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Always beware of tyre fitters who always want to compare offers you already have – their initial offer per tyre was £50 more than BlackCircles. I ordered online to be personalized at Laws. I never had any problems changing tires from winter to summer, but Laws told me they recommended changing the TPMS every time. I declined their offer of £29 per TPMS per wheel and, as if by magic, the TPMS was damaged on every tyre. They then had to install a new TPMS on each tyre but couldn`t offer their initial offer and it was now £39! That`s a big price increase in 20 minutes. I didn`t like the fact that the TPMS they had changed couldn`t be found in their trash can – even though the containers hadn`t been used that morning and the garbage bags were empty. Other workshops I used allowed me to see the parts before disposing of them. You left a bad impression of tyre mounting via BlackCircles. No wonder the workshop didn`t have other clients that morning!!! B. Garage sales that meet the above conditions are a permitted secondary use for all residential and use uses and do not require the approval of the Director of Community Development.

A garage sale that violates any of the above conditions is considered a commercial use and is subject to all applicable business permit and land use restrictions. 4. The limitation on sales per calendar year set out in paragraph (A)(1) of this section does not include city-wide garage sales sponsored or approved by the city and held on a specific date. In our workshop we also offer a wide range of run-flat tyres sold by some of the best manufacturers in the world. These tires offer exceptional safety features and allow you to travel a certain distance at limited speed even after a puncture. Therefore, you don`t need to be stuck in the middle of nowhere and can safely reach your nearest garage for a replacement. Laws Tyres (Bridge of Don) – Premier Partner has been a member of the Blackcircles network since 2007 and has generated 349 Blackcircles customer reviews. They are open 6 days a week from 8:30 am and can close until 5:30 pm. At Laws Tyres (Bridge of Don) – Premier Partner, facilities await you to make your experience as comfortable and stress-free as possible, including, but not limited to: guest toilets, food/snacks nearby, free Wi-Fi..

To see the location of this garage, you can use the map below or you can see the exact location up to a few meters away on What3Words. Just go to and search for bath.couches.miss. I had vibrations around 70mph, after driving through several garages the problem was still not solved and cost a fortune, which was very frustrating. Michael at Laws was able to identify and resolve the issue and I got a real, honest service that is very hard to find these days. Thank you Michael and his team! Without a doubt, being stuck in the middle of nowhere is one of the worst nightmares for every car owner. However, to avoid such circumstances, you can equip your car with run-flat tires. These uniquely designed units allow you to drive at a limited speed up to a certain distance, even with a flat tire. So, if your vehicle is equipped with Aberdeen run-flat tyres, you can safely get to the nearest Aberdeen garage, even after a flat tire. 3. Any sign advertising garage sales must be removed twenty-four (24) hours after the end of the sale. Sales signs must not be affixed to public structures, signage, traffic control equipment or electricity pylons. A very good team works at Laws Tires and I also like the way clients are treated there.

I`m one of those customers who look for trust when they come to the workshop because you all know that nowadays we can`t get it everywhere. After some research, I decided to come to the Laws Tires garage and was very satisfied with the result. They help provide the customer with the best price they can find, and no hidden costs. Everything is clear when it will be ready, how it will be done and how much it will cost me. All guests are welcome and receive the best service, so that after all the tasks completed, the result would also be satisfactory, even if it costs money. That is what we all want. Recommend to all. In addition to selling a wide range of tires, we also offer the following vehicle-related solutions: These specially designed units are intended for high-performance vehicles. If you drive a luxury car or sports car, regular Aberdeen tires won`t be able to get the most out of your vehicle. Therefore, you need to equip your car with powerful cheap Aberdeen tires. These are known to offer improved responsiveness and traction, resulting in a superior driving experience. Made with hard rubber compounds, these devices provide maximum ride comfort and driving precision on hot and dry asphalt.

Apart from that, these Bridge of Don car tires are known for their excellent fuel economy as they significantly reduce rolling resistance. If you are looking for optimal driving comfort and safety in winter, the experts at Laws Tyres recommend opting for a set of Bridge of Don winter tires. These are made with special soft rubber compounds that keep the units soft and flexible even at temperatures below 7 degrees Celsius. The extreme weather conditions of the winter months present various challenges in the form of ice, snow and sleet. For optimal braking and better grip during these periods, car owners should equip their vehicles with Aberdeen winter tyres. Welcome to the official website of Laws Tyres – your trusted vehicle and tyre workshop in Bridge of Don. Since our inception, we have always done our best to provide affordable and fast vehicle solutions to car owners in and around the Don Bridge, backed by our team of professionals and state-of-the-art equipment. In addition, we have actively tried to keep our product and service costs reasonable without hidden costs so that we can easily serve a large number of customers. (Ord. 6612 § 1, amended 27.09.2017; Ord. 6521, added 26.10.2011) Whether you want premium tires or a cheap Bridge of Don tire set, we certainly have it all.

If you own a sports car or a high-end performance vehicle, you know that installing a set of regular car tires won`t make the cut. Instead, you need to opt for special high-performance Bridge of Don car tires, which provide excellent cornering accuracy and handling even at high speeds. Great experience at Laws Tyres. I took my Freelander 2 to have the front tires replaced (ordered from BlackCircles), but after speaking to a member of staff, I was informed that it would be best to replace the 4 at the same time, especially since the rear tires were very close to the limit as this could cause problems with the HADDE. I managed to get another 2 BlackCircles tires delivered to the store and a few days later the tires were fitted. However, during assembly, they noticed that one of my wheels was attached and suggested that they could fix it, but it will cost time and money and there was a small risk that the wheel would break. I chose it for obvious reasons, and after taking the car I drove and MAN ALIVE, the difference was huge! The car drives so much better, there is no steering wheel wobble at high speeds, something I felt a lot when I was driving at >70 miles per hour, it is more stable in corners, it is calmer, more responsive and generally a much more enjoyable driving experience.