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This is different from our certificate services because the public defender will only help you on the day of your court appearance, while a lawyer from our certificate program can help you with your case in the long run. The type of service that is best for you depends on your case and your financial situation. Legal Aid Ontario (LAO) offers you the services that best suit your legal case. All our services are available in English and French. Note: If your search returns 57 or two results, please refer to this page for an important service recommendation. This is different from using mandatory counseling services, as a lawyer from our certificate program can help you with your case in the long run, while the public defender can only help you on the day you appear in court. The Client Portal is a website that you can use if you are applying for legal aid or if you are already one of our clients. To use the portal, you must first create an account. After that, you can log in and use the customer portal to: How to file a complaint about our services or report fraud or suspected misconduct. You don`t need to tell us your name.

We accept anonymous complaints. To learn more about eligibility for our legal services, call us or visit: You will also find information in the Legal Assistance section of this website. Our Client Service Centre (CSC) can connect you with information and legal aid services by phone. You can call toll-free at 1-800-668-8258 or 416-979-1446 if you are calling from Toronto or the Greater Toronto Area. These services are multilingual, confidential and impartial. If you are financially qualified and have a legal issue that we cover, we will help you pay for a lawyer to represent you. If you are not satisfied with our services, please contact our complaints department. If you are a French speaking customer, you can get confidential advice and recommendations free of charge over the phone. LAO LAW is available to Ontario lawyers who represent clients under a legal aid certificate. Legal clinics and student legal aid societies may be able to help you if you qualify.

Our live chat is an instant messaging service on our website. It allows you to send and receive instant messages with a customer service specialist. If you are not satisfied with the service, you should consider LAO`s complaints process. Legal Aid Ontario uses your location only to show you lawyers, courthouses and legal clinics in your area. We take your privacy seriously. If you have a legal problem in Ontario but live outside the province or country, visit our Non-Resident Services page. Our client portal is a website through which clients and candidates manage their information. This website is separate from our main website. If you have income or property, you may be eligible for a certificate with a contribution agreement. This means that you will have to reimburse LAO some or all of your legal fees depending on your income level. LAO LAW provides research support to lawyers representing clients who have received legal aid. Ask your lawyer if you are not in custody and apply for legal help in a criminal case For the most serious legal issues, LAO can offer comprehensive representation through its certificate program.

In some cases, you may have to reimburse some or all of your legal fees by entering into a contribution agreement. Please note that you must be eligible for a separate financial aptitude test for this program. Another important service we offer over the phone is summary legal advice. Summary legal advice means that we provide general advice to help you navigate your case and Ontario`s legal system. For example, we can offer: Our call centre can provide a range of services, such as: The fastest way to get legal help is to call Legal Aid Ontario toll-free at 1-800-668-8258 Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. If you are in a correctional facility or use services such as summary legal advice, Please call Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. To receive support, you must be financially eligible and your legal case must cover LAO.

The legal issues covered by LAO are: We encourage you to enter as much information as possible as this helps Legal Aid Ontario give legal aid a better idea of who our clients are and what types of services they need. If you are having difficulty finding a legal aid office that uses this directory, please contact the Client Service Centre at 416-979-1446 or toll-free at 1-800-668-8258. If you are an LAO lawyer and require a mandatory Brydges advice report for clients who pay for your services themselves and not through a certificate, please send your cheque to: If you qualify, LAO will provide you with a certificate that covers the costs of a private lawyer agreeing to work at Legal Aid for a certain number of hours. You can bring this certificate to a lawyer who will represent you in court throughout your case. Live chat is a service that allows you to answer your general questions about LAO. The customer service specialist is not a lawyer who can provide case-specific legal advice, so please do not share personal data related to your specific legal concerns. Our call centre agents can also help legal aid clients resolve common issues related to the services they already receive from us. For example, our call centre agents can help you reassess your finances or respond to a change of lawyer request. LAO can provide you with a public defender to help you on the day you appear in court. Public defenders are lawyers who can quickly assess a client`s legal problems and offer advice, information and representation to someone who would otherwise not be represented and supported in the courtroom. Clients can also speak to lawyers at Family Law Information Centres, located in most family courts, for free general legal advice on family law matters and assistance reviewing legal documents. The Lawyer Support Centre (LSC) is your first point of contact.

It provides the bar with telephone support for: North District – includes the districts of Kenora, Rainy River, Thunder Bay, Cochrane, Algoma, Timiskaming, Parry Sound and Sudbury. Central East District – includes the counties of Haliburton, Bracebridge, Peterborough, Coburg, Durham, Kawartha Lakes, Orillia, Newmarket and Barrie The request must be made in writing on fixed letterhead and must include a fax number. We may be able to help you if you are financially eligible and if: You are exposed to domestic violence You want to separate from your husband, wife or partner You need to decide if you have custody, child support or access, if you have your children or if you have contacted you. Currently, our live chat agents can help you with the following topics, and more will be available soon: Please contact the district office for the catchment geographies listed below. As part of our response to the COVID-19 emergency, all of our offices, including courthouse offices, are closed until further notice. Please note that applications take 2-3 business days to process. You should always call us before visiting an office. Legal Aid Ontario responds to class calls.

Lawyers can send all account- and certificate-specific communications to Lawyer Services & Payments (LSP) via e-filing on Legal Aid Online. LSC, then regional payment specialists for your area Once the request is satisfied, an invoice will be sent to the lawyer. Toronto District – includes East York, Etobicoke, North York, Scarborough and Old Toronto. Sykes Assistance Services (Attn: Legal Assistance Division) 248 Pall Mall, London, ON N6A 4T4 Please use the forms published on Legal Aid Online to: Online applications take about 15 minutes, and you can always apply by phone if you prefer. Central West District – includes Norfolk, Haldimand, Brant, Hamilton, Niagara, Halton, Peel and Dufferin counties Please fax non-certificate-specific correspondence via iFax to LSP at 416-979-8562.