Legal Hike to Stairway to Heaven

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Once you get to the top of the stairs for the Stairway to Heaven hike, you`ll have to jump over one or two extra fences and you`re done! Security and police rarely seem to come after you when you`re on the stairs. This means that you are quite safe at this point. That said, I was still making my way pretty quickly. Again, do not hike when heavy rain is forecast!! The first half of December is not yet too crowded, but from the second half of December and in January it is full. While it`s not the best time for Hawaii, hotels are fully booked and the sky is the limit for hotel rates. Fewer people in February, but there`s still a lot going on. The legal road is known as the Moanalau Valley Road Trail. This 10.4-mile (round trip) trail is slightly longer than the illegal trail, but the hike has beautiful views that are worth it. This concludes the Stairway to Heaven hiking guide! The Stairs to the Sky, also known as the Haiku Staircase, is one of the most popular hikes in Oahu, Hawaii. The staircase to the sky consists of about 3922 steps and was built in the 1940s by the US Navy to give access to a radio tower at the top! Closed to the public in the 1980s, the stairs are still a busy hiking route that is considered illegal! We did the whole hike up the stairs and noticed different parts of the hike. That`s why we divided the whole hike into four parts. People are forced to do this risky, strenuous and long hike.

Nevertheless, it was an exciting and challenging journey and a great conclusion to our six-month trip around the world. Good luck with the hike! I hope you will make it to the top this year. Unfortunately, we have no idea what hike you did instead. I hope it wasn`t so bad! The police sometimes send an officer to the top to hand out fines, and once even a police helicopter has landed there. However, this is rare and often no one is up there and you can explore if you want. The fine would be $1,000 if you get a ticket at the top or on the stairs. You can go all the way and assess the situation and make your decisions from there, but even if you don`t want to venture into the illegal territory, you have great views, so it`s always worth a visit. Always focus on safety more than anything, but remember to stop and enjoy the beautiful views along the way. The view of the mountains, the city and the sea from above made this hike more than profitable. Once you finally reach the top, you`ll be rewarded with stunning views of Oahu from above.

If you`re lucky, you`ll have clear skies and stunning views of the sea, city, and surrounding mountains. You`ll probably meet a few other hikers at Funkturm hanging out and talking about their hike. Enter the radio tower for a lunch break and give your feet (and legs, arms and lungs) a break before descending. We do the hike, but after the sign we notice that there were roads, we do the LG on the left, it was the right way? If not, what was the name of the trail we did? The city of Honolulu spent nearly a million dollars repairing the stairs and considered reopening them in 2002, but complaints and safety concerns from residents halted reopening and the stairs have since been closed. Basically, politics and money got in the way of this epic ride. That hasn`t stopped locals, hikers and tourists from sneaking past a security guard stationed at the bottom of the stairs to experience the thrilling 4,000-foot climb along an 18-inch-wide staircase that reaches heights of more than 2,000 feet. We have come this way some time ago. But when I look at the Alltrails website, I see recent comments from people who have walked the trail. The top of the road, the haiku stairs, is illegal.

Maybe that`s why this post appears on Alltrails? Hope this helps!! We started the hike already at 7 am. We parked the car in the neighborhood in front of the parking gate. There is parking in the neighborhood park; Google Maps link. The park gate closes at 7pm. There are toilets. Start early and hike safely; Take the time you need! The beginning of the Moanalua Trail. No, unfortunately, we don`t know anyone who is leading this hike. I can understand that you do not want to walk the Moanalua Valley trail alone. Maybe you could find more in Facebook groups? I know there are so many other people who want to hike with a group, because we`ve received quite a few emails from people who want to hike with someone else.

Hope this helps! It`s a long hike and you`ll get hungry along the way. Bring snacks (granola bars, dried fruit, etc.) for hiking and breakfast if you make it to the top. Warning: Remember that this route is a legal way to access the stairs, the act of being ON the stairs remains illegal! OAHU HIKING GUIDE: I`ve written a guide to the best hikes on Oahu that I`m sure you`ll find useful: TOP 10 HIKES ON OAHU, HAWAII We walked several hundred feet up the stairs and met a group of ten or more people with Mike K, who offered this hike every week. He agreed that police frequently patrol the streets. A helicopter passed by and surrounded us all. It was time for us to go back to the top and drive the Moanalua Valley Trail to our car. Was it worth it? Yes, definitely, and we would do it again in the blink of an eye! Still, I don`t want to encourage you to enter the haiku stairs; It is at your own risk if you do so. I promise you`ll need more than a small bottle of water for this hike.

A good option would be to bring a Camelpak. The most important thing for hiking is the weather. Choose the day with the most stable weather, and if it was dry the day before, so much the better. Although Honolulu is dry, it can rain in the valley and on the ridge. The weather is all the more changeable as you go up. The muddiest – most breathtaking – most exciting hike ever. Other hikers filmed the helicopter trying to land. You could see most of the people in the video running away as they entered the stairs! The trail is a legal hike and you shouldn`t have any problems on the way to the top. However, don`t be confused by people telling you that this is the «legal» way to visit the haiku stairs.