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Hashtags are no longer just for Twitter. In addition to Facebook and YouTube, Instagram has also embraced the hashtag to help users discover content that matches their interests or needs. Here are some of the best ways to use Instagram to promote your law firm online. Last year, the firm launched the «Voices of DLA Piper» campaign, where lawyers shared their own personal stories about what they love about the firm. DLA Piper marks almost all of its messages with #proudtobedlapiper to show pride in its work as a law firm and create a community among its many offices around the world. The company achieved the highest score for its outstanding work, focusing on its own employees and collaborating inside and outside the office. Instagram is a great place for law firms to nurture their brand online, as clients and prospects spend more and more time browsing image and video content in the app. Although the average demographic of Instagram users is younger, the increase in the number of adults adopting the photo-sharing site has made it a viable part of any business` social media strategy. In last year`s Social Law Firm Index, we found that many Am Law 200 firms are active on the platform. More and more businesses are using Instagram to recruit new talent and reach new potential customers.

With an authentic profile and a consistent aesthetic strategy, businesses can make their Instagram a positive place for people to learn more about why they want to hire or work for them. If you want to grow your practice with Instagram, check out how these 5 law firms are maximizing the power of Instagram. If employees are willing to go beyond just interacting with the firm`s Instagram account and sharing the company`s content on their individual accounts, there are many important things to remember, including: What are the features of Instagram that make it so useful for your law firm`s marketing? Read on for highlights. At the bottom of the screen is a home button that allows the company to see the latest photos of the accounts the company follows. A magnifying glass button allows the business to search for accounts, people, places, and hashtags. The square with a plus sign is a camera button that the company uses to upload and share videos and photos. A heart button allows the company to see the latest likes and comments on photos. A circular photo button (profile) gives the company a report of what the company has published and access to the settings menu.

DLA Piper, one of the largest law firms in the world, has a significant audience and engagement on the social media platform. They have reached over 5,000 followers and gain an average of 100 likes per post because they post information that people can relate to. The firm uses Instagram to highlight the employee experience and highlight the company`s culture instead of promoting its legal services or sharing case studies. The majority of their posts highlight their employees, highlighting benefits, office events, and excursions. To be successful on a social platform like Instagram, you need to do more than just promote your business and its services. Sure, it`s important to share self-promotion content like blog posts, discussions, customer testimonials, and solid successes on your channel, but Instagram is also the perfect platform to share more behind-the-scenes footage. Balance the «work» images and videos you share with personal details that show your firm`s culture, such as lawyers` spotlights, employee birthday parties, behind-the-scenes glimpses of photo shoots, «daily» videos with lawyers, or even images of community events your firm attends. Make sure you share videos and photos not only in your feed, but also in Instagram Stories, Reels, and/or Live videos.

Now that your law firm`s Instagram account is complete and properly built and you`ve developed a publishing strategy, it`s time to start growing your audience. One of the best ways to do this is to encourage employee engagement with your law firm account. When done right, employee engagement on Instagram can be a great way to increase brand awareness and, more importantly, highlight the «who» and «why» behind your law firm and their work. Follow our tips below on how employees should (and shouldn`t) interact with your company`s Instagram account. You can also add images tailored to your industry, as well as relevant content. For example, if your firm focuses on family law, you can post a photo of a happy family having a bite to grab users` attention, and then use your caption to educate readers on a topic related to your niche. With its active community and focus on biting visual content, Instagram is quickly becoming a secret weapon in many lawyers` internet marketing strategies. When used correctly, it can help you increase your brand awareness, attract potential customers, and engage your target audience. Instagram for Law Firms can be rewarding, but challenging if you`re just starting out – take inspiration from these five accounts or contact us if you`re looking to improve your social media strategy. Instagram is a mobile application that allows a user to take and edit photos or videos on a tablet or smartphone. A user can share photos or videos on Instagram and other social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. Users can keep track of what other people post, or they can send private messages to selected users.

Businesses, including law firms, can use Instagram to promote themselves and attract clients. Instagram reels may not be suitable for every law firm, and it certainly requires lateral thinking, but depending on your legal niche, it could be perfect for developing your brand`s voice and standing out from the crowd. Many law firms are taking advantage of the opportunities offered by social media. These companies integrate Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn into their marketing strategy. One form of social media that is not used by many law firms is Instagram. With 500 million daily active users, law firms can turn to Instagram to build followers. Here are some more examples of what should be included in a law firm`s social media policies: Norton Rose Fulbright continues to approach its Instagram feed with eye-catching photo posts taken by its own employees.