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While Jakob looks a lot like his father, vocally LAW isn`t trying to sell themselves as Sublime`s next arrival or even as a reggae rock band. Although they understand that fans make comparisons to Sublime, LAW does not want to follow the same musical path, but wants to create his own brand of great rock music. The Law – with John Young on keyboards – played only one gig: at the Milton Keynes Bowl, where they supported ZZ Top and Bryan Adams. «It was completely merciful,» Rodgers said. «Kenney and me. I couldn`t wait to take to the streets, but it never happened. I was sitting there waiting for the phone to ring. We even had to twist our arms just to get this gig – much to the chagrin of some other bands that day. Shortly before the spring of 1976, drummer Steve Lawrence returned to the band to replace Tom Poole.[2] They also decided to add a second singer to their line-up. At the suggestion of their producers, Ron and Howard Albert, who had found a few singers who did not get the job. The next consideration was Roy Kenner of the James Gang. Steve Acker flew to Toronto to interview him. Acker then invites him to join the group.

Kenner accepted his offer and later moved to Ohio. This brought the group`s line to five. [6] For those unfamiliar, LAW is a 4-piece rock band from Long Beach, CA, featuring singer Jakob Nowell, son of the late Brad Nowell, who was the leader of Sublime. But this is not a sublime reincarnation, because Jakob wants to follow his own path with the debut of his new album There and Back Again on November 23, 2018. In addition to Nowell, the band is completed by Nick Aguilar on drums, Aidan Palacios on guitar and Logun Spellacy on bass. They get their sound from various rock bands such as Tool, Primus, Rush, Queens of the Stone Age, Alice in Chains, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Jane`s Addiction. Law began as a trio in Youngstown, Ohio and was formed in February 1971 by Steve Lawrence, Steve Acker and Mickey Williamson. The name comes from his initials of each of his surnames.

They were originally a three-man power trio and their music was similar to that of ZZ Top. They were known as a «boogie band» that played rock based on blues and hard driving. Less than a year after their formation, they opened for national bands such as Bob Seger, Edgar Winters White Trash and Alice Cooper. At an outdoor show in Lake Milton with 5,000 spectators, they not only opened the program with various stars, but also later performed as Chuck Berry`s backup tape. They also opened shows for The Who in the seventies[2][3] and later Jethro Tull and Earth Wind & Fire[1] and Boston[4], etc. One of the founding members, Mickey Williamson, had left the group in 1973 due to family commitments. Ronnie Lee Cunningham, with whom the other two members had become friends, was now available due to the dissolution of his band Brainchild and he accepted their offer to replace Mickey Williamson. A bassist from Macon, Georgia, John McIvor was also added.

The band disbanded after the release of their second album MCA, Hold On to It. Perhaps due to the multicultural nature of the band`s music, the band`s albums struggled to fit into the radio format. With a lack of circulation, record sales were disappointing. Steve Acker left the band in December 1977 and Law broke up. In the mid-seventies, the band was a funk and rock band consisting of Ronnie Lee Cunningham (vocals and keyboards), John McIver (bass), Steve Lawrence (bass), Tom Poole (drums) and Steve Acker (guitar). Tom Poole had replaced their first drummer, Steve Lawrence. Steve Lawrence returned to the band at a later date. The band produced the Billboard AOR hit «Laying Down the Law»,[1] written by Rodgers, but the band`s only album reached number 126 on the Billboard 200 chart.

An album of takes from the first album was released as a bootleg, often referred to as The Law II. The band released the first single from the album with the track «Cold», which was accompanied by a music video with some fun inspirations from the HBO series Game of Thrones. The video, cover, tracklist and other links can be found below. The Law are an English rock band formed in 1991 by singer Paul Rodgers (ex-Free, Bad Company and The Firm) and drummer Kenney Jones (ex-Small Faces/Faces and The Who). They intended to use various supporting musicians to allow Rodgers to pursue any style he wanted. They assembled a core of session musicians consisting of Jim Barber (whose credits include The Rolling Stones, Ruby Turner and Mick Jagger`s solo album Primitive Cool) as lead guitarist, second guitarist John Staehely (ex-Spirit and Jo Jo Gunne) and bassist Pino Palladino (formerly of Paul Young and Jools Holland`s bands). with appearances by guitarists such as David Gilmour. Bryan Adams and Chris Rea. Law is an American rock band from Ohio active in the 1970s. The band is particularly notable for their support of Roger Daltrey of The Who, as well as the later inclusion of Roy Kenner, formerly of The James Gang, as lead singer.

These songs are remnants of the sessions of the released album. Notably, «want to Make Love to You» and «Alibi» have already been recorded by Eric Clapton (as «I want to Make Love to You», a 1986 B-side (released on Crossroads in 1988 and «No Alibis» on his album Journeyman, respectively). Also Too Much Is Not Enough was already recorded in the mid-eighties by Joe Lynn Turner for the unreleased successor to Rescue You and he recorded it again with Deep Purple on their album Slaves and Masters. In 1998, he recorded it again on his solo album Hurry Up and Wait. The original version can be found on the Demos bootleg `88 – 91`. Until 2014, Acker was the only founding member of LAW still active in the music industry. In 1980, after moving to Jackson, Mississippi, to return to his family, he wrote and produced a nationally successful rock record for Mississippi State University entitled «Bulldog Blitz.» That year, he also wrote a eulogy for John Lennon, which was published in a Jackson diary and later selected by Yoko Ono for inclusion in the Spirit Foundation`s first book, «A Tribute to John Lennon.» Acker began a 30-year career in advertising, creating numerous award-winning commercials, jingles, and advertising campaigns for advertising agencies in Jackson, MS, and Nashville, Tennessee, including an adult literacy program for Dollar General Stores, which received President Ronald Reagan`s Presidential Award for Private Initiatives and the Saturday Evening Post`s Benjamin Franklin Award. To date, $4.7 million of General customers have learned to read or purchase GED certificates through Dollar General`s promotional efforts. They had signed with GRC Records and recorded their first album in 1975 at GRC Records Studio. The album also features Memphis Horns, Joe Lala on Perussion and Albhy Galuten on synthesizer.[1] The album was not a success, but Ronnie Lee Cunningham`s Wake Up caught the attention of Roger Daltrey.[5] Daltrey and his manager Bill Curbishly signed Law to their production company. They toured Law with The Who and signed her to MCA Records. [1] In a statement on the subject, Jakob said, «The four of us have developed a strong brotherhood and a unique sound in our music over the years.

We are finally ready to share our new sound with you, the listener. If you discovered us through your love for my father`s work, then we are more than happy to have you. However, you should know that we are a completely different entity in both sound and image. We have a lot of respect for Sublime fans, and when you first see us, you might like what you hear. Regardless of how you found LAW, LAW wants you to listen. LAW wants you to form an opinion. LAW wants you to decide for yourself, without preconceived ideas. Nick, Aidan, Logun and I are creating exciting new music that covers all areas of the expanding rock genre. If you want to be a part of it, listen carefully and get ready for a trip with us.

Round trip. LAW teamed up with PledgeMusic to release the album. The album will be available on CD and limited vinyl. Get your copy by clicking HERE! «The Southern spirit has definitely been etched into the music of the Law Band, which, along with blues guitar, country twang and polyphonic harmonies, has an Americana vibe very similar to Johnny Cash and Creedence Clearwater Revival.» In 2007, Acker received a development and production contract with Studios @SST in New York, NY, for which he wrote numerous songs and documentary themes.