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of low-income families will have at least one civil law problem per year. Legal advice is a great place to start if the issue you want to discuss is not too complex. They`re also good if you need a good starting point for some core areas of your business. The more your business grows, the more complex its processes and laws become. b12q b q2As you probably know, «free lunches» are rare in life, and the time for a lawyer`s generosity will eventually run out (usually around the 30-minute consultation mark). These programs are often led by advocates and other community professionals who are passionate about helping small businesses succeed. There are also non-profit agencies and organizations that offer free or reduced legal assistance and services to certain groups such as minorities, the military, veterans and people with disabilities. Next, we listed the top 12 places to get legitimate and free legal help online. It`s best to always consult a lawyer to give an overview of legal issues before committing to an action plan, but this guide can at least give you an idea of some important issues to look out for.

RECOMMENDATION FROM A LAWYER: This part of the LegalZoom website is an advertisement. This part of the LegalZoom website is not a legal placement service. LegalZoom does not endorse or recommend lawyers or law firms that advertise on our website. We make no representations or judgments about the qualifications, expertise or credentials of participating lawyers. The information contained on this site does not constitute legal advice. Any information you submit through this website may not be protected by solicitor-client privilege and may be provided to attorneys to determine your need for legal services. All case assessments are conducted by a participating lawyer. You may be surprised to learn that oral contracts are legally enforceable – technically.

Of course, it is often almost impossible to determine who agreed to what when the only proof is your word. But just because it`s not written doesn`t mean it`s not necessarily a valid contract. Finally, some companies offer free legal advice in the form of online resources or articles. This can be a great way to learn about specific topics, but it`s important to remember that these resources shouldn`t be taken the same as the legal recommendations you`d get from a professional lawyer. Legal advice is not cheap and is often out of reach for most small businesses just starting out. However, saying you don`t have the money for legal aid and ignoring things is simply not an option. The risks are far too great. Another government agency that can be used alongside the IRS is the United States.

Department of Justice (DOJ). DOJ provides free legal advice to small and disadvantaged businesses through its Small Business Legal Clinic Program, which offers lawyers who specialize in advising small business owners on a variety of topics, including intellectual property rights and contract law. My law firm is located in Orange County, California, and I have been practicing law for 30 years. I have advised over 1000 small business owners on how best to start a business, what types of businesses (corporations, limited liability companies, partnerships) are best for them and their small business, how to legally manage the business to protect their assets, and how to successfully transfer the business to family or key employees through the proper use of estate planning and trusts. Now that you understand why legal advice is so important, the next step is to find the right people who can help you and give you the right answers. There are many resources online, but some of them charge a lot of money or grant limited access. Fortunately, there are many free places on the internet where you can get solid legal advice from experts and professionals. If you don`t want to run into legal problems, it`s important to seek advice from a professional business lawyer as soon as possible. After all, laws change and can be complex, so it`s important to have an up-to-date understanding of them.

One issue that has become a particularly hot topic in recent years is customer privacy.