Legal Definition of Temporal

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Temporary laws generally obtain temporal validity by including an expiry date on which the law expires, unless it is extended. However, a law can also gain seniority by stating that it only applies to a certain event. For example, only for the next election or only for the victims of a named disaster. Borrowed from Middle French, noun derived from the temporal, adjective, «of the temple» – more with temporal input 3 Re-reading one`s own work, especially at a distance in time, is a dangerous undertaking. n. by law, the legal means by which a person must appear before a court or a defendant is informed of a claim against him. If an application is filed in an application, it must be served on each defendant with a summons from the clerk of the court indicating the time limit (for example, 30 days), within which the defendant must file a response or other legal remedy at the court registry and send it to the plaintiff. A subpoena is similar to a subpoena, but is an invitation to a witness to appear during a statement (testimony outside court) or trial. A subpena duces tecum is an order to deliver documents or other evidence either to a court of law or to counsel for a party to a dispute or prosecution.

A reasoned order is an order from the court to appear before the court and provide a reason why the court should not make an order (e.g., the payment of temporary child support). The summons, application, subpena, subpena duces tecum and order to determine the case must be «served» on the defendant or the person summoned to appear or produce, known as «service of proceedings». Service of proceedings is usually performed by a court official, such as a sheriff or deputy marshal or a professional trial server, but can be performed by others in most jurisdictions. (See: assignment, subpena, order to show cause, process server, meaning of process) borrowed from Middle French timporal, temporal, borrowed from late Latin temporÄlis, Latin tempor-, tempus temple entry 2 + -Älis -al entry 1 Middle English temporal, temporal «transitory, worldly, material, of secular society», borrowed from Anglo-French, borrowed from Latin temporÄlis «of time (in grammar), temporary, referring to time as opposed to eternity» (Middle Latin, «profane, profane»), from tempor-, time «time, duration» + -älis -al input 1 â plus in tempo A very characteristic set of symptoms sometimes develops after injuries in the temporal region or just above. Compulsive writing or hypergraphia is a well-known, though rare, symptom of temporal lobe epilepsy. If humanity`s evolutionary perception of time mirrors that of a child like my daughter, then our temporal maturity as a species may yet come. Do not postpone the regulation of your spiritual and temporal affairs until the last uncertain hours. This jurisdiction ratione temporis refers to the usual jurisdiction of a court to entertain a proposed claim with respect to the passage of time; Either the court has lost its jurisdiction ratione temporis because the time limit for contesting the action in question has expired, or it has territorial jurisdiction because it was brought within the prescribed time limit. But here, it is organized in chronological order and thus gives us a concrete vision of man and his relationship to this society.

They themselves indirectly receive the temporal goodness of a covenant that they will not grasp. FMRI studies, he argues, seem to suggest that the human medial temporal lobe performs pattern separation because fMRI imaging lacks the resolution needed to capture the activity of individual neurons. This spatial and temporal regulation of functions, which relies on a change in folded structure, could be one of the reasons why metamorphic proteins might evolve. Temporal existence is often opposed to spiritual existence, which many religions teach is eternal. The American system of government is characterized by a separation of church and state, that is, a separation of spiritual and temporal authority. But such a separation is relatively new. In past centuries, the Roman Catholic Church has exercised secular authority in large parts of Europe, i.e. The Church of England has always been officially led by Britain`s lay leader. The temporal is not always used in religious contexts; For example, child psychologists often measure «temporal processing,» which is the speed of thought in children with psychological difficulties. Note that temporal can also mean «near the temples (head)»; Therefore, the temporal lobes of your brain are located at your temples.