Legal Requirements for Bath Bombs

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The regulations for selling bath bombs depend on the type of products you are selling. Are your bath bombs considered cosmetics or are they a drug? This type of bath bomb is becoming more and more popular. The idea is that bath bombs dissolve to reveal a surprise – a little gem (usually a ring or necklace). As mentioned earlier, you may need FDA approval to sell certain bath bomb products. In addition, you must comply with the rules established by the online platforms on which you sell. If your bath bombs only cleanse the body or make the user feel good, they are cosmetic. Cosmetics do not require FDA approval before being sold unless they contain a coloring additive. (Color additives must be FDA approved.) Bath bombs designed specifically for children should be gentler on the skin, but externally attractive. Most children`s bath bombs contain some form of gadget; A rainbow trail in the water or fashioned to resemble a popular TV character, for example.

After all, the best thing about the bath bomb industry is how easy it is to expand your product line after your initial success with bath products. For budding entrepreneurs, you can reuse the ingredients you use in your bath bombs for skin care, dyes, soaps, and so many other lucrative products. And it`s a simple transition – perfumes are already developed, you just need to create the new product. You can sell your existing customers based on the fragrances they buy frequently, create treatment-focused skincare packages, and take your business to new heights. Here are some of the most common types of bath bombs and how they are made: Dave, there is no feature for me to respond to your comment, so I hope you look back! I do not think the quantity per year has an impact on your labelling requirements. It just makes you less likely to get the FDA`s attention. I am new to this. My wife sells bath bombs as part of her small business. To legally sell bath bombs in the U.S. — even as an amateur — there are several tires you need to jump before you get to work. Bathroom and jewelry? Sign me up. As if soothing oils and intergalactic waters weren`t luxurious enough, some brands pamper their customers even more by adding jewelry to their bath bombs.

Popular brands such as Charmed Aroma and Fragrant Jewels are known for these products and are a great gift for your loved ones. These brands of bath bombs are usually aimed at women and girls between the ages of 16 and 35. If you let them air dry instead of freezing, let the bath bombs dry completely a day or two before using or wrapping them. For bath bombs, my suggestion would be the ingredients, instructions for use (drop in a bathtub and dissolve) and if she really wants to be careful, a warning like «Be careful when standing in the tub, this item can make the surface slippery» if that applies to her. You should choose a Shopify theme that puts the photos first and displays your colorful bath bombs right on the homepage. We offer themes developed for beauty brands such as Simple, Broadcast or Prestige. There`s been a lot of confusion and misinformation about what the FDA regulates and what it doesn`t, what FDA-approved apps actually mean, and how it affects the cosmetics, soap, and bath products industries. For better or worse, though, it`s pretty simple. Yes, there are endless possibilities for designing bath bombs.

From appearance to ingredients to fragrance, you can make your bath bombs unique. Now that you know this personal care trend is successful, let`s take a look at the common types of bath bombs you can consider and the target markets you can sell. It`s worth making and testing your bath bombs before you start selling. This way, you can smooth out problems and make sure that you only offer quality products to your customers. Bath bombs can be unisex, but many companies prefer to target certain scents and colors to specific genders. You may want to check the market and see what fragrances are typically used in men`s products such as musk or cedar. One important thing to note here: The general category (including lipsticks) includes all mucous membranes. We received this information directly from our contact at the FDA. Therefore, if it is not allowed in this category, you can not use it in bath bombs, sparkling ones, bubble baths, etc. If you`d like to learn more about the regulations governing the manufacture and sale of cosmetics, check out our special guide to the legal sale of handicrafts.

In addition to being a lucrative market with growing consumer demand, there are a few other reasons why you should consider making bath bombs and capitalize on this trend: It is perfectly legal to sell bath bombs in the United States. Follow legal legislation regarding labeling and have the required license to use certain additives and sell cosmetics from the FDA and the Consumer Product Safety Commission. After all that, if you feel discouraged from making DIY bath bombs and selling them at a profit, don`t worry. Although it may seem complicated at first, you will soon realize that following simple instructions from the authorities will set you up for success, and you never know that you could be the next LushUSA or Da Bomb on the market. Yes, you can sell bath bombs online as long as you follow the proper guidelines, have the right licenses, and comply with the regulations of the online platform. Love the bathrooms. I love the feeling of being completely immersed in hot water; Push limb by limb into the embrace of the bathtub. During the pandemic, my love of the bathroom became something of a hobby. And in my newfound fascination with all things bathtubs, I discovered the bath bomb. Note: Since bath bombs have a crumbly texture, shapes with intricate designs and small pieces may break. Tests and experiments will help you find the best shapes to achieve the desired results. To specifically sell bath bombs, which are cosmetic products, you must obtain a Cosmetic Safety Report (CPSR), which is required for all products that come into contact with the skin.

Contact our friendly team today to discuss a comprehensive handcrafted insurance package for your bath bomb business. Now that you have a viable bath bomb business idea and tips on how to implement it, you can work on building a long-term sustainable income. When making a handmade soap or cosmetic product, always pay attention to the intended use you are considering for the product. It`s your decision and vision that ultimately determines where your product falls into the regulatory system of things and what you need to do to make sure your product and actions are legal. The bubble bath for adults does not require a warning, but it must be listed on the label «Keep out of reach of children» or «For adult use only» (the information sign is fine). If you plan to sell DIY bath and body products, proper labeling is an essential step. This article covers the basics, such as defining your product and what is required on the label. Now that you`ve perfected bath bomb making, it`s time to determine your bath bomb formulations.

Luckily for you, most of the ingredients you need can be purchased at your local grocery store or in bulk online, but since customers soak your produce for long periods of time, you need to pay close attention to the ingredients you use and how they`re obtained. Hand sanitizer is a medicine (like anything «antibacterial»). Some ingredients may qualify a product as over-the-counter hand sanitizer or antibacterial product, but they are still drugs and even if the product did not require prior approval (as long as it met the requirements), you still need to be a registered, inspected, and approved drug manufacturer to legally manufacture the product (and this would require drug labeling). Competition for attention in the bath bomb industry is a challenge for emerging brands, so it`s important that you think about what you want your brand to stand for and who your target customer is. Do you create bath bombs meant to inspire joy and make bathing fun, or are they more therapeutic in their purpose? The type of brand you choose will affect your initial costs, as well as your pricing, target audience, and marketing strategy. Making bath bombs is relatively inexpensive, takes up very little space, and offers endless customization options. There are also special insurance policies for artisans who sell cosmetics to make sure you`re always covered. Do you have a CLUE that cosmetics have rules? If not, (to be quite frank), what is their business in making your skin care products? The FDA`s labeling requirements are no secret and are widely discussed and referenced in the industry.

A person should literally wake up and start both a hobby and a business in the same morning. (Which is scary too, isn`t it?) Yes, it is so important that your bath bomb business is covered by comprehensive homemade insurance. For one, bath bombs were made for social selling, so channels like Instagram and Facebook Shops and TikTok will be essential for you. You can also use a variety of digital marketing tactics to drive traffic to your online store and specific product pages.