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11. Unleashing Wellbeing Together: Parenthood in a Pandemic Release date: Now available Topics and Speakers: In this session Parenthood – At Home with Emotions, two psychotherapists discuss aspects of parenting during a pandemic. Trish Howard (adult psychotherapist working in Dublin) and Lauren Gourley (licensed social worker and recognized infant mental health expert working in the United States) share ideas and concepts that can help members of the legal community who are parents cope with this new reality, to be at home with the children, to try to teach at home and continue to hold demanding jobs. CPD hours: 0.5 hours Management skills and professional development (through e-learning) 5. Internal Roundtable Release Date: Now Available Topics: Our panel discusses improving the effectiveness of the in-house legal team in the current climate. Presentations will focus on what drives teams to work or hinders their effectiveness, the types of legal functions, from centralized to decentralized, and their advantages and disadvantages, and how to manage transition and change within teams. Presentations are informed by questions from the internal committee and the public sector and address remote team management. The selected panel of in-house lawyers from the public and private sectors share personal insights and insights based on their professional experiences. The Chair of the Internal and Public Sector Committee, Anna-Marie Curry, will provide a brief introduction to the presentations. 4.

Covid-19 and its impact on family and children`s rights practitioners Release date: now available Topics and Speakers: Keith Walsh, Lawyer, Mediator, Collaborative and Family Lawyer, Keith Walsh Solicitors, Dublin discusses: The current legal situation (as of 30 April) regarding freedom/restriction of freedom of movement, with a particular focus on family law, lawyers and courts; Covid-19 and family courts – district, county and family courts; family law issues arising from Covid-19; Guidelines for Family Law During Covid-19 from the Law Society`s Child and Family Law Committee and the Family Law Lawyers Association. CPD hours: 0.5 hours General (per eLearning) You do not appear to be eligible to book this course. If you are not a qualified lawyer, check the course website to learn how to apply and pay online. If you have any further questions, please contact The LegalLives series also offers unique access to well-known individuals within the international and Irish legal community. 15. Legal Lives: Domestic Violence: The Limits of a Legal Response Date Published: Now Available Topics and SpeakersNoeline Blackwell, human rights lawyer and CEO of the Dublin Rape Crisis Centre, and Ellen O`Malley-Dunlop, Acting CEO of Saoirse Women`s Refuge, speak with Sarah Benson, CEO of Women`s Aid, about their lives and work. Participate in an in-depth discussion on civil and criminal law obligations and responses to domestic, sexual and gender-based violence in Ireland, the increasing reporting of sexual assault and domestic violence during the coronavirus crisis, the impact of the crisis on victims of domestic violence and service delivery, as well as the challenges and opportunities we face as a society, transforming and strengthening government services and social responses to domestic violence. CPD hours: 0.5 hours Management skills and professional development (through e-learning) 19. Section 150 costs release date: now available Topics and Speakers: Keith Walsh, Director, Keith Walsh Solicitors, Dublin discusses: New section 150 rules; Notifications under § 150; New obligations under § 152 with regard to cost statements; FAQs on new section 150; the obligations of legal practitioners with respect to court fees; sections 149 to 161 of the Legal Services Regulation Act, 2015 (SRA); Legal costs (§ 150) Note – guidelines and precedents. CPD hours: 1 hour Regulatory Affairs (Anti-Money Laundering Accounting and Compliance) (through e-learning) «These sessions are facilitated by wellness and mental health professionals and include a discussion of parenting during a pandemic, domestic violence, the limits of a legal response and much more.» 7.

GDPR and Covid-19 Date Published: Now Available Topics and Speakers: Paul Lavery, Partner, McCann FitzGerald, discusses the impact of Covid-19 and data, including: data security issues when working from home; Data protection issues related to Covid-19 relate to (i) fair collection and processing and (ii) the legal basis for processing; Ensure that data collected for Covid-19 purposes (e.g. from employees or customers) is relevant and proportionate; GDPR considerations on tracking and tracking apps, etc. CPD hours: 0.5 hours Regulatory Affairs (through e-learning) This is a free series of weekly lectures on CPD by experts covering the following areas: 21. Advanced Cybersecurity Release Date: Now Available Topics and Speakers: This course includes: Top Cyber Threats to Your Law Firm; Understand cyber threats related to wireless networks, web security and file sharing, and apply cybersecurity best practices; Conduct a baseline cybersecurity audit of your law firm and train staff on best practices and awareness of potential threats; Briefing from a cybersecurity service provider on your business requirements. CPD hours: 1 hour Regulatory Questions (via eLearning) The Law Society is offering 15 hours of free CPD as part of LegalED Talks during Covid-19. 17. Legal Lives: Innovation in Law Firms and Impact of Covid-19 Release Date: Due Friday, 19. June topics and speakers: As a generation of lawyers adapts to remote work, Paul Hayes, one of Europe`s leading technology strategists, sits down with Jeanne Kelly, senior partner in LK Shields` Intellectual Property, Technology and Privacy team, to discuss the impact of coronavirus on law firms. Together, they explore the implementation of remote work protocols and the changing workplace culture, as well as priority areas of focus and innovation for law firm leaders. The interview highlights the results of remote work for work-life balance and productivity, as well as the potential impact on client demand for commercial and technology law. They also discuss the unique short-term challenges that the Covid-19 crisis poses for lawyers, as well as the response and resilience of law firms and other professional services firms to achieve long-term success.

CPD hours: 0.5 hours Management skills and professional development (through online learning) Covid-19 Legal Practice Updates 1. Impact of COVID-19 between employer and employee Publication date: now available Topics and Speakers: Richard Grogan, Partner, Richard Grogan & Associates discusses dismissal and dismissal; wage reductions; Work from home: breaks, start and end times; Holiday; return from maternity leave; New vacancies; impact on holiday Monday; work in social media groups; laptops and cybersecurity; Provision of account details. CPD hours: 1 hour General (via eLearning) Shrink Me – Unlocking Wellbeing Together & Legal Lives Series 2. Drafting and execution of wills during coronavirus Publication date: now available Topics and Speakers: Padraic Courtney, Solicitor, Law Society of Ireland, discusses the practicalities of drafting and executing wills for clients during Covid-19 restrictions. CPD hours: 0.5 hours General (through e-learning) «A total of 21 LegalED conference sessions, including 15 hours of free continuing professional development (CPD), have been conducted by Finuas Skillnet Law Society since April. More than 6,000 lawyers have had access to it to date,» she said. LegalED Talks also includes Shrink Me Online, which includes two elements – Unlocking Wellbeing Together and LegalLives. These courses were developed by the Law Society`s psychological services in collaboration with the Law Society Finuas Skillnet and Skillnet Ireland.

14. Legal Lives: Superior Court Appeal: Recession, Rebound, Reimagining Release Date: Now Available Topics and Speakers: During this session, award-winning journalist, host and author Dearbhail McDonald will speak with Justice Donald Binchy and former Court of Appeal Justice Michael Peart. This interview will provide insight into the careers of judges of the High Court and Court of Appeal, including key questions about the possibilities and limitations of judicial responses in assessing the current and future state of judicial review in Ireland.