Law on Sales Syllabus Philippines

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Bagnas v.CA 176 SCRA 159 (1989) In the absence of agreed price Art. 1474. Aznar v. Yapdiangco 13 SCRA 486 (1965)Real Property Regulations v. Void without consideration as an option, but valid as an offer Aviles v. Arcega 44 Phil 924 (1922) Phil. Suburban v. Auditor General 63 SCRA 397 (1975) Types of delivery1. Actual or effective delivery Art. 1497 Dagupan v. Macam 14 SCRA 179 (1965).7 A sale is a counterfeit Requirements for a valid item Articles 1459 to 14651. 1347, 1459, 1575, 1409 Martinez v.

CA 56 SCRA 647 (1974) National Grains v. Authority v. IAC (1989) v. Erroneous consent Articles 1330, 1338, 1331 Subscribe to our newsletter and stay up to date with the latest updates and documents! Tayao v. Dulay 13 SCRA 758 (1965)Exercise of the right of redemption Art. 1616 Bautista v. Unangst 557 SCRA (2008)Fair Mortgage Art. 1602 – 1604. 5. Right of creditors against the goods Art. 1919, 1520Documents of non-transferable property1.

As transferred or assigned 1514 (3) 2. Rights acquired by transfer of title 1514, 15152. 1514 Transfer Effects Share what you know and love through presentations, infographics, documents and more. b. If the price is wrong Art. 1353 1355Mapalo v. Mapalo 17 SCRA 114 (1966). Agricultural and Home Extension v. CA 213 SCRA 536 (1992).4 Priority of registration over possession Obligations of buyer:1. Inspections and acceptance Unfortunately, the draft is currently not available. You can download the document by clicking on the button above.

Liquidator v. Floro 110 Phil 482 (1960) c. Tradition Brevi Manu Art. 1499 2. Must be determined or at least determinable Art. 1460a. Specific article Johnson Chemicals is considering an investment project The project requires a nurse to care for a client who has a history of opioid abuse and is 6 years old. Sale of real estate Art. 1539, 1540a. 1539, 1540Cebu Windland Dev. Corp. v Ong Siao Hua 588 SCRA 120 (2009)b.

Fixed sale Art. 1542 RFBT CCA BSA 1st year level APTITUDE TEST SEP 20 2021 Questionnaire for morning exam.docx. Requirements for a valid price1. Must be authentic Art. 1471 3. Distinguished from false declaration Art. 1342Gochangco v. Dean 47 Phil 687 (1925). 3.

Guarantee against non-apparent easements 1560 Legal capacity of the parties 1489 1492Types of incapacity for work House and apartment c. CA 133 SCRA 777 (1984)4. Place of Perfection 1391 Cruz v. Filipinas Investment and Finance Corp. 23 SCRA 791 (1968) 6. The commutative sale is a title, not a modeThe sale is different from other contracts1. Donation Art. 745 and 1471. Heirs of spouses Benito Gavino v. CA 291 SCRA 495 (1998)V. PRICE 36 You bought 100 RBC shares at 70 per share The initial margin is 50 exceptions: Sale by a non-owner:1.

Estoppel, art. 1434 Active Realty v. Daroya 382 SCRA 152 (2002)XIV. CANCELLATION OF THE SALE Forgot your password? Please enter your email address. You will receive a link to create a new password. 2. Auction art. 1476, 1403 (d), 13263.

Perfection Art. 1475 De la Cruz v. Legaspi 98 Phil 43 (1955)Luzon Brokerage v. Maritime 43 SCRA 93 (1972) b. Maceda Law: Instalment Sale of Residential Real Estate (RA 6552) 1. Action for the Art. 1595a. If the property has passed art. 1595b. If the property has not passed Art.

1595 (2) If the goods cannot be sold without further trial 1595 (3) 2. Action for damages 1596 XV. WHOLESALE LAWA. Coverage of Bulk SalesPeople v. Wong CA O.G. 4867 (1954). 5. Execution and registration costs 1487, 1521Contract formalities1. Unimportant form Art. 1483, 1356, 1357, 1358Dalion v. CA 182 SCRA 872 (1990) Yu Tek v.

Gonzales 29 Phil 384 (1915)d. Sale of undivided interests 1463 – 1464e. Sale of the undivided share in bulk How the price is determined 1. By third party Art. 1469 Asset Privatization Trust v. T.J. Enterprises 587 SCRA 481 (2009). Characteristics of a sales contract1. Designate2.

Director3. Consensual art. 14754. Bilateral and Reciprocal Commissioner Against Engineering Equipment 65 SCRA 590 (1975)4. Agency for the purchase or sale of art. 1466, 1868Quiroga v. Parsons 38 Phil 501 (1918) Things That Are Subject to a Condition of Dissolution Art. 14654 Quantity of the object that is not essential to perfection Art. 1349IV. SELLER`S OBLIGATION TO TRANSFER OWNERSHIP OF THE TRANSFER OF OWNERSHIP. Legarda v. Saldana 55 SCRA 324 (1974)2.

Non-payment of the price by the buyer 5. Sale of goods by sample or description 1574, 1562 (2), 14816. Guarantee on the sale of animals 1568. LIPA CITY COLLEGES SALES/CREDIT TRANSACTIONS ACT Course Description / Methodology Atty. Sheyna Marie M. Extra I. Metho 2. Judgment in transitu 1530 1535, 1632 (2)a. Requirements 2. ConditionalLuzon Brokerage v Maritime Building 43 SCRA 93 (1972). Effect of the shape of the bill of lading 1503Double sale 15441. General rule Prius tempore, prius jure 3.

Special incapacity/special incapacity Absolute legal incapacity 1327, 1397, 1399 6. 1643 Filinvest Credit Corp. v. CA 178 SCRA 188 (1989)Purchase Agreement/Sales AgreementTypes of Sales Contracts B. Not covered by the Sec. 2 a) b)C. Obligations of the seller if the transaction is a group sale §§ 3, 4, 5, 7D. Effects of non-compliance §§ 4,7,11 1. Notwithstanding Clause Sun Bros. v.

Perez 7 SCRA 977 (1963).2 Security TitleLawyers Coop v. Tabora 13 SCRA 762 (1965).3 DelayIX. OWNERSHIP DOCUMENTS The method of payment must be agreedVelasco v. CA 51 SCRA 439 (1973)San Miguel Properties v. Huang 336 737 (2000)Earnest money v. option money Art. 1482 The sum of progression 5 8 11 14 is 1025 How many terms are there a 22 b 23 LIPA CITY COLLEGES SALE/CREDIT TRANSACTIONS ACT Course Description / Methodology Sheyna Marie M. Extra I.

Teaching method The Socratic method of teaching is used; That is, the recitation conference method. At each meeting, students will be invited to a recitation graded in the assigned topic and the professor will amplify/complete what has been recited by the students. There are also quizzes. Assigned cases – all assigned cases must be read in the original (not in the abstract/abstract) and students asked to recite must explain and recite the same. II. Prescribed Books and Documents a. Book – Students may use any book on the law of sale. The professor will use the one written by Dean Cesar Villanueva b. Cases – Original copies of cases can be downloaded from and III. Rating System – The Scoring System follows the criteria and calculations prescribed by CAEA, i.e. 1/3 of the half-time grade and 2/3 of the final grade.

The mid-term grade is derived from 1/3 of the pre-mark and 2/3 of the intermediate mark. The final grade consists of 1/3 of the semi-final mark and 2/3 of the final mark. In all cases, the following criteria must be met: a. Oral and written quizzes – 40% b. Class status (attendance, reports, homework) – 10% c. Main examinations – 50% IV. Course Description 1. Introduction a. Definition of turnover i. Nature of commitments ii.

Purpose iii. Elements iv. Steps 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11.

12. 13. 14. 15. b. Essential characteristics of the sale v. The sale differs from other contracts i. Of the gift ii. Aus dem Tauschhandel iii. The contract of employment iv. From the agency to sell or buy v.

From Dacion to Pago vi. Rental cases:  Manongsong v Estimo (GR No. G.R. No. 136773 25 June 2003)  Celestino v. Collector of Internal Revenue (G.R. No. 2003) L8506, August 31, 1956)  Gonzalo Puyat & Sons v. Arco (R.G. No.

L47538, June 20, 1941) Parties to a sale case:  Medina v. Collector of Internal Revenue (G.R. No. L-15113 January 28, 1961)  Philippine Trust Co. v. Roldan (G.R. No. L-8477. 31. May 1956) Object Price and other consideration Formation of the sale Conclusion of the sale Ownership documents Sale by a non-owner or by a cancellable title Loss and disavowal, fruits and other benefits Remedies of the parties Recto law Maceda Law Recourse in case of withdrawal and cancellation of real estate Conditions and guarantees Expiration of the sale —end—. 2. Art of barter.

1468, 1638 to 16413. 1467, 1713 to 1715. Express Warranties1. Separated from condition 1545 Nature of obligations Essential requirements of a contract of sale1. Consent Ong v. CA 567 SCRA 53 (2008)RA 7394, § 68XIII. BREACH OF CONTRACT 1496, 1504, 1538, 1189In case of transfer of ownership Art. 1504, 1502 Jalbuena v.

Lizarraga 33 Phil 77 (1915) 2. Documents Acts; Torrens System 1529 Secuya v. vda de Selma 326 SCRA 244 (2000)Requirements for the sale of real estate 1358Santos v. Manalili 476 SCRA 679 (2005). 7. Implied warranty of quality Art. 1562 (1), 15648. Additional Warranties for Consumer Products RA 7394, art. 68Effects of WarrantiesImpact of WaiverBuyer`s Option for Breach of Warranty 1599 55 Hierarchical Predictors Now let`s look at another type of predictor, the E.

Anti-Dummy CA law No. 108 in the par 715 2014-2015 clj Adiarte c.