Legal Provisions for Internal Spatial Planning

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In the Greenpoint-Williamsburg Anti-Harassment Zones in Community District 1, Borough of Brooklyn, as shown in the diagrams in this section, the provisions of paragraphs (a) through (d) of sections 93-90 (Harassment), as amended in this section, apply. (a) has an area or lot width less than the prescribed minimum area or, in low-density areas of the borough of Staten Island, does not comply with section 23-32 (Minimum Land Area or Parcel Width for Dwellings); (a) In districts R6A, R6B, R7A, R7B, R7D, R7X, R8A, R8B, R8X, R9A, R9D, R9X, R10A or R10X, every building or other structure shall comply with the mass requirements for quality buildings set out in this Chapter and any building containing housing shall also meet the requirements of Article II, Chapter 8 (Quality Housing Programme). However, Chapter 8 of Article II shall not apply to buildings converted in accordance with Chapter 5 of Article 1. In R5D Districts, only certain requirements of Chapter 8 of Article II apply, as set forth in Section 28-01 (Applicability of this Chapter). (2) A tower above a base is not subject to the provisions of §§ 23-64 (basic height and sleeping requirements). (f) In the specified district, no part of a building or other structure shall enter a level 40 feet above the floor area. However, if the ground floor of a building provides a ground floor qualified in accordance with the additional provisions of paragraph (b)(2) of sections 23-662, the maximum height of a building or other structure may be increased to 45 feet or four storeys, whichever is lower. (4) Balconies, not closed, of a building containing apartments subject to the applicable provisions of §§ 23-13. Such balconies are not allowed in the required side courtyards; If part of such a building is developed or enlarged by a tower, the entire building land is subject to the provisions of article 23-651 (tower on pedestal). (d) In specified districts, for quality residential buildings where at least 50 per cent of the units are restricted income dwellings or where at least 50 per cent of the total area is a long-term care facility or a philanthropic or non-profit facility with sleeping accommodation, the applicable mass requirements of this Chapter for properties with irregular conditions or restrictions on of the development of the site may be the subject of a special permit.

of the Bureau of Standards. and appeals under sections 73 to 623 (massive changes to certain quality residential buildings in irregular locations). In all districts, as noted, the provisions of Chapter 7 of Article VII apply if a parcel is divided by a boundary between districts or is subject to mass regulations resulting in different minimum requirements for open space ratios, different maximum footprint ratios, or different land cover on certain parts of the zoning property. In all districts, as indicated, notwithstanding the provisions of section 23-22 (Maximum Number of Living Units), a single-family home or, to the extent permitted, a single-family home on land consisting entirely of land that was held separately and individually from all other adjacent properties, both on December 15. 1961 and at the time of application for a building permit. c) Inapplicability of the Tower RegulationThe provisions of this section do not apply to buildings situated in whole or in part in a residential area, that is, within 100 feet of a public park of one acre or more, or of a street line in front of such public park. (ii) increase the maximum height of a building or the height above which the gross floor area per residential floor of a building is limited in accordance with the provisions of section 62-354 (Special Height and Bribery Requirements), subsections (b)(2) and (d); or 1. Provisions relating to floor area, ground cover, open spaces, density and height factorsWhere the optional provisions of this Section are applied, the provisions of Chapter 3 of Article II relating to surface ratio, open spaces, density and height factor shall be rendered inapplicable.