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Legal aid helps people who cannot afford their legal fees. The report itself contains details about the current owners (date of title, consideration and purpose of survivor), existing charges and related acts against the subjects, as well as all relevant charges since the date of title. This contains the same information as the standard plan report and also includes additional information on exclusive areas and common areas relevant to the subjects, these areas may include easements/encumbrances and other registered interests such as minerals. We offer a comprehensive plan reporting service that offers all three levels of plan reports sourced directly from Registers of Scotland to ensure the most accurate product on the market. For specific technical questions about legal notices, you can send an email: Inhibition and bankruptcy register searches are included as standard, and several updated reports are available at no additional cost. We search the inhibition register and the insolvency register to produce timely and accurate due diligence reports. Report or search? For topics to be recorded, you need a report. If you want to find information about the boundaries or ownership of a property, you can ask us to do a search.

We offer a fast and accurate copy certificate service with expedited reports available in approximately 24 hours. Searches are an essential part of the examination of an instrument of succession in Scotland and no means of transport can be carried out safely without them. The content of a search usually comes from a register or public register (e.g. Land Register, Sasines Register, Inhibition Register, Company House and, where appropriate, local authorities), although it is often supplemented by data from a variety of sources. Research is a specialized, demanding and highly technical exercise that the legal profession has been happy to leave to professional researchers since the mid-19th century and that implicitly relies on their expertise. Research is usually requested by the seller`s lawyer. It is customary for searches to be ordered at the beginning of the transaction to allow time to resolve adverse issues disclosed. Some searches must be current at the time of the transaction so that updates to those searches are ordered immediately prior to billing.

Our unique integration with the Coal Authority means accurate search alerts can be provided based on your property`s specific contact details. This saves time and money by getting unnecessary reports and/or referring to other third-party websites. Our remortgage report confirms the current legal situation of the mandated entities and identifies any additional areas owned by the owners. After that, you can view, save, and print your reports. Standard turnaround times are less than 24 hours and urgent reports are available in less than an hour at no additional cost. Our reports can be compiled in a variety of custom formats, including stand-alone and combined reports. We offer the full range of Coal Authority mining reports for residential and commercial properties, including interpretation reports and other follow-up reports. The price of our legal reports is consistent for both registered and unregistered properties, providing price certainty at the beginning of your transaction, and several tracking reports are available at no additional cost. We recommend that you order your report as soon as possible, for example if an expression of interest is received. Please ensure that the information contained in your application is correct. Inaccurate information will result in the delay or rejection of the report.

Our experience in producing PECs is second to none. Our team members were involved in the development of Scotland`s first private PEC service with SPH in the 1990s. Our standard turnaround time is less than 24 hours and urgent reports can be returned to you in less than an hour at no additional cost. With standard processing times of approximately 24 hours a day and the ability to order expedited urgent reports at no additional cost, our experienced team will provide you with the fast and accurate service you expect. We offer the full range of additional products you may need, including copy deeds, plans of deeds, Community Land Interest Registry (LIRC) searches, due diligence reports, and environmental and flood reports. We offer a range of reports on environmental aspects, including contaminated land and flood issues. This is the new standard report, which largely replaces the previous P16 report and contains the same information as a Level 1 plan report. In addition, this report confirms whether subjects can be identified on the operating system map and whether the boundaries match the physical characteristics defined on the operating system card. We offer a full range of combined or stand-alone corporate and fee reports derived from Companies House and other relevant data sources. We source these reports directly from Registers of Scotland as we believe this ensures the most accurate plan reports for you and your clients.