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I would like to hear about experiences with this company (any type of funnel in general). I see that they recommend using click funnels for funnel construction, a program they use to automate actual workflows. SMS/emails? I have completed the Legal Funnel program and I have positive things to say about it. It`s not snake oil, as another commenter posted. They have a really good program and it`s more than advertising. I have been doing SEO for over 15 years and I needed to increase the effectiveness of my marketing through inclusion processes. I`ve certainly learned a lot of very useful tricks that continue to create a better way to attract customers. It`s not just SEO, it`s the process of attracting your best customers, how you retain them, and using automated processes to make your life easier. I recommend the program to anyone looking for more than just SEO. I did the legal funnel. If you want to discuss it, you can write DM to me.

I think its usefulness depends entirely on the stage you are at. If you`re at the beginning of your marketing journey and you don`t have systems that have been deployed, I think you can be helpful based on the current cost. With that in mind, I think everyone should focus on local SEO and create as much video content as possible. Even if you go for the legal funnel, you still need the right people to manage your Google ad campaigns. Legal Funnel is Sam`s passion project and his mission is to help other lawyers and entrepreneurs develop and automate their dream virtual law firms! Sam is also the first lawyer to receive the ClickFunnels® TwoCommaClub Award for generating over $1 million with a funnel while serving 7,600 clients from his bedroom using the same systems he teaches in Legal Funnel. I follow the videos for a while and even though it sounds interesting, I feel like it`s very «saddy». I know it`s not a word, but fundamentally, everything advertised comes with a heavy selling point. He recently released a book, I haven`t read it, but Amazon`s reviews seem questionable. I was also concerned about the lack of Youtube subscribers.

I don`t know what to say except to be careful. After acknowledging his success, Sam founded Legal Funnel to pass on the secrets of the success of the Legal Funnel system to lawyers who wanted to automate their practice with the freedom to live the 4-hour week lifestyle and work their own schedule. Please enable JavaScript to experience Vimeo in all its glory. Join us in a conversation between Legal Funnel founder Sam Mollaei and Documate founder Dorna Moini. SEO is by far the best return on investment, but it`s all long-term. I have friends who make 1 million sales a year. There are only two partners, one support officer. What is the effort of final result $$$ to go through his «program»? LegalFunnel, Inc. helps individual lawyers connect with their next client online. We allow lawyers to create their own LegalFunnel to generate clients for their firm (fully automated and scalable). Legal Funnel helps lawyers develop and automate the virtual law firm of their dreams. Sam Mollaei is a lawyer who runs an automated virtual law firm from his bedroom with multiple 6- and 7-figure amounts, generating 400 clients per month using the legal funnel system.

Like most lawyers, Sam struggled to get clients until he built his first legal funnel that changed his law firm and his life forever. Zero $ on marketing now after the first push for SEO years ago. They are basically publishing hundreds of articles and are now riding the wave. Both will retire in less than 10 years and have been practicing for about 15 years. Watch the short conversation about document automation here: I won`t offer a link to the program, but you can Google it if you`re interested. I see the website smooth, but I can`t understand what they actually offer and I can`t find any information elsewhere. I totally agree with that. I`m just thinking of arranging a free consultation with them to see what they say or what their response is. But it seems to have very fraudulent vibes. Invest in a good SEO company and find someone who is good at PPC. Do not waste your money on this scam, you spend weekends with family, at home for dinner every day and have a very flexible lifestyle. Just curious why you think it`s the same as SEO? I did some research on them (I built something similar and just met them on Youtube), but automating inbound lead collection is completely different from SEO.

Documate video tutorials that show you how to start creating document automation workflows for Word or PDF documents in Documate.