Legal Documents to Get Married

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If you have your new Social Security card with your name and marital status updated, it will also be much easier for you to get a new driver`s license. All you have to do is take a few identification documents like your birth certificate, marriage certificate, Social Security card, and of course, your current driver`s license to your local DMV and submit a new driver`s license. All unmarried persons 18 years of age or older can legally marry. Unmarried persons over the age of 16 and under the age of 18 may marry provided that a person or body having custody of the minor consents to the marriage in writing. In very limited circumstances, unmarried persons over the age of 14 and under the age of 16 may marry. Estate planning, wills, inheritance: You and your potential spouse should have wills that reflect your wants and needs. Discuss these wants and needs with your potential spouse. Then, before you get married, consult with a qualified lawyer to prepare the appropriate legal documents to meet your wants and needs in the event of your death. Before you thought about getting married, you may not have had a reason to consult a lawyer. However, your marriage changes your legal status in many ways.

If one spouse has children or a dependent spouse from a previous marriage, past and future support obligations can be complex. If one of the parties has significantly more assets than the other before the marriage, a prenuptial arrangement should be considered. Section 207 of the Massachusetts General Law covers many legal requirements for marriage in Massachusetts. The Secretary of State for the Commonwealth will also provide advice to help you submit the appropriate documents in a timely manner. For the most detailed information, you should contact your city clerk, as each place has its own marriage licensing regulations. A couple intending to marry in New York State must personally apply for a marriage license from a state city clerk. The permit application must be signed by both applicants in the presence of the City Clerk or Clerk. A representative cannot apply for the permit on behalf of the applicant.

This also applies if the representative has received a power of attorney. On the other hand, you also can`t wait until the last minute. According to Hanes, «There are usually a few days of waiting between filing and receiving your license. You need to submit at least a week before your wedding to make sure everything works. «In Texas, for example, you have to wait at least 72 hours before getting married after you apply for a marriage license to get married, which means that if you postpone that until two or three days before the wedding, the license would not be valid. In addition, there are so many other documents that need to be redesigned or updated to reflect your changed marital status. All these wedding documents can be really confusing and take up your precious time if you are not prepared for them in advance. Before you get married, you must apply for and obtain a marriage license. Marriage licenses can be obtained from the register of deeds of the district in which the marriage is to take place. Obtaining a marriage certificate by making a false statement or pretense is an administrative offence. A New York State marriage certificate can only be used in New York State. Please note that if you leave New York State to get married, your New York State marriage certificate will not be filed in New York State.

Name change: Before marriage, a couple must face the question of «what to call each other». Traditionally, wives have taken the husband`s surname. This is not a legal obligation. At the time of marriage, the wife may take her husband`s surname without formal judicial proceedings. The husband may take the wife`s surname and couples are also known to combine or separate their surnames. In the latter two cases, a more formal procedure, ordered by the court, should be considered. This is another area of law that is affected by same-sex marriage, but the laws have not yet been changed. Before you get married, you need to decide how best to manage your separate property so you don`t accidentally convert it into matrimonial property. Segregated property is defined as property belonging to one of the spouses before marriage.

You should also be aware of North Carolina`s property laws, which you can obtain by inheritance or gift once married. What about licensing issues? Do you need a new will before the wedding or immediately after the wedding? Prenuptial agreements: A prenuptial agreement is a written contract between two people who are about to get married. A prenuptial agreement takes effect at the time of marriage. These agreements may set out the conditions of ownership of assets, the treatment of future debts and income, control of ownership for each party, and the possible division of property if the marriage is dissolved at a later date. These arrangements are more common if one or both parties have substantial assets, children from a previous marriage, potential inheritances, high incomes, or have already divorced. These arrangements can be very complex, and both parties should have independent legal counsel to advise them on the drafting and revision of the prenuptial agreement before signing it. Intending spouses should not use the same lawyer. To get married, you need to change your marital status in many legal documents, including your social security card, passport, etc. However, all this can only be done if you have a marriage certificate, which is the only acceptable legal proof of marriage. A marriage certificate is a legal document that a couple received before marriage. Once the license is signed (during or after your ceremony) and returned to the county by an official, a marriage certificate will be issued.

Share this guide with your family and friends getting married in Bay State. Do you have questions about your big day? Tweet us @MassGov. Marriage has many legal consequences that people considering marriage should address before marriage. The best way to make sure you have addressed these relevant issues is to consult a lawyer who has experience in family law. You should do this well before you get married, as it can take several weeks or even months to draft and finalize the necessary paperwork to meet your relevant legal needs. You need a marriage certificate to get married in Bay State. You can apply for a license from any city in the state – it doesn`t have to be from the city you live in or where your ceremony will take place. To be legally married, you must apply for a marriage certificate, which serves as proof of marriage for all legal purposes. The marriage certificate is issued after the bride and groom have signed a marriage certificate, which is actually an application for the issuance of the marriage certificate. Now that you have a spouse, you`ll probably want to add them as a beneficiary to your will so that your significant other can inherit some of your assets in case something unpleasant happens to you.

Changes to the will must be made under the direction of a lawyer so that there is no room for legal discrepancies. Before you can apply for a marriage license, you need to know where and when you will get married. What for? Because you usually have to submit your marriage proposal in the country where you are going to get married.