Legal Housing Societies in Rawalpindi

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Know the status of approved/unapproved private housing associations in Rawalpindi district It is true that housing associations play a crucial role in the growth of the Pakistani economy. But the housing associations licensed under each development agency are legal and risk-free for investment. Therefore, investments should only be made in companies that are authorised and have NOCs. There are many brokers and builders in different cities of Pakistan that help investors and citizens. Makaan Solutions is one of them and plays an important role in assisting people with various real estate issues. It was announced by its developers as Pakistan`s first smart city. It has been said to be an environmentally responsible housing association. It is one of the housing associations approved by the GDR, which is great news. He was awarded the NOC in 2019.

It is now completely safe and legal. Due to the presence of several housing associations in the area, the industrial sites will be located outside the region. It will help create a green environment for residents. The capital, Smart City, is located near Islamabad International Airport. It is also a cash cow in the future as it is located on the roads of the CPEC and the Rawalpindi ring road. At that time, it will be able to distribute a substantial profit to its shareholders. As a result, positive cash flows in Pakistan`s real estate sector will increase. According to GDR officials, there are 68 fake housing companies in different parts of Chakri, while 275 illegal housing companies exist in Kotli Sattian, Taxila, Jando, Fateh Jhang Road, Jalala, Niko, Wani, Paswal, Bajjar, Katia, Jhal Yari, New Murree, Patriata, Jhika Gali, Baroha, Manga, Angori, Nimbal, Khatar, Ghora Gali, Masyari Expressway, Chattar, Charlot, Salgaran, Salkhitar, Dahagal, Kak, Chaklala, Kalial, Pind Nasrullah, Chak Bailey, Garja, Adiala, Jodia and other areas.

Approval by the Urban Development Authority is a fundamental and necessary process for any housing project. The reason for the company`s approval is to ensure that allocated halls and grounds, cemeteries, hospitals, grounds, parks, schools and all other public facilities are properly used so that the residents of the company are not in distress. Real estate fraud is a sad reality, but it wouldn`t be wrong to say that real estate fraud isn`t as common as it used to be, thanks in part to technology. With more digital tools like real estate portals like available to us today, we have more resources than ever to quickly confirm whether the land or house we want to buy is legal or illegal. Although the Pakistani government has launched several raids on illegal housing companies over the past decade, buyers are still concerned about the legitimacy of a project. But this is where we can help. Whenever you consider a real estate option, the first thing you need to do is confirm that it has been approved by the city development authority. In Rawalpindi, for example, all legitimate real estate projects must be approved by the Rawalpindi Development Authority, also known as the RDA. To help you narrow down your search for your dream home, we will publish a list of all GDR-approved housing companies in Rawalpindi from July 2021.

Rawalpindi has a large number of housing associations and most of them do not have RDA NOCs. Some companies are in the process of obtaining the permit, and most of them are declared illegal on RDA websites. A rough estimate is that about 300 housing associations are illegal and only 69 are legal under the RDA. Like previous housing associations, DHA Phase 1 Rawalpindi has its NOC approval. It is one of the main housing associations approved by the GDR. It tries to meet the same standards that DHA offers in the real estate market in Pakistan. It ensures to provide an exquisite life for the residents. The DHA Phase1 Rawalpindi site is exactly where Bahria Greens and Bahria Civic Centre are present. The city of Al-Haram is our last choice for the list of housing associations approved by the GDR. The approval is directed against NOC#796.

The city of Al-Haram has 3 main gates that make it safe and easily accessible. The city of Al-Haram combines modernity and nature. The infrastructure is developed without disturbing much of the natural greenery. It makes fresh and clean air accessible to the inhabitants of the city of Al-Haram. Al-Haram is located on Chakri Road and not far from CMH Hospital. The city of Al-Haram has the vision to meet all the needs of its inhabitants. There are several recreation centers, parks, supermarkets, a golf course and much more. The problem of illegal housing associations is also widespread in Rawalpindi, which has more than 300 illegal businesses and counterfeiting schemes. This number was recorded by an official document published by the GDR on its official website. The easily accessible list reduces the likelihood of unprecedented losses in the future by ensuring that the business you invest in is legal and authorized. Habib Rafiq Lt. (HRL) and Future Holding Development are the developers of the city (FDHL).

Both companies are well known throughout Pakistan and have carried out some of the most prestigious home savings projects. Prime Valley is the TMA-approved housing corporation and received its Notice of Compliance immediately after launch. The company has all its legal documents and approvals for investments. The Housing Corporation of 1947 is one of the most prestigious housing companies in the twin cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi. TMA-licensed housing companies are designed to offer residents a unique lifestyle as well as a good opportunity for investors to invest in residential and commercial projects. Rawalpindi Development Authority is abbreviated as GDR. It is an autonomous regulatory body responsible for providing municipal services to the citizens of Rawalpindi. These services are offered to citizens with money earned through taxes. This organization is currently the most important in terms of monitoring the development of new housing associations in the city. This is partly because it ensures that all development standards are met and that individuals are protected from fraudulent transactions. These organizations have a significant impact on Pakistan`s real estate sector.

Bahria Town was one of the first developments in the Pakistani real estate industry, with the aim of providing all the comforts and luxuries to its residents. Another project is Safari Valley. It has business centers, green areas and a mosque as well as all the necessities. Safari Valley is adjacent to Adayla Road. It is surrounded by other Bahria City projects such as Bahria Greens and Bahria Phase 8. Therefore, people have access to the services they provide. One of the RDA-approved housing associations is Safari Valley Bahria Town, which has been deemed valid by the NOC permit for channel 4313. The location of Capital Smart City is surrounded by various businesses that are growing. There is no industry near the city.

The infrastructure, location and projects make it a safe and green city in the GDR. Prime Valley Islamabad is a beautifully planned housing company that also falls under the Naya Pakistan housing program. The vision of the owner and developer is to provide an iconic and well-planned architectural model with a high standard of living at a reasonable price. A list of illegal housing associations in Rawalpindi has been published by the Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA). In addition, the GDR has also discouraged citizens from investing in such companies without checking their status on its official website. These illegal housing associations violate the norms and laws of the Companies Act and interfere with public lands and forests. In 2019, the GDR approved the capital`s smart city and received its development compliance notice. The capital Smart City is now considered a safe and legal city for investors. And the government is also closely monitoring Rawalpindi`s housing associations and all projects, as these companies` investments and businesses will contribute to the growth of Pakistan`s economy. Let`s discuss what the best approved housing associations are in RDA.

This is a new company built by the developers of Centaurus Mall. It should be sold as a high-end real estate product. It offers its residents the best luxury residential complexes in Rawalpindi. Centaurus Mall, which has a rooftop roller coaster, is the most prominent feature you won`t find in any other GDR-approved housing association. Taj Residencia has received RDA approval and is expected to open in 2019. It is located between I-14 and I-15. Families are attracted by the welcoming environment provided by the developers.