservation Services on 044 802 5300. GENERAL Municipal law enforcement officers are primarily responsible for enforcing by-laws in the Township of George, including: Prevention of public nuisance and public nuisance by keeping animals Street trade Seizure of animals Please ensure that you submit your application by the October 8, 2021 deadline, as late applications will not be considered.

This is due to both the selection process and the training program, which begins on January 17, 2022. Old Tappan District is looking for a hands-on professional with strong analytical skills and experience to take charge of financial leadership within the district. Candidate for. Full description The Regional Sewerage Board is seeking an FPT Accounts Payable Coordinator to handle all accounts payable matters. Responsibilities include, but are not limited to: Full Description This full-time position for the Township of Middletown requires a variety of administrative tasks to support the Recreation Department. Opening hours are Monday to Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Tasks. The Town of Asbury Park is currently seeking a full-time administrative employee with the Department of Public Works to assist the Director and Deputy Superintendent of the Public.

Full description (Faulkner Act Form of government mayor/council, non-public service). Looking for a FT Director for its Planning and Zoning Department. Motivated person, the municipal. Full Description If, after obtaining the training certificate, funded vacancies for provincial inspectors are available and considered to be filled, individuals may be offered permanent employment in exchange for such positions at one of the province`s transportation hubs. The Township of Branchburg is looking for a full-time REHS. Applicants must hold a valid New Jersey Registered Environmental Health Specialist license and a valid New Jersey. Full description The New Brunswick Parking Authority is looking for a full-time Parking Supervisor. This position is located in New Brunswick and conducts offices, investigations and investigations. Full description HALEDON BOROUGH (PASSAIC COUNTY) is looking for a full-time person in the construction office to assist with office work and perform land use committee secretary duties.

Full description. Registration deadline: January 20, 2022. The Parish of Knowlton, Warren County, NJ, is seeking a Parish Clerk for full-time or part-time employment. position. Full Description Full-time mechanic position for the Department of Public Works. Under the direction performs qualified mechanical work, which includes maintenance, repair and maintenance of miscellaneous. Full job description(s) full-time, high contact with the public and customer service. Requires detailed advice to visitors in the parking garage; Maintenance of parking spaces, including snow shovels.

Detailed description MILLTOWN BOROUGH is currently looking for a qualified full-time Recreation Manager to plan, organize and supervise a variety of. Full Description The Borough of Swedesboro is accepting applications for the position of FPT Public Works Worker. Knowledge and operation of equipment in some or all of the following areas. Full description CVs sent by e-mail will not be accepted as applications. You must complete the online registration and application process on the Western Cape Government Careers Portal PUBLIC NOTICE FOR THE SOLICITATION OF PROFESSIONAL SERVICES CONTRACTS FOR THE PERIOD FROM JANUARY 1, 2022 TO DECEMBER 31, 2022.